Thursday, March 3, 2011

Speed Up Your Breathing

I haven't blogged in a while, guilty as charged.

hello people of the interwebz, my name is jason. you probably already know that.
I cannot think of anything to write, I don't do many interesting things. Seriously, my schedule is wake up, go school, do school work (because year 12 sucks), go home, procrastinate and do more work.

Yesterday nigel came over to my house and we had some pho. FIFA 10 was failing because I couldn't get it to work on my laptop, we did some maths WORK (obviously, thanks year 12), then after a while, finally played some FIFA 10. I beat him 4-3, yayay :D. Okay that was a very sarcastic yay, as i write this my facial expression has not shifted from my stoned face. We also looked at school photos from year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Laughed a lot of them as people had funny faces or whatever.

Uhmmm, on tuesday the whole day quite bludgy. Last period was pretty good, english sucks, but people were talking about things that happened in year 7, things we wouldn't forget anytime soon, it was so funny.

On sunday, it was the official start of engage for st johns ! it was a good day, i would have thoroughly enjoyed it if my stomach wasn't imploding, but apart from that, it was nice to see some people again. glad tony made it back to australia in one piece haha. yeaah, my friend tony went overseas to hongkong and china and he came back like a week ago. speaking of travel, my brother is also overseas. it's been almost a month since he left.
the house is so peaceful without him at home, it's quite nice. then afterwards i saw lisa and we went to a park :). i don't like mosquitoes.

also, just saying, tetris is a very addictive game. i am so addicted D:
I really like February, sweeps week, which means, new episode of himym and bbt every week. so i'm a happy chap. season 6 of himym has been wonderfully awesome :D

tomorrow i have my school photos. last ever school photos :/
(not including graduation photos)
i bought a tie for the photos on monday, i think i'm addicted with learning tie knots now ._.
anyway, i really hope the my final school photos turn out well, because yeah, last one evah !
i realized this blog post sounds quite depressing, i think it's just the way i type.

i have my half-yearlies soon D:
better do well. grrrrrr.

i took some photos !

The rating system can probably go bye-bye soon :D


I remember when I used to use a rating system because my mood was just everywhere because of some things that happened, but all of that is over, so that's why i can probably get over it, generally always happy now :D

Au Revoir

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