Sunday, December 22, 2013


Need to start writing up more often, because I am too forgetful! Have actually been starting draft blog posts with reminders on what I did on those days!

So I started off the week, 16th, with a haircut in Blacktown. I like my hair short, and it was getting too long for my liking. Could really feel the breeze once I got it cut, and it felt great!

In the evening, I knew a couple of mates would be at The Climbing Centre; so I figured since I had a break on Sunday, I would train. Anna was working that day, and the crew included Kate, Seann, Damo, Dave, Paul and Youngie. Jenga and Mitch came in to visit as well, good fun. Did some new routes but spent most of my time on the woodie, that thing gets you bloody tired quick! Convinced Anna that she wanted some pizza, and we went around finding out who wanted Pizza that evening. By the end of the night, we were done climbing, just sharing stories and enjoying our pizza!

Organised when I was meeting Fletcher for the day after at Wet'n'Wild, fuck yeah!!!

Extremely detailed section coming up

Woke around 9am on the 17th, got ready and headed off to the station to grab Fletcher! Got dropped off at Wet'n'Wild just a bit before 10am with Fletcher. We lined up in order to get our season pass bands, we spent the time in the line just catching up, it had been a long time since I'd last seen him! By the time we got our bands, it was now 11:10am, spent over an hour just trying to get our bands!

Next step was to go hire some lockers to put our bags. The bands are pretty cool, you can do everything with them! I put $30 on the band so that I could buy lunch in the future without needing my wallet. The locker that you pick is attached to the RFID chip in your wrist band, and I wave over the locker in order to open or lock it! Cool stuff! Covered myself in ludicrous amounts of sunscreen before leaving the lockers, then jumped into the Wave Pool to cool down before going to our first ride.

Waited in line for around an hour, for the 360Rush. Probably the ride that gives you the biggest adrenaline ride. Made me take my necklace off; got a body board strapped to my back and then you step into a capsule. 3, 2, 1; then the platform below you drops out and you fly straight down! Lasted about 8 seconds and you also do a loop inside the tube! Good fun.

Afterwards, we headed over to another tower with more rides; and we were in line for about 5 minutes; when I heard, "Oh, hello!"; I turned my head and saw Chris! What were the chances? Matthew, his brother was the one who saw Fletcher and said that. Chris was there with his younger brother and sister; Matt and Sarah; along with more of Matt's friends, for his birthday celebrations!

It was awesome having ten of us now, made waiting for rides much more bearable, and they were all great people. The group kind of split into two, with Fletcher, Chris, Sarah, Matt and I being together. Chris and Sarah, Fletcher and I did the Aqua Tube ride, we had about 5 rides to choose from there, but I don't remember all of them. Pitch black and lots of twist and turns! Really fun.

Not enough pictures, so yes, this is one of my snapchats.

The others went for another lap on the tower, while us four went to get lunch. They would meet us later! Jess told me she was working at the Frozen Coke area so I dropped in and said hi before getting lunch! Had burger and fries for lunch. $15, ouch! Paid with my band so that was convenient. Also figured that it would be a good time to apply more sunscreen, I had already seen so many sunburnt people.

We went to another tower of rides, the Riptide (green), Double Bowlseye (red/yellow) and The Curler (blue). The lines seem to be shorter on these and we quickly pumped out blue, green then red and yellow. We stuck as a group of five for these rides, and we actually managed to flip our raft upside down on the the red/yellow ride. The lifeguards were saying they hadn't seen that trick yet, definitely made the ride more fun! Blue was definitely the best and green was over a little too quickly.

We headed over to another tower to line up for the Tantrum. This was by far the longest line and we spent over an hour in this line waiting for this ride. The wait is definitely much more bearable with nine others though! Afterwards, we headed back to the lockers, a little tired after waiting so long in the line. Chris also called Alex to find out where he was, Alex was probably 5 metres away facing in the opposite direction. Once we managed to fit Alex's valuables our lockers, we put on more sunscreen and headed to the lazy river to float around.

Went around Boomerang Bay three times and the whole time, we were really just fighting each other trying to flip the donut floats; very relaxing though! I also found out that the towel I left by the wave pool was blown away by the wind, damn it !!!

The sun was less intense now and we headed over the tower where we have met Chris and all. This time Fletcher and I went down the Tropical Cyclone, similar to the Aqua Loop, it's hard not to be smiling during these rides! So cold. To finish off the day, most of us went over to the H2GO Racers! I didn't do too well, I blame my start! Lost to Fletcher and Sarah, damn! :(

The only photo I took, before the day started.

I headed home with Alex (my house is on the way) and everybody went to Chris's place. I changed into dry clothes, had a quick meal and rode over to Chris's place in Cecil Hills. Had dinner at his house (some sort of yummy tacos) and watched Airplane! It was absolutely hilarious and is so much more enjoyable watching it with everyone. His mum made dessert, which included a Paleo cake and Jelly, oh my god, so yum, so good, so delicious!

