Monday, June 30, 2014


Work with Hannan and Kim on the 27th! Hannan's last shift, and my second last (before NZ). He grabbed some bacon and egg rolls in the morning; and did the Maccas run! The day seemed to go on forever...

Caught a train up to Wentworth Falls on the 28th, barely making it in the morning... Had a coffee with Thanjon at Il Postinos, and found out Hannan was running late. Not to worry, headed over to Mountain High Pie for some breakfast! Grabbed Hannan and headed up the mountain to Mt York, where we would grab some stuff at the servo; and then climb at New York for the day.

Cool little sheltered crag, I liked it! Got a few routes in, just moderate grades; and ended up getting rained out! As we started driving off, that rain; turned to snow! Drove over to an area near Mt Piddington, the highest point of the Blue Mountains; just so we could see more snow! Awesome.

Hannan and Thanjon

Grabbed some afternoon kebabs down in Springwood, before dropping Hannan off. Met up with Sean at Penrith, and headed to Silver Spur for his early birthday dinner! We were joined by Pali, Anmol, Pat and Daniel. Great catching up with everyone, lots of gaming talk, hah!

Before Daniel

Started work earlier than normal, at 9:30am; rather than 10 on the 29th. It was ridiculously busy, and I have never seen the store so messy, well busier than any other day I have worked at Kathmandu over the past two plus years.

During the day, a woman was on the verge of collapsing and I had to run over to help keep her up. Tried to seat her, but she kept holding onto the desk... Her husband was there, and they could hardly speak English... Probably an asian girl in her late 20s? Before she completely passed out, a doctor ran over (who is a regular customer, that I was serving) and told us to call an ambulance. She came around and I heard her say she is pregnant; and that she didn't want an ambulance. What?!

Stayed back nearly two hours after closing to clean up, and then met up with everyone at the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Parramatta for a farewell dinner for Benn and Tony. Guests attending were; me, Tony, Benn, Maz, Petra, Estia, Vish, Ethan, Candace and Kim! It was a great night except for one mishap...

Stupid indian waitress forgot my order completely... Took me forever to flag her down, had to actually walk over to her; after everyone had already gotten their meal and ask... Yeah, she forgot; didn't even apologise and tried pinning the blame on me... Didn't explain the situation, just told me to calm down and sit down; are you serious? You had one job to do, and you didn't do it right... Why am I paying for this incompetence? Demanded the manager (she even said there weren't any managers; and then MY manager called bullshit); and got a free meal out of it. Much better dealing with the manager instead!

Great fun night out, great conversation and reminiscing; really great bunch of people! :D

Clockwise; Estia, Maz, Benn, Kim, Petra, Tony, Vishal, Ethan, Candace and me.

Packed during the day today, played some video games, and was in general, just psyched about NEW ZEALAND!

Thanjon came over in the evening and cried deeply. He swallowed sadness. Nod.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let it Snow

Hello everybody! Nice post for you all today! :) Hope everybody has had a great month!

Caught the train up to Springwood to meet up with Hannan to go climbing on the 5th! Bumped into Andrew (a few grades below me from PHS), so it was nice to catch up quickly! Silly rain did not make us happy at Springwood... Had coffee at Dbl Ristretto in Springwood with Hannan and his mum, haha!

Met up with Francis and then headed to Wentworth Falls to stop by Hannan's place to grab some gear; and then deciding to climb at Sublime Point, because of the protection from the rain! We grabbed some food from Woolies in Leura before heading down, where we did a few routes. Motivation was low because of the weather, but at least we got some climbing in! Got absolutely drenched on the walk out, my down jacket performed well though!

Grabbed some kebabs in Hazelbrook, before heading home with Francis. Had a good chat in the car, we are very similar!


Worked all day at Auburn with Vishal and Hannan on the 6th.

The next day, worked all day at Parramatta with Royal and Estia!

Food options, quite limited at Auburn...

Had Hannan cover my usual Sunday, 8th (and also Monday, 9th) shifts so I could attend the LAN party at Razzy's house! Sean headed over in the afternoon, to grab me and my PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse and headset! Hah! Daniel and Pat came later and we started the CSGO! After a lot of issues with internet, we finally sorted it all out. Also played some FIFA 14, have always loved that game!

