Saturday, July 31, 2010

Halfway Gone

You were always hard to hold, so letting go ain't easy.

 Completely off-topic picture.
I just saw this picture, Thanjon's mother took it just as we got back... Man we're like.... dead.

It's 12:30am and I"m writing this up on my phone, I can't sleep because there's some party nearby with lots of music playing and the bass is really annoying. DUMSCH, DUMSCH. You know... that noise. I'm really pissed off, my ears are like vibrating. Stupid freaking Mt Druitt.

Anyway, you were never hard to hold. I never had you, never will. So yeah, my goal is to forget ! I tried starting earlier this week but that really didn't work... SO tried again starting Friday morning and really stuck with it, yes I wanted too and I think it's better for me if I don't for now. Why didn't you tell me that ! I would have given you a nice long hug :) OH MY FUCKING GOSSSSSH, TURN OFF THE MUSIC. Enjoy your trip and stay safe, see you next next week ! :D

Anyway, off that topic, this music is pissing the crap out of me, I wish my dad would call the police to make them shut the fuck up. I am going to watch Bear Grylls on my iPod until I'm sleepy because I cannot fall asleep with this shit.

Okay, my mum got home so we rang Mt Druitt police station to go make them shut up. Okay, finished watching Bear Grylls, it's like 1:20am now. The music stopped, it's raining, a like this noise much more than the music.

Going to sleep now.

Woke up, it's now 1:30pm, that was a good nights sleep :) Although I'm quite ashamed to have dreamt about World of Warcraft. T_T I also dreamt that we had a dog ! :D :D It was a beagle. I also remembering eating chicken for dinner and that the full moon was HUGE. Anyway, I'm going to go transfer this to the computer and write more.

School has been good recently, I'm starting to get more active, playing soccer at school, walking to school, playing footy out of school; although I'm getting more lazy regarding martial arts :S Holy shit, "Ignoring someone you wish you didn't have to but knowing it's for the best" (Facebook group), just popped up on my homepage... *click* My holidays were mediocre... didn't do much really.

I'm pumped about the ski trip in 2 weeks ! Super-duper pumped :D I'll bring my camera and take lots of photos (Y) Also, I'll be going to Melbourne in October and my goal is to get in before the flight, talk to the Captain and ask him if I can stay during Take-off and landing ! :) Anyway, time for lunch; Ciao.

I've got one foot out the door, but I'm choking on the other.

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