Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big Boulder Bash

On Saturday, it was official unveiling of the new bouldering wall at ClimbOz in Blacktown! Like them on Facebook? Lots of work was put into the wall and I have to say, all the routes were awesome and it was a great event! It was probably the most fun I've had climbing on plastic actually!

I cycled there from home and that wrecked me, then a long long day of hardcore bouldering, and a few other mini competitions throughout the day as well. It was a 'you had to be there' type of day, and I think Chew captured the day pretty well! I think I will just spam photos rather than talk about it. I cycled home at the end of the day, and... died.

Sunday, I woke up really sore, especially my core, bouldering is intense! Went to Cabramatta to have Yum Cha with my parents, no complaints about that, amazing food, as always at Vinh Phat, the best Yum Cha restaurant in Sydney!

Monday, bad weather, but me and Thanjon still went to Shipley to try and climb a bit.. at least... Didn't turn out so well, but we did manage to get a few climbs in before the weather got even worse!

Tuesday, went to The Climbing Centre to pick up my resoles, played on the woodie and on the newly set wall, fun! Always great to catch up with everyone over a few slices of FREE PIZZA ;)

Just a few photos, the rest you can find here!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Wow, so much has happened in the past month! (And by that I mean, I've been climbing a LOT.)
I won't have enough time to blog everything properly, but everything is going amazingly well!

Climbing as hard as ever, with more partners, I'm loving the holidays!
Mainly with Thanjon, Steph, Paul and Jenga.

Hmm, in the past month, been hitting up the following crags:
The Glen, Shipley, Bardens, Boronia, Celebrity, Medlow Bath, Zap Crag, Engineers Cascade (Catch the Wind Area) Dam Cliffs and The Freezer.

Had a few days out with Thanjon to our usual areas, pushing ourselves on some harder stuff.
Going out with Steph and doing slightly easier stuff, our days aren't organised so well :P
Love going out with Paul and Jenga (and their group), they've nicknamed me 'Ninja', I like it, haha.
Been doing some harder stuff with them more recently, although one of the nights we went out, the weather ruined it, so we went to the BBC instead, better than nothing, I guess.

On one of my off days, I went to ClimbOz to set some routes on their new bouldering wall, not too hard, but not too easy either.

Last Saturday, went to Glenbrook Park and had an awesome picnic party for Jenga, whose leaving to Europe for 7 months or so, then had an awesome day at The Freezer on Tuesday, one of my favourite cragging days in a long time, for sure! Met some great people, and climbed hard!

Till next time!
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Thanjon after sending Junket Pumper
Crag Lizard with my apple

Beautiful Day

Thanjon, Rock Magazine and a Petzl Ange

At Celebrity

Unpacking my new gear!

Sid came down, went and got Canton with him and Fletcher

Medlow Bath with Steph
Storm is approaching
Storm was brutal, everything was wet as hell!

Ben on Zapt

My two problems
Paul on Cryogenics