After the movie, I just had to go play Chris's piano, It's a Yamaha piano and they have always made my favourite pianos. I just love the noise. So both Chris and I played the piano, and then we eventually got around to singing with Fletcher. Everyone had left by this point, and Sarah looked like she was going to pass out, looked so tired! She did tell me off for not having a Harley though, hahaha. Chris drove Fletcher to Rooty Hill station, with Matt along for company. I left with them, I needed the directions out, he has the most confusing neighbourhood; seriously.

The day after, 18th, went to James Bond crag in Megalong Valley with Thanjon! I didn't really have anything in mind but I guess Thanjon wanted to crank on some 23s, it's been some time since we have tried things around our limit. Started off on what I thought was a 15 slab, it was ridiculously hard for a 15!! Thanjon went over and did the 18 next to it, which was meant to be 10 metres. It was not. (Warning, this is all climbing jargon)

Had to lower him down to get some extra equipment to finish the 25 metre route; turns out we read the guidebook wrong, I did the 18; and he had done a 19 even further around! Oops. Great way to start the day. By this time, it was starting to get hot! Better get on those 23s.

First up was Plenty O'Toole, my god; holds have broken off this because I couldn't do any moves over a 4 metre section. There were no holds. Ended up aiding to the top. Rested on the rope a bit that Thanjon decided to just swing around on the rope singing, "I came in like a wrecking ball!!!" Hahahaha.

After, I tried to do Oh James!, included a dyno at the start, and a few tough sequences. Mantled the ledge at the top, saw the anchors and woop, ticked it! Onsight 23, awesome! Thanjon isn't that great with dynos, and took a couple of goes to sort that move, and my beta at the top was apparently horrible too.

Then lastly, we went up a route called 'The Living Daylights'; I wish it was longer, such an amazing technical climb. Crux is at the top, and it's a powerful, technical son of a bitch. Thanjon had two shots but couldn't get it clean.

Called it a day, and the great thing about this crag is, you walk uphill in the morning; so it's a downhill stroll at the end of the day! (Unlike most other crags in the Blue Mountains). Stopped in Hazelbrook to get a kebab and a coke, met the same guy again; love him! This time, as he handed my kebab, my phone was on the table; he sneakily put it in his pocket and walked off. Sneaky, sneaky. My right hand was absolutely killing me from Plenty O'Toole, the beta we came up with involved using two nothing holds with our right hand.

A grade 24 trad crack near by.

Spent the 19th, at home, had Red Rooster again; oh yeah. Wrapped some Christmas gifts as well!

Had work on the 20th, holy shit, it was such a hot day. Rode to work in my mesh jacket, no way was I riding in my leathers today. Spent most of the day out in the dock, was so hungry early on; had lunch first and went to the cafe to get a chicken schnitzel, salad, chips and gravy; delicious. Everyone except Mo came into work for our staff Christmas party! All staff members got a backpack from the company as a present, and also covered $35 each for whatever we did! We went to Dooley's in Lidcombe for dinner and afterwards; played snooker to finish off the night. Good night with good people! Best team ever!

Picture on Sarmila's Instagram, ft. Ethan and I

Benn, Ethan, Candace, Kim, Sarmila, Petra, Me, Tony

Petra, Me, Tony, Vishal, Benn, Ethan, Candace, Kim

Next post soon!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking the Whipper

Hello again!

The past week been quite an eventful for me, I feel like I have a life, which is good! Better than just sitting at home playing video games... 10th-15th

So! On the 10th, I dropped in to ClimbOz to chat with Chew, been a while since I'd seen him! Was just catching up real quick with a few stories here and there. Afterwards, I caught the train to Parramatta, but I missed my train, so I decided to go get some Red Rooster (mmm) In Blacktown for lunch rather than waiting for the next train.

Anyway, I finally got to Parramatta to meet up with Esmeralda and her friend Rachel to watch the new Hunger Games movie! (Catching Fire). She hadn't finished work yet so I just strolled around, there were a lot of cops all over the top level food court; ended up finding out that some crazed guy started attacking an old man. People... So we got our tickets when Es finished work, watched the movie, which was really freaking good actually. I was really surprised, and got really into it! Very different to what I thought it was going to be like. It ended on a cliff hanger, which severely annoyed me; why would the film-makers do that to me? D:

When it finished, we just walked about Parramatta for an hour or so, went to the park to attempt to scare Rachel with the whole bat area; didn't work, and we all headed home after that!

I downloaded the first Hunger Games movie while I showered and it finished ridiculously quickly. Watched the whole movie while I ate dinner. Also good. Should I read the books?

Saw this beauty of a bike in Parramatta

The next day, 11th, caught the train up with Esmeralda to Woodford to meet Thanjon to go climbing! Yay, CLERMBENG! The destination today would be Celebrity Crag in Blackheath. Climbed three nice moderate routes on the Jimmy Cliff. Gave Es my harness and tied her in on top rope to try Johnny's Jalopies, the 18. We were bloody surprised on how well she did! It's a very technical vertical wall, don't need too much strength if you have good technique. With some advice from the ground, she made it to the top!

