Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was and a letter to your best friend.

A photo of myself
My day.
I caught the train with Wynne and her friend. There was some crazy person on the carriage. Apparently, her teacher and one of her friends was named Rachael. I had MacDonalds. Yum.
Physics, I learnt nothing, I have Mr Tob, my accomplishment in Physics was that I won Scattergories. Hell yeah. Soccer at recess. Second period was PD/H/PE. Meh. Third Period was Chemistry, did a practical. Lunch, had nachos. Hung with table group. Last period, Math. I don't like Calculus :(
Sorry for the excruciating detail. <_>

A letter to my best friend(s).
Dear Best Friend(s), Well, I don't have the ONE best friend, I have a few really close friends but I can't pick one over the other because you all have your qualities. Each paragraph is a different person.

Well, you have always been one of my closest friends, although your joking manner means that I usually don't talk about personal things with you. You're always the best person to cheer me up because you are like the funniest person in the school. No Joke. My abs just start burning when you tell jokes! It's so fun when we're bagging out Ramnik together hahahah, and when we're having weird ass conversations that I would never talk to anyone else about. I definiately trust you and I like how our views are identical. :)

Rightio, I must say we didn't really talk much in Year 7-9 but we've gotten a lot closer this year and last year. I've started talking to you about more personal things because you have a really mature mind and you do know how to solve problems. I love your natural side, and we have pretty much the same view on everything. Let's go on more adventures together ! :)

You you you, as cynical as you are, it's good that we're in a few classes together, so we have more time to talk because you're always with your girlfriend during lunch and recess. You're a really kind guy and we share loads of interests. We have the same views on life, on relationships and you give really good advice. You have your own problems but you always find the time to help others, and that's a great quality that you have. :)

$10 to whoever figures out what the title means


Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sooo, we had our walkathon on Friday ! The theme was Jubilee Jaunt. Yeah, I didn't bother with the theme...So, I woke up and I was wondering whether I should go or not? Then I realized, the walkathon is freaken awesome with Tamzid's group. (Vijhai didn't go :O) So yeah, I decided to go, woke up, wore my Levi Jeans (H) Andrew was full jealous har har.

I barely got to the station on time and I had to run to make my train, thank god my bag was really light hehe.  Anyway, Sean was there, gave him a hug, then I went to the 4th carriage, my usual carriage. I looked up to see how many people were there, and I saw Louisa but the carriage was quite full, so I went down. Bumped into Siddharth and sat with him. Just talked about the ski trip (he went too) etc etc.

Got off the train, and people were selling daffodil day flowers, teddy bears and stuff. I picked up one of the small hoodie bears and bought it for $10. Walked to the bus, pushed on, I do not remember who I sat next too....  got to school, and Nigel and his friends pointed out the Year 9 TBs and I pretended to faint, LOLOL. Anyway, ran up to the table group, talked there for a bit then walked to roll call with Thanjon ! I told him to wait for a second becuse I went to Anna to give her the daffodil day bear I bought earlier. He didn't wait D: < Anywaaay, went to roll call. Freddy took a photo.

| D

 Wow, this is really precise. LOL. Walked to assembly area with Thanjon... sat down with Nigel and shiz. SAW SHEYON, jumped up from my seat, ran over and hugged him (for AGES) :) Yes, hugged HIM. I am not gay D:

Um, walked with Tamzid, Faz, Micah, Rhiannan etc, their group...We had like a mini-soccer ball and we were just messing around with it, and our topic for a while was WHICH SUPERHERO IS THE WORST? Haha, us cool kids. I forgot who kicked it but everybody shotty-notted and sat down. I was the last D: < I had to go get it :( We were supposed to get our cards signed / stamped at every stop, but none of us did haha. Faz and Leon were discussing their membership of OPG the whole time, lolol. We got to Mr Burns and he usually signed people's cards but he was saying "If you sing me a song, then you get a stamp !" We stood there for like 10 minutes wondering what song to sing. We decided to sing Everytime we touch by Cascada. It was hilarious LOL. Tamzid went nuts during like "AND EVERYTIME WE TOUCH, I FEEL THE STATIC !" We got our stickers, I got an elephant and Tamzid got a dragon and he was going like "AHAHA, I GOT A DRAGON BITCH !" I won't lie, I was jealous :( 

Then... we started kicking the ball around, and were tyring to aim it at people LOL. We never hit anyone, nobody could throw straight D: I think Sean threw it and it went pretty far to the right and we had to go through these tall ass shrubs to find it. After that, we realized that the walk is actually pretty short ... or maybe we just got fitter? :D Yeah, I prefer to think of it that way :P

Rightio, we made it to the park and we sat down for a bit, I bought a can from Ben instead of the school because it was cheaper and colder, haha. I went to buy two sausage sandwiches, yummay :) Just walked around with different groups talking, then found Thanjon and Sid, Thanjon ran the whole thing, holy shit. It's 15km. Okay, damn, he's fit. Rightio, we tried to climb the play equipment thingo without using our legs, and my arms sort of died. I ended up in a weird position, then I altered it a bit and Sid took a photo of it.

