Monday, September 5, 2011


Please excuse the formatting.

I have not posted in ages, I am sorry.
not like anyone reads anyway...

How has everyone been? :O Good, I hope!
I have 12 days of school left, it's rather exciting, albeit scary.

I don't think I can remember what I've been doing, so I'll just go through photos, and talk about them, are you all okay with that? Yes/Yes ??
Ummm, well, I've been seeing Lisa a lot during the weekends and it's so lovely. Love her. I have been doing university stuff, I went hiking, um, been buying a lot of outdoor-related stuff, and planning for New Zealand. :)

Okay, PHOTOS! :O
Uh, I just realised I didn't take that many photos...
So, i'll have to remember things the hard way!

After my exams, we went on a hike to Wentworth Falls, and that, was bloody cold! Coldest I've ever been in my life, for sure. However, it was pretty damn amazing and a great day in all.

I saw Lisa on Saturday, I don't remember where we went (I think the city), and I don't remember what we did, but we were out for ages! I really love her.

The week was then boring, but the last ever Walk-a-thon (for me) was great, Thanjon, Sid, Fletcher and I ran the 10km there, with Thanjon and Sid finishing first, followed by Fletcher (5 minutes after), then me (5 minutes after).
I am the least fit. Need to get motivated! :(

These are the stamps/marks/signatures I got on my arm :)

I went to Birkenhead point on Saturday with my parents, and bought a sleeping bag, boots and my formal suit!

Some Craghoppers clothing! :D


I saw Lisa on sunday, and oh boy, the transport on that day was horrible. D:
It was lovely, like ALWAYS! :) Banana ice-cream ^^


I had my graduation photos on thursday!

This photo is just pretty, haha.

Saw her again, just recently, on the saturday, and yet again, without fail, lovely, amazing, everything good :) Bankstown, Beach, City, Parra! :O

Have a lovely day, week, month, year! :)

Jason. :)

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