Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Week Back!

Storm... got owned ROFL.

Okay... it's currently the long, long weekend, but I'll try to remember what we did this week... It's gonna be sketchy, but oh well. Okay.. the first day, I believe that was just a bludge day... watched a movie, played some computer games 8D, copied notes and listened to the new teacher go on about things we already knew T_T

Gah, Nemeth, i miss him already, kickass teacher man.

Hmm... second day... I really don't remember that much.

Wednesday, HAHAHAHAHAH. Cross Country (H)
But, seniors don't have to run, so we just had fun the whole time! Kicked everybody ass in Mario Kart, duhh. Umm... ah, whatever, I'll include that too, even though it's so childish of us HAHHA.

Well... Tamzid, Pankti and Murphy came up to the table group and started talking to Keneally, meanwhile, Micah ran around the back.

Murph: OI, keneally! Come here biatch, I'm taller. i swear to god i'm taller
Keneally: Psssh, you wish murph.
Murph: come here.
Keneally: why?

Then keneally went to murphy, and haha, keneally was taller, was all happy and everything then BAM, micah dacked him :D
Oh, and tamzid recorded all of this :D bhahahaha

Then, there was a year 7 handball group just a few metres away, we gave the phone to pankti to record it, then me, tamzid, sumanth, murphy, micah, leon went over and did a simultaneous group dack LOL. Ahhhh, childish, but still so fun!
They were cool about it though (they didn't know we recorded LOL)

Pankti failed at recording though -_-
so, they gave it to me, and continued going around to different people!
Freaken hilarious.

oh my gawd, iceskating was so fun! It was just me and thanjon... we're gonna change soon though. We skated around going to random girls saying "haaaaaaaaaaave you met TTTTTTTTT..hanjon?" :D

On thursdayyyyy. Meh, nothing interesting. lolol

Anyway, I think you should all listen to this, I honestly prefer this piano cover over the original song, the lyrics are really nice too.

Ahah, You slut.

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