Johnny's Jalopies
Round 2!

Thanjon set his eyes on a 23, called Blah Blah Woof Woof. It was absolute shit. Involved destroying a large amount of flora and probably pissing off a lot of snakes in order to get to the start. Two stick clips were needed and the amount of rock he kicked off in my face was not cool. We left an old biner on the route and ended up bailing.

Was ridiculously hungry going down the mountain, and got a kebab in Hazelbrook. I love the guy that works there. This was part of our conversation:

Me: Is the mixed kebab chicken and beef?
Him: Nope, camel and ostrich today.
Me: Delicious, I'll have that! Just lettuce and onion, no tomato.
Him: You're getting tomato.
Me: What if I'm allergic and die?
Him: Great!! That's thirty dollars. (It's $10 on the menu)
Me: Here's a fake card, charge it on this.

Got my kebab, Thanjon walked us to the station; then Es and I headed down the mountain! On the train, she asked if I wanted to go watch a movie with her in Parramatta; of course! Why not? Ended up watching the new Jackass movie 'Bad Grandpa'. Holy shit, funniest film I've seen in such a long time! Was in pain from laughter a couple of scenes. It was so great and relaxing just sitting down in those large seats watching a funny film, after a day climbing up the mountains, and a very good way to end the day!

My boulder problem at the playground, sit start and not allowed to use the metal on top! 

The next day! 12th. Woke up early to take my Ninja to BikeBiz in Granville so that I could get the safety recall on the brake caliper repaired/fixed. I also received my Yoshimura chassis protectors so I also got them to fit those to my bike; installing them is quite involving and I didn't want to mess anything up if I installed them myself. involves removing all the fairings, the engine bolts, and cutting holes in the fairing. I didn't have the necessary tools either.

Mum picked me up from there and we went to Kathmandu in Parramatta so I could get some Christmas gifts for people! Royal and Amy were working, and then Janelle came in afterwards; always good seeing them.

Mum had been pestering me for a long time about going to the dentist for a clean. So went to Merrylands afterwards, where she had booked me in for a clean. Waited some time outside, when I got in and told him mum booked me for a clean, he said it's been too recent for a clean; so I left and nothing even happened. Silly mum... He's a great guy though, been our family dentist for years!

Went to Canley Heights to have lunch, had Tan Viet; delicious. So good, so full. After lunch, straight back to Bikebiz to pick up my bike, and rode home!

Caught the train to Blacktown, hoping that I could get my haircut. Nope, the place closed early!! They always close early. But that didn't matter, I had my climbing gear and went climbing at ClimbOz. Ended up going home with Tom.

With new frame sliders!

Day after, 13th, went to work in Auburn, the usual Friday shift with Vish and Kim! Was supposed to have dinner with Es that night; but her parents wanted to celebrate her first pay check by going to dinner with her instead. Funny thing, they ended up changing their mind and nothing happened! Super lame. She did visit me at work for a solid 15 minutes, though. So I'll return the favour some time!

After work, my fuel light was flashing, so I wasn't willing to get on the M4 and run out of fuel! Instead, I went down Parramatta road, filled up and proceeded to take the longest detour in the world to get to Blacktown. Got caught up in a car crash and I got Red Rooster at St Martin's. Went to ClimbOz for a quick visit, but found out that Benn was setting routes there! Spent the night there talking with Benn and all the other regulars, hopefully go for a climb with him soon!

The next day, 14th, had organised to meet up with Youngy and Paul at Medlow Bath for some climbing. Met up with Thanjon at Woodford, got some food at the servo at Medlow Bath, and picked up Armand from the cafe! He is from Holland (I think), and Thanjon met him a few days earlier; we was looking for climbing partners in the blueys!

Did a fair amount of routes on that day actually, ticked a 20/22/19/14/19; and worked on a 25 for some time, but couldn't get the crux moves. Ridiculously hard! Didn't actually see Paul and Youngy yet, as they were climbing in the much lower area. As I was climbing up Mañana near the end of the day, I heard a voice yell out my name "Jason!!"; I looked around, kind of puzzled, but I knew it was Paul's voice; then I heard another yell, I yelled back Paul and then I saw him emerging from some bushes at the top and to the side of the climb I was doing with Youngy. Had a casual conversation on the side of a cliff about their day; organised to meet up at the pub in Leura afterwards! Youngy snapped a couple of photos while he was there.

Asked Paul about The Sandpit area, and he said it was good, so we did one last climb in that area to finish the day. Met them at the Alex in Leura, sat around for a bit and then when it was time to go, I headed down the mountain with Paul and Youngy. We stopped by Jenga's place in Mount Riverview, Paul needed a couple of tools for the day after; where he was going to fix up his project out in Pierces Pass.

