Thursday, February 27, 2014


Last post before university starts this semester, no!!!

Had work on the 14th. Tony picked me up in the morning, and I grabbed some food from Cafe Gateway for us before work started. We were both very frustrated with Vish all day, but I won't go to deep into the details. He was just expecting too much, and not being helpful at all.

Tony bought some flowers for Mick on the way home for Valentines Day, and also their 15 year anniversary! I had dinner with my parents at the Peronis Restaurant in Parramatta, where I had garlic bread, garlic prawns, slow cooked beef and a lovely creme brulee. My dad is friends with the owner, Bill, and he was a great guy to have a chat with.

Some flowers that Tony bought.

Decided against climbing on the 15th, to recover my shoulder and because the weather was pretty shit. The original plan was to climb at Sublime Point with Paul, Taib, Chris and Damo; but I just wasn't feeling it. Got some Tan Viet in Canley Heights with my parents, gotta love that Crispy Chicken Noodle Soup.

Had work on the 16th, a morning shift with Kim and Benn. The rain was miserable and I rode my motorcycle in heavy downpour. Thank god I have a good waterproof jacket and overpants; that can go over my kevlar jeans and leather jacket! I finished work around 2:30pm and just rode home without lunch, I just wanted to get home! Had Red Rooster for lunch, which my parents got me! Yay!

Clockwise; Sarah, Sarmila, Benn, Me

On the 18th, I did nothing during the day, but in the evening; met up with Benn, Sarah and Sarmila in the city to have dinner together! Sarmila recently left her job at Kathmandu, and Sarah has for some time now; and they were both in Sydney, so naturally, it was right to organise something to catch up! We had some Korean BBQ at Sydney Madang, just off Pitt Street.

Laughing because Benn was getting yelled at, to stop pulling that face.
Being goofy

No line, quick service and great food! So, Sarmila was a touch late; so Benn, Sarah and I just caught up while waiting for her; plenty of stories to share around. After dinner, we headed to Holy Basil for dessert! I had a Mango smoothie, while the others had fried ice-cream. Oh, I was so jealous. Had a great night, with some great people and I ended up getting home just before midnight!

Oh Benn...

On the 19th, Chris grabbed me from my house in the morning; before heading up the mountain. We passed on the Maccas this time, stopped at his house briefly and got our food from the bakery in Lawson! There's also a very beautiful Asian girl that works there, and can't figure out for the life of me, how old she might be... We also met up with Nathan there, and we passed on the thought of going to Boronia in the pouring rain.

Trust me, pouring rain.

We drove to The Glen, where we got a call from Nathan behind us; asking if we could go to a cafe instead, and wait out the rain. You could barely see ahead of you by the time we were at Medlow Bath, it was raining that heavily. Lots of photos for this section! Please feel free to go look at some more HERE.

Really not digging that first hold...

Gene looking fierce, eyeing down his next route.
Chris belaying Jenga on Apraxia, while I look on.

 Met up with Thanjon early on, during the walk-in; which had deep puddles everywhere. Thank god for my Mountain Hardwear rain jacket. Gene shortly arrived later, followed by Jenga. We met quite a few people down at The Glen, but most were in a hurry to leave. The mist was coming in, and the sound of the rain was thundering. It wasn't the most productive day climbing, and I spent most of the time belaying. Conditions were extremely bad, and I just wasn't motivated to climb hard.

Jenga on The Disintegrator. 
Horrible conditions to climb
Chalk barely helped.
We all left before it got dark, and I headed down the mountain with Thanjon. I was worried I would have to catch a late train, and get back after 11pm. No matter what, the interchange at Penrith was 24 minutes, and I was bloody hungry. I decided I would get home at 11pm, and eat a nice pizza at the usual place in Hazelbrook. However, we had a miracle run down the the mountain, almost no reds and no traffic. Managed to snag a kebab, catch the earlier train (to get me home at 10pm); and there was a massive delay at Penrith, which meant I only waited 5 minutes instead of 24 minutes. Win.

Chris casually lapping Madge.

Had work on the 21st, a shift with Kim and Tony. It was ridiculously quiet, and time seemed to go on forever!

Had been playing lots of video games, namely, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with Anmol, Pali, Pat and Sean. Decided I should probably go do something else... On the 25th, I went to Evolution Climbing and Training again, really enjoying the routes there, and there are some great people that attend as well. Bumped into the usual familiar faces, along with Damo, Seann, Amanda and Rick; and met some new people as well!