This hurt. A lot.

I had to like...hold my left leg out and push it against the pole so it wouldn't slip, my right foot ... the heel was like hanging on to the horizontal pole and my left arm was dying trying to hold on. Anyway, we looked behind us and it was Year 11 tug-o-war ! ZOMG, we ran over, and started pulling. I just stayed on the same side and kept pulling, then it was the finals for Lawson and Mitchell ! I'm in Lawson and WE WON ! :D


Haha, these are the guys I walked with too btw, (Faz, Me, Micah, Sumanth, Tamzid) they weren't Lawson, but they helped out anyway :P There were more than just us 5, we're not that tank LOL. I wish. Walked over to Ben's car and got another can of coke. I saw Andrew with Andy and Chris, and I saw Andy putting hairwax into Andrew's hair so I ran over and swept Andrew :D
I lectured him about it ! After that... I swept him again but I didn't realize that he had a water bottle THAT WAS OPEN, and it spilled all over him. So then, I picked up the water bottle and poured it all over his groin area LOL. He ran after me with what was left in the water bottle, then I kicked it out of his hand, bahaha. I got my water bottle and I poured it over him again LOL. Anyway, we all had to sit down while Mrs Parker was talking about the walk back and I found my Year 10 brethren ! Ya know, Carmela, celine, mary, sheyon etc. I got a hug from Carmela and it lasted like 2 minutes, while Celine was standing there patting me LOLOL. Because like... I wasn't in a very good mood, so they were trying to make me feel better :) Thanks girls.

Anyway, we were supposed to leave in grade groups, but I just left with the Year 10s, although the gap between Year 10/11/12 was really small and we all ended up walking together anyway. So for a while, I was with Carmela talking about life and shiz. Then I stopped and waited for Celine, and then we walked back for the rest of the walk I think. Yup ! Walking with Opi too, discussing Russell Peters :) After that, Opi left and Me and Celine started singing theme songs and such :D

I picked a really pretty pink flower from a tree and gave half of it to Celine... then I tried to tie it to the teddy bear I gave Anna before, but it just fell off :S
So we got back to school and then I dropped the flower into Vanessa's ice-cream :D
(Don't worry, she finished it already, I'm not that mean)

Bell went and we went to the bus bay, and me and sheyon were sparring for a bit. He then left and I went with Daniel to the bus, and I sat at the front, taking up the whole 4 seats :P Daniel went a bit back then Wynne, Yeolin and Esmeralda came and I had to move :( Anyway, talked to them for a bit, then  everyone caught the express so I caught the all-stops with them.

The End.

This is weird.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yin & Yang

So, this blog needs a little positive-ness after a few blog posts of negativity, eh?
So the Yin & Yang means the two fundamental principles, one negative, dark, passive, cold, wet, and feminine (yin) and the other (yang) positive, bright, active, dry, hot and masculine. The interactions and balance of these forces in people and nature influence their behavior and fate. So now, I need a balance in my blog posts. A happy one, instead of sad ones.. It's also from Tai Chi, a martial art, I do martial arts. Totally relates. <_>

How about I go through my whole ski trip, because that was fecking awesome. :)

Rightio, bus trip on the way there ! I kept falling asleep and waking up, it was odd, and once we got to the snowboard hire place (which was supposed to be open 24/7), it was actually closed and opened at 7am. What liars. So we went to Vika's Lodge and had breakfast, holy shat.

 vikas lodge

It was like, poached egg, scrambled (powdered) eggs, toast and sausages. (Oh and cereal, the crap ones) Why don't they ever have coco-pops, fruit-loops or crunchy nuts, they always have the crap ones that nobody likes...
Anyway, it was shit. LOL, I was lucky since I brought a load of Up'n'Go and decided to have that and SOME of the breakfast that they serve.

wtf is this shit?

Went to our cabins and DAMN. It was tiny, you could only have one person walking through the middle of it at one time...  Anyway, our cabin had 6 people. Me, Daniel, Siddharth, Sam, Jake and Murray.
Good cabin ! Minus Siddharth. LOL jokes. Hey that's weird, how come when I typed Siddharth in between Daniel and Sam, there was no red underline, but the previous two have red underlines... *shrug*