Had a little bit of dinner so I didn't die of starvation, Lara had cooked some Hokkein noodles and it was really good! Also scored myself Jenga's World Climbing Calender (Simon Carter). Many thanks! :) We headed down the mountain quickly so I could make my train at Penrith. I don't think I have ever sprinted so quickly with a big rucksack on my back to make the train. Up the stairs 3-4 at a time and made it in just as the doors were closing; score. Another good way to end the day, destroying my body!

Thanjon and I on Mañana, close up view and zoomed out view. Both taken by Ben Young.

Next post coming soon :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Freedom at last! Finally about to go out and about and actually do things again! :) Been seriously lazy to write this up, a lot has been happening!

Finished my studies for the year, and no longer working every Sunday at The Climbing Centre! Still have my regular Friday shift at Kathmandu, though; but it pretty much means I have 6 days a week to do what I'd like!

So right at the end of last month on Wednesday, went out to Shipley Upper with Damo, Dave and Jess. It was one of Jess's first time outdoors and despite the fact that Dave has been climbing for years, probably one of his firsts as well. Hah. Jess listened to Dave at the base of Trinity as he taught her things, while me and Damo tried to do some climbs.

I was definitely rusty from not climbing in such a long time and sketched out like a bitch leading Trinity, the 13. Things got better as I tried Pompadour 13, but I wasn't too keen on leading These People are Sandwiches 22. Ended up top roping it, but I got it clean! Next time I'm at Shipley, that's going down for sure.

Quick snap as we walked out. Megalong Valley

On the Saturday immediately after, woke up early to meet all the Sydney L & P Riders at Windsor McDonalds. It was an organised group ride eventually finishing in Bathurst! Had a fun ride down Bell's Line of Road to stop at Bilpin from breakfast, Lithgow for a snack and then Bathurst where we had a few laps around Mount Panorama Circuit, where they hold the Bathurst 1000. Remember a few faces from another time when we all met up for coffee at Starbucks!

The day after, went out to Sublime Point with Paul and Dana. Met up with Paul at Penrith station at 0630, and Dana dropped by Paul's place and we headed up together. Paul had his eyes on a crack that he and Neil spotted when they were climbing The Iliad. We were hoping to put aside roughly 2 hours going for the first ascent, but it turned into an epic, taking us about 3.5 hours!

Had to climb up the first pitch of The Iliad, a few attempts on 'Trojan' which links up into pitch two of The Iliad, and then traverse across and a 40m or so abseil down the anchors of Cynics United. 

Picture taken by Dana. The route is a slightly overhung tips finger crack. You can see part of the 3 sisters on the left.

Afterwards, headed over to the Binary Cave where Paul made me attempt La Nina 22; which I somehow onsighted... It did take a long time, the confidence was not there. Dana then tried going up Birthday Bolts, however she ended up bailing on it. A few pitches of climbing later, we bumped into an American climber named Adam, who had actually contacted Paul, and was eager to climb with us. 

We ended up climbing Sweet Dreams with our packs on, (I have blogged about Sweet Dreams before) I think the post is called... Sweet dreams, hah. I partnered up with Adam; while Paul partnered up with Dana. Ended finishing the multi-pitch as the sun was setting. Picturesque. We headed home right afterwards, and the always so lovely Dana gave me a lift back to my place! :) A great long day, I was in my harness for a solid 11-12 hours.

Tuesday, I rode out to KFC to have lunch with Daniel, who had placement in Mount Druitt hospital. Afterwards he came over to my place and yeah... we played some Team Fortress 2, of course. Went to climb at the gym that night, it was such a quiet night; so I just got some training done, had nothing else to do.

Thursday, we (Paul, Dana, Youngy, Gene, Ro and I) had all planned to go climb some multi-pitch routes out in Pindari. It had been ridiculous hot for the week, and I definitely dressed for the occasion. Anyway, we had gotten up the mountain and it began to rain... heavily. Not just rain, it actually started sleeting and hailing. The wind was mind-numbingly strong. We bailed on the plan to climb in Pindari, and headed down the mountain slightly, to climb at The Underworld; a massive and steep cave. It was mostly rain protected, however the wind howled through. Climbing was difficult from how cold it was. 

I have to thank Dana so much, as she had a very thin midriff hoodie (which looked fabulous on me) and a rain jacket, which we alternated between climbs. None of us could feel our hands properly during the climbs, and Paul fell off Julius Caesar, after doing all the hardest moves; just because he couldn't feel his hands any more.

You can't fathom how cold it was, however the "feels like" temperature was minus 4.6 degrees. The last time I felt that cold was probably doing the whole Valley of the Waters walk with Thanjon, Fletcher and Sid; without proper gear, on a freezing, pouring day.

We walked out in the dark with head torches, and all had dinner at Wentworth Falls Pizzeria! It was unbelievably warm inside and we loved it. Dana, was once again a lovely human and drove me home once we got to Paul's place. A good afternoon/evening of climbing!

