Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Mundane and the Magic

A month's worth of post. Long and boring.


Work at Parramatta, holy shit, today was a really cold day. Had to get some Sun Ming; roast duck noodle soup for warmth! Worked with Royal and Ken.

Work at Auburn, Kim, Benn and Petra; windy as shit.

Work, somewhere...

No uni, got my new sunnies! Also put in an application for a credit card to use in New Zealand! Oz Chicken for lunch.

Work with Vish and Kim.

Work with Tony and Benn. Met up with Sid and Es in Parramatta to have dinner; he was late! Bastard. Ate at Liana's Italian Restaurant. Walked around Parramatta afterwards; before heading home.

Work with Benn, Tony, Kim and Petra.

Brother hurt his ankle really badly the night before; yelling at mum trying to help him. Haven't been so pissed in such a long time. Got my flu shot; went out with Es during the day; she got me some boost juice! Went to the library so she could charge her dying phone; spent a few hours around a slackline, with a lot of failure... Managed to get into Parramatta stadium, good work security.

Got some charcoal chicken at Paradise, then some sushi in Parramatta before starting work. Worked with Janelle and Jen.

Work with Vish, Tony, Kim and Candace. Helping out with all the renovations.

Work with Vish, Tony, Kim, Ethan and Petra. Had some charcoal chicken and grabbed Maccas for the crew.

Work with Tony, Ethan and Hannan. Did the maccas run; and had dinner in Burwood with Sid and Es in the evening. The usual meal at Canton Noodle House!

Working at Parramatta; was told to start at 8:30 and finish at 1:30. Ken fucked up, was supposed to start at 12:30. Was told to come back later, get fucked. Negotiated a 10:30 start, because they are 'low on hours'; jesus. Had a big breakfast, walked around the park; our slackline was gone. Back to work, boring and slow day. Spent 2-3 hours with a customer, gave her my staff discount and she still spent about $1,600.

Work with Vish, Benn and Petra. Forgot my lunch, nooo! Grabbed OzChicken on the way home.

Went to the Climbing Centre with everyone! Made the best midnight snack ever.

Caught up with Emily over lunch at El Jannah in Blacktown. Dropped over to Daniel's place to give him some Kathmandu vouchers.

Worked at Parra in the morning, then went to ECAT in the evening with Damo.

Got some OzChicken, went to a Commonwealth Bank branch to sort out my card; since it was kind of failing. Grabbed my pants which I left at The Climbing Centre; and had a chat with Anna for a while. Went back home, then headed to ClimbOz with Sid; Ola had her little birthday thing on. My bike got knocked over by a woman; whose son climbed there. We worked out everything, so it's alright.

Work with Vish and Hannan; left at 4 to get a quote from BikeBiz for the repairs.

Fixed up the exhaust of my bike myself, and gave it a nice wash. Had Tan Viet for lunch (at home)

Went out to Vivid with the family (mum and dad) and my aunt from Melbourne. Ate at Wolfies.

24/05/14 | 18/04/11

Work with Tony, Benn and Petra. Just a half day, and grabbed Red Rooster on the way home. Stuffed it into my jacket since I had nowhere else to put it. Ate at a Thai place in Fairfield.

Work in Parramatta with Estia and Jen. Went to Barluck with aunt, mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend.
Spent the night at Ola's place.

Snapchats forever

Went climbing at ECAT during the day; went pretty hard out. Had dinner at Peronis with aunt, mum, dad and my brother.

Work in Parra with Janelle and Jen. Met up with Es afterwards at the library. She gave me a book, walked around the park, shared stories and she had a blueberry smoothie at Coco Cubano. Aunt bought me roast duck before she left; so I went home and just had rice, roast duck and salad!

By the way, I pretty much gamed every night as well. Cleaned up my room.

Devastated, Tony last's day at Auburn today! He is going to work at Rouse Hill instead from now on. Better traffic, better food options, no auburn customers, winning! Hannan was also working; and apparently Vishal screwed up my shift time again... I got to stay all day in the end, and Hannan left early! Got Tony his last coffee from Cafe Alcatraz; and Hannan did the Maccas run!

Went to Ikea with mum and dad. Bought some wardrobes; then went to Costco afterwards. Assembled everything with dad in the evening and night! So satisfying!


Work with Benn and Vish. We got destroyed, fuck.

Went to ECAT in the evening. Chris, Evan, Amy and Neil came soon after! Then all the usual regulars. Met a nice girl named Michell; Chris Webb Parsons was also there!

Got my new number plates. Dinner at Hogs Breath with - Shehan, Himmat, Thomas, John, Zan, Cameron, Mahir, Sean, Daniel, Lara, Sworaaz and his brother. Cold.

A better post next time!

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