Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was and a letter to your best friend.

A photo of myself
My day.
I caught the train with Wynne and her friend. There was some crazy person on the carriage. Apparently, her teacher and one of her friends was named Rachael. I had MacDonalds. Yum.
Physics, I learnt nothing, I have Mr Tob, my accomplishment in Physics was that I won Scattergories. Hell yeah. Soccer at recess. Second period was PD/H/PE. Meh. Third Period was Chemistry, did a practical. Lunch, had nachos. Hung with table group. Last period, Math. I don't like Calculus :(
Sorry for the excruciating detail. <_>

A letter to my best friend(s).
Dear Best Friend(s), Well, I don't have the ONE best friend, I have a few really close friends but I can't pick one over the other because you all have your qualities. Each paragraph is a different person.

Well, you have always been one of my closest friends, although your joking manner means that I usually don't talk about personal things with you. You're always the best person to cheer me up because you are like the funniest person in the school. No Joke. My abs just start burning when you tell jokes! It's so fun when we're bagging out Ramnik together hahahah, and when we're having weird ass conversations that I would never talk to anyone else about. I definiately trust you and I like how our views are identical. :)

Rightio, I must say we didn't really talk much in Year 7-9 but we've gotten a lot closer this year and last year. I've started talking to you about more personal things because you have a really mature mind and you do know how to solve problems. I love your natural side, and we have pretty much the same view on everything. Let's go on more adventures together ! :)

You you you, as cynical as you are, it's good that we're in a few classes together, so we have more time to talk because you're always with your girlfriend during lunch and recess. You're a really kind guy and we share loads of interests. We have the same views on life, on relationships and you give really good advice. You have your own problems but you always find the time to help others, and that's a great quality that you have. :)

$10 to whoever figures out what the title means


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