The crew, minus me and Ro. Yes, that's toilet paper underneath Youngy's helmet, for warmth.

On Saturday, met up with Paul, Dana and Dasha to go up to Medlow Bath for climbing. We organised to meet up with Taib and Thanjon. We actually got lost on the walk in, which is just slightly confusing. That's the second time that has happened! Also sprained my right ankle fairly badly on the way in, but that was taped up by Dr T-Dog. Was well prepared for the cold on this day, but it ended up being such a nice sunny day, although Medlow is one of the more colder (shadier) crags. Paul and Taib went to the lower section to do some old-school trad classics! Me and Thanjon stayed along the top doing some moderate climbs while Dana and Dasha were doing some easy stuff on The Block. 

Thanjon and I finished up and headed over to Dana and Dasha, where we did a little bit of climbing; but spent the rest of the day just sharing stories and that was really great fun. These two American climbers were trying a 23 nearby, and were having loads of trouble! They thought it was a much easier route, so I volunteered to put up the rest of the draws so they could top rope it. It was easy climbing, to a big dyno off horrible holds. Eventually stuck it, and that felt bloody awesome! Headed down the mountain with Paul and Dana, and yep; Dana got me home, again! :) :)

Koala Dana

Panorama, count the trees.

Next post coming soon! I think...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Summary: 2013 Pt 3

For the final instalment of this series, I'll be blogging about July to November! Before going through photos or anything to remember, I'm going to tell you now, it was pretty bland and boring. Just being honest!
It's kind of going to be like Pt 1.


Because of Daniel, Himmat and Sean (but definitely 95% Daniel), I started playing Team Fortress 2. Damn it's a fun game, and always great fun playing at night, while chatting on Mumble with all the boys.

No pictures really, so a screenshot of the game. The little icon next to the names on the left means they're a friend of mine. In order of those icons, it's Daniel, Sean and Himmat.

That definitely took up a lot of my time!! Semester two at uni also started again, and my timetable meant I had to go all day long on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On July 24th, there was a little mini climbing party at The Climbing Centre, there wasn't really a special occasion; but lots of climber friends turned up and it was an awesome night!

A little blurry because Dave was hanging upside down to take it!


By this point in time, I was working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and going to uni every Tuesday and Thursday. Two days off a week, and they were the worst days! Nobody else was free and I didn't really get to do anything fun.

On August the 2nd, my friend Adeline from Melbourne was down in Sydney for a few days; so we decided to go get dinner (Korean BBQ) at Sydney Madang just off Pitt Street in the CBD. Oh man, it was tasty. I had work during the day and headed to the city to meet up with her. I was working with Sarmila during the day, and she had actually left work early and the funny thing was, Sarmila and her group of friends bumped into me and Adeline when we were in the line! The line was massively long and we waited for such a long time outside; but it was so worth it.

Afterwards, we went to The Star and had some ice-cream from a very famous Gelato place. Being lactose intolerant, I had to take some pills in order to have some. I haven't had ice-cream in such a long time, and my taste buds were in heaven that night!!

Ermagerd, fooooood.

A few days later (15th), this beauty was in my garage. But more on that later!

Kawasaki Ninja 300; horrible photo, but it was the first one I took!

On the 17th (I think), Kathmandu Auburn/Parramatta and Rousehill got together for a little staff party! We went to the M9 Laser Skirmish and AMF Bowling at Villawood. It was a good night, every staff member really is great. Kim won the wooden spoon for being the worst at Bowling, hah!

End of night photo

On the 19th,  Benn, Sarah and I went to Villawood to go indoor climbing! We had arrived before opening time, but Carlie was happy to let Benn in, because... it's Benn! Hah. Afterwards, we went to Olympic Park so Benn could get some Cold Rock ice-cream, yes, ice-cream. I believe he got a thick shake though? We had our lunch at a Sushi Train place in Newington, it was a good day!

On the 21st, Briseida had just finished her yearly exams and was free to go out! She was craving KBBQ, so we went to the Sydney Madang! Same restaurant that Adeline and I went to just recently! It was such a cold night, we went to a cafe afterwards to have some hot chocolate. :)

I am seriously a sucker for Bulgogi.

Climbing, yay!

On the 25th, I stayed the night at Chew's place in Mount Riverview as we were going climbing the day after! Ordered late night pizza and watched some TV shows on their massive projector! We went to The Junkyard Cave the next day and met up with Halil and had a nice half day on rock. I finally ticked Negative Funk at 21, and tried (and failed) The Junkyard Dog 25. I think with a few attempts, I could definitely tick it.

Afterwards, Chew and I got Red Rooster and stopped by Halil's place to all have lunch. On the way back, we stopped at the Villawood gym as Chew had some kids to train! I coincidentally bumped into Sarah there, and spent most of my time there with her and her friend!