Just 6 steep walls, and a lot of holds.
On the 26th, I rode over to Daniel's place around noon, to meet up with him, Sean and Caroline. We were going to build his new computer! This has been in the making for months, many many months. About time he committed and bought all the parts!

Anyway, most of the construction was done by Sean; and Caroline had to leave early. We drove her to the station, and got some KFC for lunch. Daniel's idea, of course. Had a little break when we got back to play some table tennis, before finishing his computer! Everything was put together perfectly, turned on smoothly and installing everything was easy.

Played some Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike once we were done; and just conversed about... everything. Oh, and played on his piano too. I want one!!!

Old v New

Can only hope that I still do interesting stuff during the semester for some blog posts, catch you guys soon!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Howdy. I'm catching up on these posts, slowly... Going back to uni soon, so that shouldn't be so hard!

So, spent the 5th in civilisation with Catherine (from uni). Met at Parra in the morning for some brekky! Bacon, eggs and toast at some cafe on Church Street, I'm not too sure of the name; but they had weird pictures all over the place... It was delicious, and we took our time heading to Macquarie (Ice-skating was the plan).

Eventually caught the train there after spending some time in Parramatta; and ended up just watching two movies at the Event Cinemas; American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street. Actually snuck into another cinema to watch Wolf of Wall Street; it's a really good film! I love Leo... So they were long films, and never got around to ice-skating. Got some sushi and KFC before heading home! So much for no fast food this year Catherine!

The next two days, I was at work. On the 6th, I only had a half day.

My boss, hahahaha.

A full day of work on the 7th, bloody tough day, with just me and Vish all day. After work, headed to Daniel's house to hang out with him, Himmat and Sean! The gaming crew, hah. Thought I was going to be late, but ended up getting there at the exact same time with Himmat. Gave him back The Book Thief, which neatly fit under his seat, just.

As always, Daniel's house meant playing his piano, table tennis, games; before going for a food run. (Pizza Hut and Coles). Had most of a supreme pizza to myself, and discovered a new game, Flappy Bird, I hate it. I have a horrible high score of 97, I am not proud of it. Played a little bit of GO after dinner, before heading home. Great ride home. Didn't want to stay too late because I was going to climb the next day.

Climbing with Damo and Chris!

Morning of the 8th, I met up with Damo at Werrington, before heading to Chris's house to grab him and Arnold. The plan for the day, was Centennial Glen. Stopped at the Lawson bakery on the way up, and I kind of fell in love with a girl that worked there. Beautiful!

Damo trying White Linen 27
Got to the car park, where we bumped in Zac Vertrees, he was having an easy day out with a friend of his. Warmed up on Dr Foopsickle, conditions were fairly average; it was already hot as hell and we decided that we would try some hard climbs; not go for sendage. Tried White Linen 27, and got all the moves thanks to Chris's beta! We're the same height, so that's bloody convenient! Afterwards, tried Trix Roughly 26 on the Main Wall, and it was very enjoyable, I got all the moves fairly easily; and I think linking the route is very possible for me! Psyched!!

Chris with the always reliable catch.

Went over to Blackheath pub after climbing, for a few drinks; and I also grabbed a bunch of wedges. Some of them, were bloody massive. We all shared stories, especially Chris; who has a plethora of old school climbing stories. Stopped at a servo on the way down to refill, and for some ice-cream; dropped Chris off and stopped by Damo's house before heading home!

Chris's ancient book.

Met up with Damo on the morning of the 9th, our plans were to go to Barden's Lookout in the morning and early afternoon; before heading to Dams Cliff to meet up with the rest of the posse. We drove up with Craig and Leigh, before grabbing Chris and Arnold and heading up to Mount York! Got a few nice ticks in the cave, adding another 24 to my list, and another 23 flash.

Paul on War and Peace

It was probably one of the hottest days in quite some time, and we left before the sun could destroy us. Stopped by the pub in Mount Victoria to grab a few drinks to go, before driving to Dams Cliff. I had never seen the car park there so full! It was really the perfect day to be there. It wasn't just climbers, but lots of people who just wanted to swim in the dam as well. I walked down into the main climbing area, to find so many people I knew, I expected to meet up with a few friends; but not that many people. So, there was Jenga, Kate, Rob & his partner, Taib, Leanne, Brooksy, Paul, Guns, Jess, Cam and a few more of their friends as well!

