Thursday, March 10, 2011

red ribbon

I have my half yearlies soon, study mode !
Uhmmmmm, today was a pretty regular day actually.
I shall tell you about it (:

Physics is quite meh, i just used my laptop and looked at zombie survival stuff 8D
Maths, we got kicked out by year 7s, shouldn't year 12 have priority? seriously? :/
We had a lockdown drill in third period, it was quite fun because Mr Zugajev is hilarious hahahaha.
PE, last period, awesome class. awesome teacher. (: Mrs McNally made us cookies !

anyway,i believe the major point of discussion today was zombie outbreak and survival :D
it was quite epic. i have finished reading the zombie survival guide and after lots of "tutoring" from dylan, thanjon, fletcher and such; i think i am prepared for a zombie outbreak :D

Check out this old assss camera (:

Secondhand Serenade

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