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Holy Crap, this Saturday and Sunday (10th and 11th) were the most tiring, painful days of my LIFE. Thanjon and Fletcher organized a hike from Faulconbridge to Glenbroook, I wanted to come, sounded fun at the time :) Rowan decided to go also. In the end, only me and Thanjon went for the hike, and we just DIED. Mainly me, but holy shatbrix, I have never sworn that much in my LIFE, those two days! Q_Q

our 'map' hehehehehe

Well, me and thanjon started the victory track in Faulco, and we ended up following the wrong creek (there was still a trail for us to follow) We ended up at a waterfall, dead end, and then we tried going above the waterfall by climbing, but that didn't end up well....

Thanjon refering to the map at ze waterfall!

This was at the top of the waterfall, a few metres from the water.

We started backtracking, and were about halfway back where Thanjon said "there are people over there, do you wanna go there? or we might have to go back the other way and continue climbing the waterfall"
I was already tired as hell, so I went back to talk to the other people and they POINTED US IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Thank Gaaaawwwd.

The entrance to the place he pointed us to was like this, so it was harder to see

 How the fuck do i read this?

Hiked for ages... eventually the track died due to the flashfloods in the area, (and we got lost) there were like fallen trees everywhere, vines, and rocks, it was teeeeeribad. Eventually we set up camp at like 5pm, cooked our food with this little gadget here (Pasta and Soup)
Cost $100 lolol.

We went to sleep at 7pm.. it was like Pitch-Black (see what i did there?)

 Our campsite
The next day we kept hiking through the worse terrain imaginable... it was TERRIBLE. I complained so much... like... SO much. I wouldn't stfu LOL. Eventually there was an even harder area, where Thanjon had to jump from one rock to another, but slipped.. the result. The rock disagreed with his face.

Still posing like barney :)
We kept following the creek looking for trails, but the floods had killed them all, so our final resort was to freaken climb the cliff in the general direction of civilisation, man, i was so scared Q_Q

Once we got out, I needed to clean and patch up Thanjon's wound and just leave a smaller bandage on it

'Tis Only a Flesh Wound!


Saw Kick-Ass on Tuesday! (guess why tuesday?) :P
IT was good seeing Pavan again, niceset frienda nyone could ask for, too bad he had to leave to Baulko :(
So we got there at like 12pm, bought our ticketsss early for the 1:15 session then went down to get some foooooooood. Hungry Jacks! (H)

Kick Ass is a freaken epic movie, and seriously, you should all watch it, i really like it :D

I believe we went back down to the food court, where I bought more food and we just sat around talking for a bit, just catching up on a few things!

Went to playtime, air hockey is so freaken fun ahhahahaa, could play that forever >:D
WE were about to play that 8 player racing game... the old one, i forgot the name Q_Q
but we were forced to take caps, pretty much all the guys refused except Sumanth hahaha. they dragged me and pavan in, the everyone was like "fine, only it's pavans in it" so I took a caps photo Q_____Q

only one. one too many Q_____Q

playtimed for a while then went home (Y) no photos because nobody's uploaded anything yet..

Tuesday Night

We had a cousins night out because one of my cousins will be leaving overseas with her boyfriend for 6 months! We ate at barluck, like, the freaken nicest restaurant EVAH :D The food there is freaken spectacular.

 Oysters, yummy.

I have never been so full/bloated in my life. seriously, i cannot say how full i was that night..
seriously, we had... well.. this is all I remember LOL

  • Oyster in Ginger and Shallots
  • Giant Spring Rolls (seafood inside)
  • Two HUGE Mud Crabs, with chilli sauce and bread to dip with.
  • Peking Duck
  • San Choy Bow
  • Massive Plate of Fried Rice
  • Vietnamese Shaking Beef with Veges
  • Jelly and Fruit

 lol michael went for a ride on John's bike, freaken LOVED it, 20000 RPM and he didn't even push the bike to the limit, it's crazy.

Kawasaki Ninja

School Soooooon. >:(

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