Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sooo, we had our walkathon on Friday ! The theme was Jubilee Jaunt. Yeah, I didn't bother with the theme...So, I woke up and I was wondering whether I should go or not? Then I realized, the walkathon is freaken awesome with Tamzid's group. (Vijhai didn't go :O) So yeah, I decided to go, woke up, wore my Levi Jeans (H) Andrew was full jealous har har.

I barely got to the station on time and I had to run to make my train, thank god my bag was really light hehe.  Anyway, Sean was there, gave him a hug, then I went to the 4th carriage, my usual carriage. I looked up to see how many people were there, and I saw Louisa but the carriage was quite full, so I went down. Bumped into Siddharth and sat with him. Just talked about the ski trip (he went too) etc etc.

Got off the train, and people were selling daffodil day flowers, teddy bears and stuff. I picked up one of the small hoodie bears and bought it for $10. Walked to the bus, pushed on, I do not remember who I sat next too....  got to school, and Nigel and his friends pointed out the Year 9 TBs and I pretended to faint, LOLOL. Anyway, ran up to the table group, talked there for a bit then walked to roll call with Thanjon ! I told him to wait for a second becuse I went to Anna to give her the daffodil day bear I bought earlier. He didn't wait D: < Anywaaay, went to roll call. Freddy took a photo.

| D

 Wow, this is really precise. LOL. Walked to assembly area with Thanjon... sat down with Nigel and shiz. SAW SHEYON, jumped up from my seat, ran over and hugged him (for AGES) :) Yes, hugged HIM. I am not gay D:

Um, walked with Tamzid, Faz, Micah, Rhiannan etc, their group...We had like a mini-soccer ball and we were just messing around with it, and our topic for a while was WHICH SUPERHERO IS THE WORST? Haha, us cool kids. I forgot who kicked it but everybody shotty-notted and sat down. I was the last D: < I had to go get it :( We were supposed to get our cards signed / stamped at every stop, but none of us did haha. Faz and Leon were discussing their membership of OPG the whole time, lolol. We got to Mr Burns and he usually signed people's cards but he was saying "If you sing me a song, then you get a stamp !" We stood there for like 10 minutes wondering what song to sing. We decided to sing Everytime we touch by Cascada. It was hilarious LOL. Tamzid went nuts during like "AND EVERYTIME WE TOUCH, I FEEL THE STATIC !" We got our stickers, I got an elephant and Tamzid got a dragon and he was going like "AHAHA, I GOT A DRAGON BITCH !" I won't lie, I was jealous :( 

Then... we started kicking the ball around, and were tyring to aim it at people LOL. We never hit anyone, nobody could throw straight D: I think Sean threw it and it went pretty far to the right and we had to go through these tall ass shrubs to find it. After that, we realized that the walk is actually pretty short ... or maybe we just got fitter? :D Yeah, I prefer to think of it that way :P

Rightio, we made it to the park and we sat down for a bit, I bought a can from Ben instead of the school because it was cheaper and colder, haha. I went to buy two sausage sandwiches, yummay :) Just walked around with different groups talking, then found Thanjon and Sid, Thanjon ran the whole thing, holy shit. It's 15km. Okay, damn, he's fit. Rightio, we tried to climb the play equipment thingo without using our legs, and my arms sort of died. I ended up in a weird position, then I altered it a bit and Sid took a photo of it.

This hurt. A lot.

I had to like...hold my left leg out and push it against the pole so it wouldn't slip, my right foot ... the heel was like hanging on to the horizontal pole and my left arm was dying trying to hold on. Anyway, we looked behind us and it was Year 11 tug-o-war ! ZOMG, we ran over, and started pulling. I just stayed on the same side and kept pulling, then it was the finals for Lawson and Mitchell ! I'm in Lawson and WE WON ! :D


Haha, these are the guys I walked with too btw, (Faz, Me, Micah, Sumanth, Tamzid) they weren't Lawson, but they helped out anyway :P There were more than just us 5, we're not that tank LOL. I wish. Walked over to Ben's car and got another can of coke. I saw Andrew with Andy and Chris, and I saw Andy putting hairwax into Andrew's hair so I ran over and swept Andrew :D
I lectured him about it ! After that... I swept him again but I didn't realize that he had a water bottle THAT WAS OPEN, and it spilled all over him. So then, I picked up the water bottle and poured it all over his groin area LOL. He ran after me with what was left in the water bottle, then I kicked it out of his hand, bahaha. I got my water bottle and I poured it over him again LOL. Anyway, we all had to sit down while Mrs Parker was talking about the walk back and I found my Year 10 brethren ! Ya know, Carmela, celine, mary, sheyon etc. I got a hug from Carmela and it lasted like 2 minutes, while Celine was standing there patting me LOLOL. Because like... I wasn't in a very good mood, so they were trying to make me feel better :) Thanks girls.

Anyway, we were supposed to leave in grade groups, but I just left with the Year 10s, although the gap between Year 10/11/12 was really small and we all ended up walking together anyway. So for a while, I was with Carmela talking about life and shiz. Then I stopped and waited for Celine, and then we walked back for the rest of the walk I think. Yup ! Walking with Opi too, discussing Russell Peters :) After that, Opi left and Me and Celine started singing theme songs and such :D

I picked a really pretty pink flower from a tree and gave half of it to Celine... then I tried to tie it to the teddy bear I gave Anna before, but it just fell off :S
So we got back to school and then I dropped the flower into Vanessa's ice-cream :D
(Don't worry, she finished it already, I'm not that mean)

Bell went and we went to the bus bay, and me and sheyon were sparring for a bit. He then left and I went with Daniel to the bus, and I sat at the front, taking up the whole 4 seats :P Daniel went a bit back then Wynne, Yeolin and Esmeralda came and I had to move :( Anyway, talked to them for a bit, then  everyone caught the express so I caught the all-stops with them.

The End.

This is weird.

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