Of course, the occasion called for fast food; so we ordered some pizza and wings for dinner, awesome! Pat and Daniel left just after midnight, but me, Sean and Razzy stayed up until about 5:30am; with a little break around 3am for some chicken nuggets! Woke up the next day around midday to continue the CSGO! Had some pancakes, bacon and eggs! Headed home around 7pm.

The set up!

Around 2am, fixed up the table because we had more room!

Work at Parramatta on the 10th with Royal, Brad, Jen and Upasana.

Benn came over around 8am on the 11th, so that we could go climbing! Drove up to Springwood, where we met up with Hannan; and then up to Woolies in Leura for some supplies! I needed to go to the toilet, so pushed the button for the automatic door; and there was a fat woman inside. Holy shit. I screamed out 'YOU CAN LOCK THE DOOR YOU KNOW', before quickly walking away and going to the outside toilets, hahahahaha, far out.

Quote from Hannan: "I'll never forget the way that throaty scream resonated around an empty Woolworths on a cold winters day."

Grabbed some chicken, bananas and headed to Bardens; where it was COLD! Did Little Triggers, Hang onto yourself and Goosebumps! Just too tired to climb as hard as I used to, to be honest... Grabbed some coffee and food in Blackheath, before heading back home.

Me, Benn, Zion

Stick clipping!

Hannan mid-crux on Hang onto Yourself

Work at Parramatta again on the 12th, I must say, I enjoy working at Parramatta more than Auburn! Nicer customers, people aren't as cheap and there's just more stock, so I can help people out better. Worked from 3:30 to 8:30, with Usha, Royal, Jen and Brad.

Usual Friday shift at Auburn on the 13th, with Petra and Vishal. Maccas for lunch! Fell in love with a girl that walked in, and wanted a rain jacket for her trip to Europe. She was in her 5th year of Medicine at UNSW, not a chance for me...


Another Parramatta shift on the 14th, from 12 to 5, where I got to work with Sarmila, yaaaaay! Fairly busy day, and also worked with Royal and Jen. Got some ice-cream at Gelato Messina!


So much work!! Work at Auburn on the 15th, with Kim, Hannan and Benn; and later on, Petra! Busy as hell, holy shit! Got to leave early, though.

Unfortunately, our climbing plans fell through on the 16th, but me and Hannan did end up going to The Climbing Centre for some bouldering training. Flashed all the new problems upstairs and got my long term problem on the woodie, nice! Headed to Penrith Plaza afterwards, where we had KFC. It was Hannan's first time having it, are you serious?! Met Jade, his girlfriend; before grabbing some Boost Juice, and then Kathmandu; where we had a good chat with the staff, and Jade bought some things!

The Climbing Centre

Went to my dentist in Merrylands on the 19th, then grabbed some lunch at Red Rooster on the M4; before going up to meet Hannan in Springwood! Trip was delayed a little when they closed the M4... Met up with him in the IGA car park, transferred gear and headed straight to Katoomba! Mission today, was Dirty Rotten Pigs! Four abseils, and a little bit of walking later; we arrived at the bottom! Snapped quite a few photos on the way, and while climbing. Hannan lead pitch 1 and 3, while I did 2 and 4!

Road closed...
Preparing for the third abseil!

It got cold; and I also dropped my sling at the end of pitch 2! :( Would have done it faster, if there wasn't a group of three above us...  The last pitch was disgusting too! Walked out in the dark, headed down the mountain and I rode home!

Pitch 2
Start pitch 2

Had work again the next day with Hannan and Vishal at Auburn! Far out, I was so tired. Our store is too damn big. Destroyed my Up'n'Go, grabbed some Maccas for lunch; and it started raining??? What?! Thank god it did stop raining by the time I had to go back home. Organised to meet up with Thanjon, Louise, Baden, Greg, Dean and some others at Hogs Breath in St Marys! Food was good, Louise used to work there, so service was great! Had a nice run in Baden's tricked out MX5; so sweet!!! Fish tailed hard. Played some Halo, chat for a couple of hours, was great fun! Always is! Left before midnight, and got stopped by RBT on the way home; it was bloody cold!

So nice.

