Monday, June 30, 2014


Work with Hannan and Kim on the 27th! Hannan's last shift, and my second last (before NZ). He grabbed some bacon and egg rolls in the morning; and did the Maccas run! The day seemed to go on forever...

Caught a train up to Wentworth Falls on the 28th, barely making it in the morning... Had a coffee with Thanjon at Il Postinos, and found out Hannan was running late. Not to worry, headed over to Mountain High Pie for some breakfast! Grabbed Hannan and headed up the mountain to Mt York, where we would grab some stuff at the servo; and then climb at New York for the day.

Cool little sheltered crag, I liked it! Got a few routes in, just moderate grades; and ended up getting rained out! As we started driving off, that rain; turned to snow! Drove over to an area near Mt Piddington, the highest point of the Blue Mountains; just so we could see more snow! Awesome.

Hannan and Thanjon

Grabbed some afternoon kebabs down in Springwood, before dropping Hannan off. Met up with Sean at Penrith, and headed to Silver Spur for his early birthday dinner! We were joined by Pali, Anmol, Pat and Daniel. Great catching up with everyone, lots of gaming talk, hah!

Before Daniel

Started work earlier than normal, at 9:30am; rather than 10 on the 29th. It was ridiculously busy, and I have never seen the store so messy, well busier than any other day I have worked at Kathmandu over the past two plus years.

During the day, a woman was on the verge of collapsing and I had to run over to help keep her up. Tried to seat her, but she kept holding onto the desk... Her husband was there, and they could hardly speak English... Probably an asian girl in her late 20s? Before she completely passed out, a doctor ran over (who is a regular customer, that I was serving) and told us to call an ambulance. She came around and I heard her say she is pregnant; and that she didn't want an ambulance. What?!

Stayed back nearly two hours after closing to clean up, and then met up with everyone at the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Parramatta for a farewell dinner for Benn and Tony. Guests attending were; me, Tony, Benn, Maz, Petra, Estia, Vish, Ethan, Candace and Kim! It was a great night except for one mishap...

Stupid indian waitress forgot my order completely... Took me forever to flag her down, had to actually walk over to her; after everyone had already gotten their meal and ask... Yeah, she forgot; didn't even apologise and tried pinning the blame on me... Didn't explain the situation, just told me to calm down and sit down; are you serious? You had one job to do, and you didn't do it right... Why am I paying for this incompetence? Demanded the manager (she even said there weren't any managers; and then MY manager called bullshit); and got a free meal out of it. Much better dealing with the manager instead!

Great fun night out, great conversation and reminiscing; really great bunch of people! :D

Clockwise; Estia, Maz, Benn, Kim, Petra, Tony, Vishal, Ethan, Candace and me.

Packed during the day today, played some video games, and was in general, just psyched about NEW ZEALAND!

Thanjon came over in the evening and cried deeply. He swallowed sadness. Nod.


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