Halil gracefully climbing Negative Funk
A sea of sandstone, Chew on The Junkyard Dog
Me falling off The Junkyard Dog
29th, went out for a quick ride around the suburbs with Himmat!

On the 31st, Chew, Kim, Lilian and I went to Burwood to have some mini hot pot and dessert. :) Kim said she'd shout me dinner because of the full time position I got her at Kathmandu a few weeks ago! We had dessert at an Italian place nearby afterwards.


Met the man.
Met the rock god.
Met one of my biggest idols in climbing.
Chris Sharma!

Chris Sharma

He had a presentation in Parramatta on the 6th, a slideshow of his old projects and what he's currently up to. I got a free VIP ticket off Halil, I don't think it was worth it if I had to pay to be honest. Got to shake his hand, get an autograph, watch full footage of his (and Adam's) tick of La Dura Dura and just ask him some questions!

My parents went overseas to Beijing and Hong Kong for 2-3 weeks so I wasn't doing much really.

On the 25th, The Climbing Centre had it's anniversary party, for being open for 20 years! Good night involving a few competitions and food!

Fell in love with riding the motorcycle, and on the night of the 26th, I went with Sydney Riders to ride Old Pac. Met some great people on the night.

Well over 50 riders, easily.


I feel like nothing happened during these two months. Was a pretty quiet time in my life and all I recall doing was playing Team Fortress 2, riding my motorcycle, working and university study. I did spend a lot of time modifying my bike and trying to personalise it. :)

I went bouldering on November 2nd to Lindfield. It was mainly just me and Damo climbing, the others just watched... Pansies!

My birthday was just before exam week, so I didn't get to do anything really. I went on another group ride up the mountains for someone's formal on the 13th, after one of my exams. Daniel and I shared some exams so I went to his place on those days and we went to uni together, just made the trip more fun. Being able to chat with someone (about TF2, HAH). We had KFC after our exam on Monday. On the last day of our exams, we went to Canley Heights to have some Bau Truong, Daniel's favourite restaurant. We found out... that it was closed for renovations, and so after little while, we went to Tan Viet, probably one of my favourite restaurants; BUT, one that Daniel likes to hate on.

I also received my new phone from Kogan that day, a Samsung Galaxy S4! A phone that works, yeah!

Meeting up at Faulconbridge
So this ends my trio of posts about 2013, I'll be blogging more regularly because I totally have a life again now that I've finished university for the year! It was a quiet, rainy week following exams and I didn't do so much. I started playing piano again, cleaned my bike (thoroughly), installed more mods, worked and chilled at home.

Interesting things to follow :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Summary: 2013 Pt 2

The second part of this summary can be for June and July.
It will be centred around my two trips to Thredbo this year.

Should have more detail and substance compared to my last post; I mean, could barely recall those memories.


For the whole duration of June, all I could really think about was going down to Thredbo, and having a great time on the snow. It's always one of the best times of the year, especially since I love the cold, and skiing is a passion of mine! I packed all my gear ridiculously early, kept wearing my ski boots and skis; and bought some Helly Hanson ski pants/bib; which I got for such a great deal!! Something like $99, down from $300?

Volkl AC20, Nordica Hot Rod 75, Kerma Pro Carbon

Trip 1
So, the first annual snow trip for me included these lovely people! (and Sid too)
Kidding brother, love ya! He came down from Darwin for this trip with us, it also coincided perfectly with his birthday; 29th June.

Me, Idris K, Thanjon M, Siddharth S, Rachel M, Emanuel S, Laura F and Caitlin B.

We all went through OzSnowAdventures, and departed on the 24th at 6pm from Central station. Thanjon, Sid and I opted for the six day trip, while the others only stayed for three. Chris was our bus driver and Rhys was our tour guide. When we went on this trip last year (Caitlin, Loretta, Eman, Thanjon and I), our bus driver was actually Rhys, and he still remembered us! Or at least, that's what he said to us...

The snow wasn't the best, but that's what you should expect from Australian snow. We were relying on cold nights for snowfall; however, during a couple of the days, the snow was just hard pack. There was one very cold day, with a little bit of rain (and snow); however, we found that this had softened up the base just right, and it was one of the best days on the slopes we had!

The nights were, eventful, to say the least! Spending time either the bar, having a feed, drink and playing pool; or something back in our overly congested room. State of Origin was on Wednesday night, tensions were definitely high in the bar. I believe we (NSW) lost that game. Sid did get obnoxiously drunk one night, I was legitimately, going to murder him.

All the days seem to blur together as I recollect it, but they were all great days, and great nights. I remember having the worst pains in my shins ever. I was wearing my new ski boots for the first time, and they gave me EXTREME shinbang, that I could not enjoy skiing anymore :( I loathed skiing, and I envied snowboarders in their comfy boots. Freaken thanjon.