Had an 8am start at Parramatta on the 21st, grabbed some coffee before I started work with Royal; and then later on, Ken and Estia! Like I said, great working at Parramatta and helping people out. Served a cool guy from Chicago, doing the Oxfam Trail Walk! Had some Oportos for a snack, finished work and bumped into Hong! Haven't seen him in a long time, and spent about 20 minutes chatting. Grabbed some sushi for lunch, then headed home to play games.

Had work at Auburn, the next day; the usual Sunday shift, except I was working from 9:45 to 6! Rained in the morning, so I packed my rain gear; and finally started using the heater in my room in the mornings! So amazing, wow. Extremely busy day. Ridiculous. Served one cute girl named Christine! Hah... Did the Maccas run for myself (obviously), Vish and Benn!

Steph came over around 9am on the 23rd to pick me up, so that we could go climbing, woohoo! Made some coffee for both of us, before heading straight up to Wentworth Falls, where we would meet Thanjon and Esmeralda at Il Postinos. Steph, Es and I left to Woolies (the usual in Leura), and Thanjon went to grab Hannan about five minutes away. We decided on Medlow Bath crag, regrouped at the car park and walked in together! Warmed up on MaƱana, a nice easy 14! Just to get Steph in the right mindset, and for something for Esmeralda to do!

Steph on Manana

Esmeralda on Manana

Steph and I

Thank god I packed my down jacket, because it was freezing! Went over to the block (where we left our gear all day), and did the 20, and the 14 there; so cold! Took our time on everything, snapping plenty of photos and eating food; before I went over and attempted Atoms in Action! Thanjon put on the first few draws for me; and I cruised the crux with new beta! Sadly, did not get the send; but next time, for sure! Hannan cruised up Radioactive Man stylishly, didn't even look like he was tired! Got some sick photos, packed up after that and headed down the mountain to get some food and coffee at Springwood; before all parting ways! Great day!

Esmeralda and Thanjon

Thanjon and I; he thought climbing shirtless would be a great idea!

Hannan on his stylish ascent of Strange Karma
No feet on Atoms in Action
Hannan, Me, Steph, Es, Thanjon

Woke up in the morning for work, damn! Covering Hannan's shift because he was staying all the way up in Winmalee for the night; and I did owe him one... Worked with Kim and Ethan in the morning, Vishal grabbed Maccas for us on his way in; and closed up with him and Kim! Traffic was pretty lame on the way back; stopped by the twin servos for some food; before heading up to Hannan's place!

Kim loving the Maccas!

Went up there and met his mum, Liliana, his sister Laura, Jade, Benn, Robert and Catherine. Thanjon later arrived and we all had dinner! Had music playing in the background while just having a chat about life, and such. There was a black out temporarily, perhaps from the ridiculous wind... The ride up, was also absolutely terrifying, the wind, far out. Headed home just after 10:30pm and had more food at home!

Our lovely dinner!

Benn came over to my place around 10:30am on the 25th, for a climbing trip! Was going to meet up with Hannan and Thanjon; but Hannan couldn't make it in the end. Met up with Thanjon at Il Postinos where we all had a nice breakfast, and grabbed some coffee. Decided on Porter's Pass, hoping that the sun would keep us warm! We got to the car park, and nearly froze; holy shit it was cold! I was regretting that I didn't bring my down jacket, or a soft shell at least...

Such a fun move up this flake
Went down to the Dogs, Cats and Apples wall; where we 'warmed up' on Powerbra Rangers. That didn't really warm us up, but then Thanjon made some tea with his stove! It quickly turned into ice tea. Tried Chook Lotto around the corner; as it was a BIT more wind protected, but still freezing. Fun route!

Went to the Alex after, for some drinks and a game of pool. Some random joined us, a little bit awkward. We all headed back home, but Benn and I stopped by Blaxland for some dinner! He needed his milkshake.

Benn feeling the cold!

Thanjon on Powerbra Rangers

Next post, coming soon! I fly off to New Zealand in a couple days! :D

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Mundane and the Magic

A month's worth of post. Long and boring.


Work at Parramatta, holy shit, today was a really cold day. Had to get some Sun Ming; roast duck noodle soup for warmth! Worked with Royal and Ken.

Work at Auburn, Kim, Benn and Petra; windy as shit.

Work, somewhere...

No uni, got my new sunnies! Also put in an application for a credit card to use in New Zealand! Oz Chicken for lunch.

Work with Vish and Kim.