Craig, Chris, Damo, Arnold & Kate 
They climbed for a bit longer, before we all went swimming; and the majority of the non-climbing swimmers had left. Spent a lot of time in the water with everyone, had a great time catching up and the water temperature was just beautiful. Ridiculously cold, but perfect for a hot day like today.

Had to help some guys jump start their car, and then we headed to the Mount Victoria pub for some dinner! Got me a great T-bone steak; before heading home with Damo.

Everyone climbing! Ducks! Ermagerd!

On the 10th, I had a massive and well deserved sleep in, till about noon. Left to Blacktown to get a haircut as well.

Had a full day of work on the 11th, a shift I normally don't do. Headed to Evolution climbing and training afterwards where I trained with Damo, Guns, Paul, Seann and Ross. Tried going to Red Rooster with Damo afterwards, but they were closed, damn!

Met up with Paul at Penrith on the 12th, where the plan was to climb at Boronia with Jenga and Gene. Bloody humid day, with a chance of rain as well. Found out that Jenga couldn't end up making it, and that we would have odd numbers. I gave Chris a call, and he was free to come; so we got him on the way up!

Grape Hour

Did the usual warm-up, and Gene free-solo'd Cowboy Clip, a fun and short 21 on the easy wall. I got to work on the Lyptus, but mucked up some sequences. I really hope I can get that route next time. I ended up doing a great link in the dark, while raining; so I can only hope for the best when I'm at Boronia next. It had actually ended up quite cold and windy at Boronia, but once we were down the mountain, the heat and humidity hit; and the change was quite... intense?


Was fortunate to get a decent amount of sleep on the 13th, the plan was to go climbing and Chris dropped by my house after work (in Prospect) around noon or so; and we headed up back to his place in Faulconbridge. We stopped by Maccas on the way up, so I could get some drive-thru; and that went down very well. Perfect for climbing energy! Met up with Gene at the glen, got started with the warmups before doing some burns on Trix Roughly and Iona. Didn't get them successfully this time, but the conditions were horrid and I'm sure it'll go eventually. Did hurt my left shoulder doing the traverse on Trix, so I was done after that! Caught the train back from Springwood; and had some garlic bread from the pizza place. Pizza would take too long, and I would miss the train, boo!

Gene about to have a lap on Iona

Next post, probably will be up tomorrow! Uni starts for me on Thursday!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Yeah, I've been slacking off from posting recently... I've just been really busy!
Probably going to have to break up the posts again; seeing as it's been well over two weeks since I've last posted!

So on Australia Day, 26th, I caught up the train to Leura. I've been enjoying these long train trips because  it gives me plenty of time to read The Book Thief! It's such a good book. So I met Thanjon as he finished work, but it was raining! Bloody blueys. So we cancelled our plans to do Whymper, a multipitch out in Sublime Point; and had a really nice breakfast at a cafe instead. I had some smoked salmon, poached eggs, rocket and sourdough toast. Thanjon got waffles, hah!

V1 problem or so. Horrible holds, a touch steep but good footers!
V3/V4 problem? Steep on small and not very positive edges.
Same problem
Same again

We dropped by to Thanjon's house, before deciding on going to a new bouldering area that was discovered recently (still a secret). We repeated the two existing problems and then started going around trying to find some new problems. Ended up doing a lot of bush bashing and getting a rash from the plants, and we kept referencing one of our first hikes that went ugly with the term 'hashtag sassafras'. Do click on this link HERE (it goes to Thanjon's blog) where he has written up a post about the day!

Project V5/V6? Big move to a small sharp edge, painful heel hook and squeeze a nothing hold with your right, before bumping up again to a good crimp.
A gem V2 that Thanjon found. Rad pockets, awesome rock and a committing mid-high ball finish.

Afterwards, we went back to Thanjon's place for dinner; before deciding to make a trip down the mountain to Baden's house, where he had a little party going! Awesome fun!

Another project, V5/V6 at least?

Had lunch in Cabramatta with the parents on the 27th!

On the 28th, we started a bit later because I had to do my tutorial selection in the morning. That failed anyway, stupid UWS. Caught the train to Wentworth falls where I would meet up with Thanjon and Hannan over some coffee at Il Postinos! Grabbed some food at the supermarket (Doritos and dip) , then headed to Medlow Bath for some light climbing. This would be Thanjon's last time climbing for a while; as he would have surgery soon. So I felt nervous all day, I didn't know why; but I still had a great time at the crag with some great people! Also bumped into Kate (I always seem to bump into her) as well!

Our classy photographer
Hannan! Old Salt

Hard dyno...