Decided to hire a snowboard and I spent the last three days learning to snowboard, repeatedly falling on my ass, or on my face. Sid also hired for one day; so we miserably failed together as Thanjon laughed heartily. He did go back to skiing the next day, so he could continue his crazy antics! On the last two days (or was it three), my cousin Michael, Khoi and friend Joseph came up and also shredded up at Thredbo. First time for Joseph, who tried snowboarding; hope he enjoyed it! 

On the last day, we had a little hiccup with our tickets; as they were actually 5.5 day tickets; so they would no longer function by 1pm. Thanjon and I visited the Thredbo office to try and sort the rest of the day out, as we wanted to be on the slopes all day. Sid had gone of to the lockers to sort out his things for the day ahead. We were told that our tickets were actually only 5 day tickets, and no longer functioned today. Thanjon said whatever, paid for a day pass for the day. It was a ridiculous amount of money, somewhere around the $100 mark. I was going to pay before I realised I didn't have money in my transaction account, so I waited for a while. Thanjon had left to go enjoy his ticket, spending so much on it.

Sid and I weren't happy to pay extra, and talked to Rhys. We tested our tickets at the lift, and voila, they worked. Rhys also mentioned that we should just talk to the tour guides for the half day pass, as they would give us their passes. Great. Thanjon also bought a ridiculous amount of things from the Thredbo shop over the six days, his poor wallet.

The bus back was with Jackson and Rob; as our guide and driver, respectively. They were absolutely great people. We had gotten to know them over the past three days as our new guide/driver; and the trip back was full of laughs and stories.

Day 1, going up Cruiser Chairlift.
Lake Jindabyne in the morning.
Michael, the baby sitter.

By the end of the six days, we were thoroughly smashed; from the long days on the slopes; and the long nights back at the resort. All in all, it was a great trip. Great people and great times. It was good to be back in my bed.
Cruiser Chairlift. A bluebird day. :)


So Sid still had a few days with us in Sydney; we went to Burwood on the 3rd, where the dormant Fletcher had actually joined us as well! As always, we ate at Canton Noodle House and climbed trees in the park. The next few days involved going through GoPro footage, going to work again; and yes, dreaming about the snow. I visited a ski boot fitter in Bondi, and had my boots altered to fit me better; and so they wouldn't be agonising to wear.

Remember that Fletcher is tall as hell.

Trip 2

So, on July 15th at 6pm, Thanjon and I embarked on another Oz Snow Adventures bus to go to Thredbo, once again. Our bus driver and tour guide? Chris and Rhys. This time, we would only go for three days; as Thanjon needed to go back to Armidale for his studies. This time, instead of an overly cramped room, we had a room of 8 beds to ourselves. We also met some great girls that turned out to live somewhat close to us back in Sydney. Jade, Annie and Sophia.

When Jade actually added me on Facebook, we had a mutual friend as well; James Coomer, one of my good climbing friends. Small world, huh? The snow was good on the first day, and slowly deteriorated. There was a terrain park set up on High Noon with big jumps, and rails; we spent most of our time passing through there. My boots, fit amazingly; and this time, I didn't feel any pain. (Apart from stacking it over and over on the jumps) I don't think I ever took off my helmet these three days, due to the things we were doing.

Speaking of small worlds, one morning, I needed to buy internet on the computer at the River Inn, so I could select my timetable for the semester; I bumped into a woman and her son at the reception. I overheard them talking about coming from 'all the way from Western Sydney, ever heard of Penrith?'

I told them that I lived near Penrith, the son turns around the says that he's seen me working at The Climbing Centre; the mother turns around and says she remembers me too, and they had a party there about two weeks or so ago; small world. The receptionist ended up giving me a passcode for the internet for free, score! I managed to get all my classes as well, awesome.

Top of Karel's T-Bar

High Noon
The two beautiful weather presenters, Emily and Lulu.
One of the girls that worked at the resort; forgot her name. Sid loved her, so we had to get a photo to spite him.

So this trip with Thanjon, despite the horrible snow on the last day; was still great. Started the trip with less people than last time, but made up for it with some new friends. The feeling of being away from the city life, away from traffic, pollution; and just being in nature, shredding snow on the mountain slopes; just unbeatable. 

Just makes you feel... free.

Next instalment, I'll finish off July and continue through to October.

A Summary: 2013 Pt 1

Howdy all!

It has been a long time since I've last blogged, so to make it up, I'll make a series (probably three?) of posts highlighting my year! The fun parts, at least... So with this post, just some events during the first few months of 2013. March to June.

Just letting you know, I don't have a memory of an elephant; I'm only recollecting these events because I'm going through photos on my phone; Facebook, Instagram and using TheCrag for climbing references.

Different format for the photos for these posts (possibly future ones too).
Just so there's not a wall of text, followed by a wall of photos.


Had a chill bouldering session at The Surgery to get reacquainted with the rock again with Paul and Gene on Tuesday (5th). My Casio G-Shock also arrived! But I lost that... :(

Paul on Photocoagulator V4
On the Wednesday (6th) , went down to the Junkyard Cave after uni, didn't climb very well that day. Both were just half days, as I had uni both days; and they were both working.

