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A Summary: 2013 Pt 1

Howdy all!

It has been a long time since I've last blogged, so to make it up, I'll make a series (probably three?) of posts highlighting my year! The fun parts, at least... So with this post, just some events during the first few months of 2013. March to June.

Just letting you know, I don't have a memory of an elephant; I'm only recollecting these events because I'm going through photos on my phone; Facebook, Instagram and using TheCrag for climbing references.

Different format for the photos for these posts (possibly future ones too).
Just so there's not a wall of text, followed by a wall of photos.


Had a chill bouldering session at The Surgery to get reacquainted with the rock again with Paul and Gene on Tuesday (5th). My Casio G-Shock also arrived! But I lost that... :(

Paul on Photocoagulator V4
On the Wednesday (6th) , went down to the Junkyard Cave after uni, didn't climb very well that day. Both were just half days, as I had uni both days; and they were both working.

The Junkyard Cave

On that weekend (9th), I went out with Lucky Chance (formerly known as Toby Benham); was my first time climbing with him outdoors I believe. Had a great time with him out in Sublime Point, doing 10 pitches in that day! Wish I still had that endurance today. Click the links on his name if you don't know who he is!

The following weekend (16th), went out with Paul to go to The Sporting Complex, a rap-in:climb-out affair. A great day out. Attempted one of the scariest routes I'd have done in a long time!

The next Sunday (24th), I must have not have had work; because I went out with Coomer and Tom to Barden's Lookout. Did 6 routes that day, a good selection of medium difficulty routes, I'd say.

Beulah Rock Festivus

So on the long weekend of the 29th of March to 1st of April; me and Paul headed for a long road trip up north to Beulah for the annual festivus. You will most likely have never heard of it, but it is near Armidale (about 45 minutes away) It won't come up on Google Maps, but the closest location that will come up on Google Maps is if you type in: Kingstown NSW 2358.

One pit stop at Tamworth on the way up, and back; I think it was an 8 hour drive one way. On the first day, we climbed at Gara Gorge in Armidale, had some Red Rooster for lunch and then drove to Beulah for the festivus. The next few days involved great people, bouldering, climbing, slacklining and just general awesomeness. Thanjon, who drove in from Armidale with other climbers, was also there! It was great seeing him again. Little did we know, this was to be the last ever Beulah Rock Festivus.

At Beulah, about to go for the move on Power Monkey 'Revised Edition' V4

So made a handful of friends from uni in semester one, but the majority of my time was definitely still spent my climber friends, co-workers or high school friends.


Went to Melbourne for my Uncle's wedding some time around the 4-7th of April. It was alright, an opportunity to suit up is good! I managed to find the Burnley bouldering wall and was able to do a little bit of training while I was down there. I met a German backpacker girl named Lisa there, and was in Australia to climb. Got her number and we agreed to meet in Sydney to climb, if she was able to get to there.

Burnley Bouldering Wall

When I came back to Sydney, I went out with Lucky again on the 17th of April, a Wednesday; we decided to go to Zap Crag for the day. Did a few routes, onsighted a 21, which was utterly terrifying because of how run-out and awkward it was. Managed to get all the moves (except one) on a 24, which was quite nice. Managed to send a 20 of which I had extreme difficulty the first time!

Zapt 25, Lucky destroyed this.

Went out with Coomer on 25th of April, a Thursday, we went to Medlow Bath and had a nice cruisy day.

My babe, Coomer

This seems to be when my climbing seemed to get very spaced out; most likely exam period at uni? Perhaps uni was getting busier and I was working more. Not too sure.


Did not have one day climbing outdoors in May, unfortunately. Going through my phone, it looks like it was dominated by work and uni this month. However, it is my life, and I still have exciting things to share!!

Seems like I was getting super psyched for the snow this year (even though, it turned out to be fucking shit). Ordering gear and just randomly trying it on at home. Definitely another blog post for the snow. I did my pre-learners course for my motorcycle license, and passed that perfectly fine.

Motorcycle Test

I bought a GoPro Hero 3 (Silver), and I also went on a mountain biking trip with Lucky and my father on the 25th.We rode The Oaks (from Woodford to Glenbrook) and it was such a great day. It also coincided with the bicentennial anniversary of the crossings of the Blue Mountains.

Lucky, no hands. The Oaks
Bicentennial fly-over (after The Oaks, at Glenbrook)
JUNE (Pre-snow)

On the 8th of June, went out with Paul, Bulti, Sam, Jonas and Leith to Cosmic County. Such great climbing out there, definitely up there for me as one of my favourite crags. Climbed 'The 80 Minute Hour', supposedly a mega-classic at the grade, and a must-do at Cosmic County. It lived to it's expectations, such an amazing route. Did Mindblower, where you can probably get one of the best rock climbing pictures possible taken of you; I just managed to tick it, just. I'd Rather Be Sailing, I seconded, because doing that on lead seemed absurd to me. Climbed Exploding Zombies, which was a nice sustained climb; which I definitely enjoyed.
Finished off the day seconding Paul up Comfortably Numb, a climb that I would NEVER lead. Simply, because I think it is just too dangerous.

Please click this sentence to read a detailed trip report on!

Cosmic County, Leith at the top of Toyland

19th of June, I went out with Chew and Lillian and bouldered at the Surgery. I ticked a lot of routes that day, a very enjoyable little day out.

The Kathmandu winter sale had started mid June and I was working my ass off.
Chew and Kim bought bunny rabbits and they are so so cute.
Shittyrail introduced a 'concession have to buy their tickets at the ticket booth' rule at certain stations. (All of mine)

That will do for now!

Kathmandu Winter Sale; little bit busy

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