Work with Tony and Benn. Met up with Sid and Es in Parramatta to have dinner; he was late! Bastard. Ate at Liana's Italian Restaurant. Walked around Parramatta afterwards; before heading home.

Work with Benn, Tony, Kim and Petra.

Brother hurt his ankle really badly the night before; yelling at mum trying to help him. Haven't been so pissed in such a long time. Got my flu shot; went out with Es during the day; she got me some boost juice! Went to the library so she could charge her dying phone; spent a few hours around a slackline, with a lot of failure... Managed to get into Parramatta stadium, good work security.

Got some charcoal chicken at Paradise, then some sushi in Parramatta before starting work. Worked with Janelle and Jen.

Work with Vish, Tony, Kim and Candace. Helping out with all the renovations.

Work with Vish, Tony, Kim, Ethan and Petra. Had some charcoal chicken and grabbed Maccas for the crew.

Work with Tony, Ethan and Hannan. Did the maccas run; and had dinner in Burwood with Sid and Es in the evening. The usual meal at Canton Noodle House!

Working at Parramatta; was told to start at 8:30 and finish at 1:30. Ken fucked up, was supposed to start at 12:30. Was told to come back later, get fucked. Negotiated a 10:30 start, because they are 'low on hours'; jesus. Had a big breakfast, walked around the park; our slackline was gone. Back to work, boring and slow day. Spent 2-3 hours with a customer, gave her my staff discount and she still spent about $1,600.

Work with Vish, Benn and Petra. Forgot my lunch, nooo! Grabbed OzChicken on the way home.

Went to the Climbing Centre with everyone! Made the best midnight snack ever.

Caught up with Emily over lunch at El Jannah in Blacktown. Dropped over to Daniel's place to give him some Kathmandu vouchers.

Worked at Parra in the morning, then went to ECAT in the evening with Damo.

Got some OzChicken, went to a Commonwealth Bank branch to sort out my card; since it was kind of failing. Grabbed my pants which I left at The Climbing Centre; and had a chat with Anna for a while. Went back home, then headed to ClimbOz with Sid; Ola had her little birthday thing on. My bike got knocked over by a woman; whose son climbed there. We worked out everything, so it's alright.

Work with Vish and Hannan; left at 4 to get a quote from BikeBiz for the repairs.

Fixed up the exhaust of my bike myself, and gave it a nice wash. Had Tan Viet for lunch (at home)

Went out to Vivid with the family (mum and dad) and my aunt from Melbourne. Ate at Wolfies.

24/05/14 | 18/04/11

Work with Tony, Benn and Petra. Just a half day, and grabbed Red Rooster on the way home. Stuffed it into my jacket since I had nowhere else to put it. Ate at a Thai place in Fairfield.

Work in Parramatta with Estia and Jen. Went to Barluck with aunt, mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend.
Spent the night at Ola's place.

Snapchats forever

Went climbing at ECAT during the day; went pretty hard out. Had dinner at Peronis with aunt, mum, dad and my brother.

Work in Parra with Janelle and Jen. Met up with Es afterwards at the library. She gave me a book, walked around the park, shared stories and she had a blueberry smoothie at Coco Cubano. Aunt bought me roast duck before she left; so I went home and just had rice, roast duck and salad!

By the way, I pretty much gamed every night as well. Cleaned up my room.

Devastated, Tony last's day at Auburn today! He is going to work at Rouse Hill instead from now on. Better traffic, better food options, no auburn customers, winning! Hannan was also working; and apparently Vishal screwed up my shift time again... I got to stay all day in the end, and Hannan left early! Got Tony his last coffee from Cafe Alcatraz; and Hannan did the Maccas run!

Went to Ikea with mum and dad. Bought some wardrobes; then went to Costco afterwards. Assembled everything with dad in the evening and night! So satisfying!


Work with Benn and Vish. We got destroyed, fuck.

Went to ECAT in the evening. Chris, Evan, Amy and Neil came soon after! Then all the usual regulars. Met a nice girl named Michell; Chris Webb Parsons was also there!

Got my new number plates. Dinner at Hogs Breath with - Shehan, Himmat, Thomas, John, Zan, Cameron, Mahir, Sean, Daniel, Lara, Sworaaz and his brother. Cold.

A better post next time!