The Junkyard Cave

On that weekend (9th), I went out with Lucky Chance (formerly known as Toby Benham); was my first time climbing with him outdoors I believe. Had a great time with him out in Sublime Point, doing 10 pitches in that day! Wish I still had that endurance today. Click the links on his name if you don't know who he is!

The following weekend (16th), went out with Paul to go to The Sporting Complex, a rap-in:climb-out affair. A great day out. Attempted one of the scariest routes I'd have done in a long time!

The next Sunday (24th), I must have not have had work; because I went out with Coomer and Tom to Barden's Lookout. Did 6 routes that day, a good selection of medium difficulty routes, I'd say.

Beulah Rock Festivus

So on the long weekend of the 29th of March to 1st of April; me and Paul headed for a long road trip up north to Beulah for the annual festivus. You will most likely have never heard of it, but it is near Armidale (about 45 minutes away) It won't come up on Google Maps, but the closest location that will come up on Google Maps is if you type in: Kingstown NSW 2358.

One pit stop at Tamworth on the way up, and back; I think it was an 8 hour drive one way. On the first day, we climbed at Gara Gorge in Armidale, had some Red Rooster for lunch and then drove to Beulah for the festivus. The next few days involved great people, bouldering, climbing, slacklining and just general awesomeness. Thanjon, who drove in from Armidale with other climbers, was also there! It was great seeing him again. Little did we know, this was to be the last ever Beulah Rock Festivus.

At Beulah, about to go for the move on Power Monkey 'Revised Edition' V4

So made a handful of friends from uni in semester one, but the majority of my time was definitely still spent my climber friends, co-workers or high school friends.


Went to Melbourne for my Uncle's wedding some time around the 4-7th of April. It was alright, an opportunity to suit up is good! I managed to find the Burnley bouldering wall and was able to do a little bit of training while I was down there. I met a German backpacker girl named Lisa there, and was in Australia to climb. Got her number and we agreed to meet in Sydney to climb, if she was able to get to there.

Burnley Bouldering Wall

When I came back to Sydney, I went out with Lucky again on the 17th of April, a Wednesday; we decided to go to Zap Crag for the day. Did a few routes, onsighted a 21, which was utterly terrifying because of how run-out and awkward it was. Managed to get all the moves (except one) on a 24, which was quite nice. Managed to send a 20 of which I had extreme difficulty the first time!

Zapt 25, Lucky destroyed this.

Went out with Coomer on 25th of April, a Thursday, we went to Medlow Bath and had a nice cruisy day.

My babe, Coomer

This seems to be when my climbing seemed to get very spaced out; most likely exam period at uni? Perhaps uni was getting busier and I was working more. Not too sure.


Did not have one day climbing outdoors in May, unfortunately. Going through my phone, it looks like it was dominated by work and uni this month. However, it is my life, and I still have exciting things to share!!

Seems like I was getting super psyched for the snow this year (even though, it turned out to be fucking shit). Ordering gear and just randomly trying it on at home. Definitely another blog post for the snow. I did my pre-learners course for my motorcycle license, and passed that perfectly fine.

Motorcycle Test

I bought a GoPro Hero 3 (Silver), and I also went on a mountain biking trip with Lucky and my father on the 25th.We rode The Oaks (from Woodford to Glenbrook) and it was such a great day. It also coincided with the bicentennial anniversary of the crossings of the Blue Mountains.

Lucky, no hands. The Oaks
Bicentennial fly-over (after The Oaks, at Glenbrook)
JUNE (Pre-snow)

On the 8th of June, went out with Paul, Bulti, Sam, Jonas and Leith to Cosmic County. Such great climbing out there, definitely up there for me as one of my favourite crags. Climbed 'The 80 Minute Hour', supposedly a mega-classic at the grade, and a must-do at Cosmic County. It lived to it's expectations, such an amazing route. Did Mindblower, where you can probably get one of the best rock climbing pictures possible taken of you; I just managed to tick it, just. I'd Rather Be Sailing, I seconded, because doing that on lead seemed absurd to me. Climbed Exploding Zombies, which was a nice sustained climb; which I definitely enjoyed.
Finished off the day seconding Paul up Comfortably Numb, a climb that I would NEVER lead. Simply, because I think it is just too dangerous.

Please click this sentence to read a detailed trip report on!

Cosmic County, Leith at the top of Toyland

19th of June, I went out with Chew and Lillian and bouldered at the Surgery. I ticked a lot of routes that day, a very enjoyable little day out.

The Kathmandu winter sale had started mid June and I was working my ass off.
Chew and Kim bought bunny rabbits and they are so so cute.
Shittyrail introduced a 'concession have to buy their tickets at the ticket booth' rule at certain stations. (All of mine)

That will do for now!

Kathmandu Winter Sale; little bit busy