Warmed up on Strange Karma, tried Gas, Food and Lodging twice; the dyno was harder than last time for some reason! But I think I remember the beta for next time... Had a fun lap on Old Salt before heading back (and getting kebabs from Hazo, as always) HERE is Thanjon's post about our day at Medlow Bath!

I was down to the last 150 pages by the time I got home, and finished it that evening. Such an amazing book, I really wanted to go see the movie now!
Hannan and I!

The very next day, 29th, I had organised (already) to watch The Book Thief with Es in Parra! I was that keen to see it, yes! So we watched the movie around lunch time or so, and it was great! Not as good as the book, but I still enjoyed it very much.

Presenting, The Book Thief

Afterwards, I was craving some sushi; so I decided to get some from Hero Sushi, and then I managed to convince Es just to get a pack of Smoked Salmon from Woolies; just like how I normally eat it! Anyway, I ended up getting the Five Stars box from KFC; so, what does that contain you ask? I modified the box a little, but in the end, there was still a ridiculous amount of food. 2 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 4 Wicked Wings, Popcorn Chicken, chips, gravy and a bottle of water. Apparently has about 7000kJ of energy in that meal (and remember, the average intake for an adult daily is 8700kJ). So, Es kept going on about how I should stop complaining and just finish the whole thing, because she said she could. I challenged her, and... she accepted it; bought her own box and we pretty much raced.

I won. Theoretically, the race wasn't part of the challenge, but she DID finish the box; and I was actually amazed. I don't know where all the food goes (on either of us, to be honest). But when we were done, laughing hurt, a lot... We sat there for another half hour or so before actually moving. Met up with her friend Rachel, and got some ice-cream from New Zealand Natural! Hooray for me, because I brought some of my lactose pills; and I could enjoy my favourite ice-cream! Delicious, it was delicious! Es tried smearing ice-cream on me, but I got her back; all was well...

We had to finish our drinks too.

The next day, 30th, still not climbing; met up with Chris on the train to go to the city! I had to run to the station, as I had no other way to making the train, and it was such a bloody hot day. Good work out, but I was extremely sore and now hungry.

They wore the same thing!! Pretty much...

Met up with John at Central Station and we walked to Market City, where I got a bowl of Roast Duck noodle soup; then we headed to a Sushi Train place where John and Chris ate (and I also continued to eat). We met up with Michelle and Fiona, where we pointlessly walked into an arcade, and really did nothing. Headed over to the Darling Harbour playground where we spent a decent amount of time there, it's seriously a good time waster! I have too much fun on the swings. Walked over to the McDonalds just right next to the playground, where we all got soft serves, just to make the day a bit cooler.

Mmmm sushi.

Caught the train back home with Fiona and Michelle, and I bumped into an old mate! Tony Tan! We talked for some time, and it was good seeing him after such a long time! Found it funny that all the asians had to go home first for new year celebrations!

Our decoration table for Tet

Had work on the 31st with Benn and Tony! Maccas for lunch ;)
Did nothing on the 1st!

However, finally got around to climbing on the 2nd with Seann, Damo and Chris. Met up at Penrith in the morning, before heading back to Seann's so that he could prepare some food for the day. Drove up to Faulco to meet up with Chris (and his friend Glenys). She really took her time, so we sat down to watch some old climbing movies while she got ready... We all squashed into one car, including Arnold; which made for a lot of fun! We filled up at a servo in Leura, before stopping in at Blackheath so she could get coffee... and food... at two different bakeries, because of her preferences. Women...

Chicken Skin

Bumped into Lee Cossey and Andrea Hah, Chris had known Lee from a long time ago and they hadn't seen each other in a long time! Andrea, well, she has no idea who I am, but she is one beautiful (and strong) climber!

Cutting loose on Goosebumps

Seann and Damo

Finally got to Barden's, where we did a few climbs on the main wall to warm up before heading to the cave to do some harder routes. Had a good day of scending! It was a bloody hot day. Had some drinks at the Blackheath pub, and grabbed food at maccas at Blaxland before I headed home.

At the car park

Had a half day at work on the 3rd. Had Oportos just off the M4 before work, and grabbed some maccas for Benn and Tony on the way. I was getting more shifts at work over the next fortnight, because Kim was on leave!

On the 4th, after I finished work (also a half day); I headed to Evolution Climbing and Training; where I have been hearing good things about their routes! Got there around 5pm or so, and stayed for 3-4 hours; training with Chris, Seann and Damo.