Sam and Daniel
Anyway, we got our skis and ski boots fitted, and some people needed to hire clothing, but i didn't because I already had my own stuff. we headed to the snowboard store to get our snowboards (for the snowboarders) and helmets (for everyone), then YAAAY, we went to smiggins for the first time :D :D

look at how clear it is today

Holy shat, skiing is hard as hell ! I had no idea what to do, how to stop, how to walk, etc etc. I was just like hopeless for an hour. I pretty much gave up and waited till the lesson. Took photos of other people failing :P Snowball fights etc. Daniel kept throwing snowballs at everyone D: <

he threw it like 1 sec after

Ski Lesson... I HATED IT, It was so tiring LOL, we just repeated the same things over and over. 30 minutes left of the lesson and everyone like... gave up and just sat down and the instructor was like "you guys are quitters!" and we just go "meh." Anyway, everyone goes to the lunch area after the lesson because the lesson ends at 12:30 and we just bum around in there for a bit (and eat of course)

After eating, I decided to go up the J-bar. I fell. :(
I went up again, MADE IT UP YAAY. Took a photo.

the... easy hill.
Well, I stacked it ... a lot going down. :(
Kept practicing, then decided to go up the chair lift (UH OH) No good photos going up, so I apologize.
Anyway, the first day consisted of tired-ness and falling. Back home to the lodge ! I shot-gunned first to shower on the way back.
We got back, I showered, chilled in the room for a bit then we went down to the main room and holy shat, it was so big and comfy and warm :)
PLAYED MAFIA. Ate dinner, hmmm, what was it again... let me think..
Oh right, the entree was a 2 minute noodle soup like thing...
Then we had roast lamb, gravy, peas, and other shit. It was actually quite good... despite me mentioning shit a few words ago. Played mafia again, desert was cake and the icing was VERY sweet and sugary. 

At 7:30 we all watched Taken with the other school in the living room, I love taken, it's a really good film :D
Right afterwards, we all went back to our cabins and I made everyone watch Man vs Wild :P
when that finished we watched Good News Week and then went to sleep.
Fuck. Murray, Sam and Jake snore. Fuck, fuck fuck.

Eat breakfast, same as yesterday, only instead of sausages, we had bacon... which tasted like... shit ass ham.
UP n Go it is !
Off to the snow fields, WOOH !

compare to the first day

Snow Storm ! ZOMG, it was so windy and cold that day.
It snowed, SO MUCH. i still fell a shitload, but not as bad as Monday.
We decided to go on the hardest run and I stacked it BIG time. My ski re-adjusted itself and my boot would not fit it... After 20 minutes of stomping the hell out of my ski, we gave up and went down on our asses. SO FUN. I found an instructor and he fixed it for me :)

The stupid hill that killed my ski.

Ski loads, etc etc.
Went back to the lodge, showered 5/6 :S
Funniest. Story. Ever.
You see, Murray had my camera and took this photo with it

He then accidentally changed the camera mode, and we all crowded around him doing the rude finger as well, making a funny face and it took a picture ! Flash and all, and everything. We have a look at the result, AND IT ONLY HAS HIM IN IT. We try again, flash and all.... takes a picture. We have a look at the preview, AND IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME, NOBODY IN IT, JUST MURRAY.
Then murray goes "HAHAHAH, IT'S A RACIST CAMERA"

Eventually, we solve the problem and realized that the camera mode was changed,

LOLOLOL, daniel on the left, he's like | O
Murray looks the same
Siddharth... nobody realized he was there until jake was like "HEY IS THAT TEETH?, HE FREAKEN BLENDS INTO THE DARKNESS"
We laughed forever because nobody could figure out where the fuck my mouth ended LOLOLOLOL.
No joke, I died laughing.
Then I was DR ABCD'd back to life.
See, I do learn in health.

Hmmm, we played card games again in the living room afterwards, Mafia mainly LOL
We were supposed to watch Law Abiding Citizen, WHICH IS A FREAKEN AWESOME FILM BTW.
But the teacher from the other school complained it was too violent and they changed it so we were Sherlock Holmes instead. We had dinner and it was Macaroni, Carrot, Cauliflower and Shepherds Pie. The Pie gave everybody stomach aches, and I went to chuck a shit. hoho~

Anyway, our school walked to Woolies to buy things and me and daniel went to the bakery and I bought a meat pie to eat because I was still hungry, (BECAUSE I SHIT IT ALL OUT)

We got back to the lodge at like 8:30 and the movie started at 7:30 and we just watched the rest of it. I've already seen it, so I didn't really mind. Had to pack up all our stuff and get ready for the snow the next day.

HOLY SHIT. We needed tire chains to get to smiggins :S
It snowed SO MUCH. It was really windy, really cold and snowing LOADS. So KEWL ZOMG !

Anyway, ski'd all day, I barely fell, did hard runs etc.
I want to go back :(

Here's a photo I really like

Returned our stuff, went on the bus and went home :(
We sang on the bus for like 3/6 hours and it was GREAT. :D :D
Stopped at McDonalds and I killed myself.

Double Quarterpounder with Bacon Large McValue Meal.

A double quarter pounder = 116% of total saturated fat an average adult should have in one day.
and I added bacon to that. :P

I'll leave you with our  group doing the official grade pose :P (MINUS ELLEN)

5 / 10
Sorry if I made it Awkward.