Bloody hell, the routes there can be tough; I managed to do an 11 and a handful of 8-10s. I rested for some time and got a second wind later on, when Amy and Neil arrived. There was also a ridiculously cute kitten, with one eye. Got a bit lost getting to ECAT though, as they had recently moved locations. Headed to Red Rooster with Damo afterwards for dinner, it's good to eat immediately after training; and then straight home after that. Had a great laugh riding home next to him.

I'm losing the motivation to write now, so I will end this post here; and hopefully the next post will be soon!
Have a good one!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Melbourne - Jan '14 Pt 2

Hello again!

Happy Chinese Vietnamese New Year!
This post will be the second half of my trip to Melbourne this month. I hope it's enjoyable!

So, woke up on the 22nd feeling a little iffy; some thing felt a little off and I wasn't too sure why. My stomach just didn't fell 100%. I thought it may have just been hunger, so I got some Red Rooster for some light food, and hoped that I would feel better. Unfortunately... did feel even worse and I ended up walking around the city slowly, eventually walking to a Korean restaurant called 'Gangnam Pocha' where I would meet up with Adeline! So, Adeline is a girl I met two years ago; when I went to Thredbo.

So we got into the restaurant, and I ordered some Coke and dumplings; really didn't feel like eating; but the soft drink made me feel better! She got some sort of combination dish with rice? Afterwards, we walked to the Hard Rock climbing centre; where Adeline got the funniest 'lesson' from a guy who was most evidently gay. He was wearing skinny jeans, the tone of his voice screamed homosexuality, calves smaller than my forearms and his socks were tucked into his skinny jeans...

I went through all the necessities with her beforehand and the lesson was just one long overkill; really not required. The system they go through at this climbing gym is just ridiculous and over the top, and the top rope system with yourself tying in and using your own carabiner is silly; compared to how The Climbing Centre does it. To each their own, I guess. Himmat joined shortly after, and they were happy to do a short lesson with him, luckily. So long story short, I climbed a ridiculous amount of routes and worked up a great pump; awesome!

We all headed over to Degraves Street, just off Flinders Lane where they have a lot of cafes and cheaper restaurants; most of them were Italian themed and I got a Surf n Turf steak, Adeline got a lamb rack and Himmat got some sort of chicken. Afterwards, we headed to Federation Square (again, the atmosphere is just awesome) to watch the Federer vs Murray match. It was bloody cold, and Himmat had actually forgotten his jacket; so he needed to head off.

I took off my tank top underneath and covered my legs with that, just trying to make myself warmer because I was wearing shorts.  By the end of the night, Adeline and I were pretty much one person trying to stay warm. Freaking Melbourne weather! Federer won, quite easily and we headed back home. That night, the nausea came back and I ended up... chucking. I felt much better afterwards, and could actually sleep though. I'm thinking it was something in the crab, just part of it; because Himmat was fine!

Earlier in the day, came across these guys.

Woke up on the 23rd, feeling... not that great, from the events late last night. The plan for today was to have an early dinner at 4pm with just my family and aunt, then head off to watch the tennis at night. We had Rod Laver Arena tickets for the night session, the men's semi-finals!

My parents had gone shopping, but I decided to stay in bed resting, before heading out to wander the city slowly. First stop, was 7/11, so that I could get some blue Powerade and rehydrate and recover, it worked wonders! Second, was some light food from Red Rooster, because I know that will never mess with my stomach, I eat it way too much. I stayed mostly along Bourke Street watching all the street shows, there's an endless supply really.

Playing a didgeridoo, holding a harmonica for his brother, also playing the guitar, awesome! 

Quite the crowd.

My favourites of the day really had to be The Pierce Brothers. They could sing, they could perform; and were very exciting to watch! They sung covers, and originals; and you can listen to them on YouTube. Really great performers. I particularly enjoyed their cover of "I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons" and their own original, "Flying Home". Also enjoyed a magic show with this Asian guy, doing tricks I could not explain with cards and coins... Bloody awesome! Also walked along Little Bourke street to go in and browse at all the various outdoor stores. Paddy Pallin really intrigued me, how the store was trying to be environmentally friendly. The sign outside didn't have a light or anything, it was actually a hanging garden.

I think this photo captures Melbourne well. Australian Open banners, cyclist, trams and street performers. Yes, he is hitting the guitar with drumsticks.
Afterwards, headed back to the hotel to change into pants for dinner and the night time tennis, because of how cold it was yesterday... Turns out, it stayed very warm into the night, bloody Melbourne. We arrived at 'Box on Collins' at 4pm, however, my aunt was late and arrived just before 5pm.  The restaurant was split into four levels, with ground being the cafe and bar, level 1 being the restaurant, level 2 being the kitchen and level 3 being the toilets. We had gotten entrees without her, some garlic bread and oysters kilpatrick. She arrived, ordered some white wine and saganaki. I didn't have any wine and stuck to lemonade, so my stomach would still keep recovering.

Garlic Bread & Oysters

We ordered our mains, and I had some crayfish and mornay sauce and it was incredible. They claimed they were caught in the morning, and they tasted that way; so fresh. So freaking delicious. Afterwards, they took the crayfish away and cracked open the legs to make a salad out of the meat; really cool. Did I mention it was huge? I believe one half was 1.1kg. I was worried about eating too much because of my stomach, but the quality of the food was great; and there were no issues.

Next to an iPhone 4 in a case for size comparison.

My dad and I left first, heading to Melbourne Park and getting to Rod Laver Arena early. I took some photos right towards the front, and I could feel a headache coming on; which sucked. That ended up lasting for the whole Wawrinka and Berdych match up. Very tense match, and also quite hot court side. Dad wasn't feeling too well, and left after that match; however I stayed back and grabbed a seat at the front for the doubles match between Mansour Bahrami / Goran Ivanisevic v Henri LeConte / Pat Cash. It was only a short exhibition match, but my god, so damn funny.

Front row photo
Warming Up
Great sunset.

There's so much I could talk about (and I will!), but it was just a match you had to be there for. Moments like Cash taking pictures on his iPhone mid-match; Ivanisevic serving a massive 211km/h serve after acting like a little girl; LeConte scaring the ball boys; Ivanisevic jumping the net to hit a volley into the net to win the point; Bahrami being himself; Bahrami holding all six balls in his hand and throwing one up to serve at 170km/h; Ivanisevic turning his shorts into underwear; Cash posing on the ground for photos; LeConte crawling into the drinks container; Ivanisevic wearing the ball-boy hat, and playing as a ball boy; LeConte getting on the umpire chair and getting the umpire and ball boys to play, while doing hilarious commentary.

My view!
Ball boy Ivanisevic.

Not to mention all the silly points, the massive lobs and four way volleys. During one point, Ivanisevic served, LeConte did a massive lob and a person in the crowd (towards the back of the arena) caught it with one hand, extremely casually. The headache was gone during this match, so much laughter. At the end of the match, I also managed to get autographs from all the players, except Henri LeConte; damn! Walked back home and got myself some late night Maccas, weird cravings. One Cheeseburger, Medium fries, McBites and lemonade later, I was one happy man. Back to the hotel for a great night of sleep.

Pat Cash / Goran Ivanisevic / Mansour Bahrami

On the morning of the 24th, we checked out of our rooms and I played the piano for a while, waiting for my aunt to come pick up us and our luggage. Well, she would just get my parents really; because I was planning to meet up with Adeline for lunch, which was actually meant to be brunch; but I still felt like breakfast food... So we met up on Degraves Street, just outside the restaurant we ate at the other night; and walked back and down the lane trying to decide where we would eat.

Remember these dolls? Justin Bieber. Came across this walking about with Adeline.

Did I mention it was raining today? Go Melbourne weather! So, our requirements included shelter from the rain, some sort of bacon for me and good coffee for Adeline. Again, I don't remember the name of this place but I had the big breakfast: Bacon, eggs, sausage, mushroom, tomato, sour-dough bread; and Adeline had Eggs Benedict, I believe? It was delicious! We continued to roam around the city, with the rain stopping; she got some milk tea; and I ended up buying new casual shoes from Glue. $25! Great value. She got a brownie, right before she caught her tram; and I headed back to the hotel to meet up with my parents and aunt.

We were driven to the airport; where the check-in was nice and smooth; had some Krispy Kreme donuts and had some Gloria Jeans iced chocolate with Tim Tams! Yes, I was finishing off my holiday with some horrible food, I know... Went into the Telstra store where I had a chat with one of the guys for some time; before boarding and heading home! It was a Boeing 767, and I started reading a great book on that flight; The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Our plane

It was hot when we got back into Sydney, and my brother picked us up and we went to Strathfield to have Korean BBQ. They didn't have bulgogi, and that devastated me. The food was great, and we rushed home to watch the semi-final match between Federer and Nadal. I really missed my bed, and I had a great night of sleep!

Have a great one!