Friday, April 30, 2010


My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

Well. I certainly hope so.

This week went by pretty quickly! Oh wow, i don't even remember what happened.. Hmm.. Monday was a break.. Tuesday.. was so boring..

Wednesday! Bluding with adam and wellzy on the computers in engineering, that was a fun lesson! English.. I don't remember. Then soccer with the grouppp, that was so freaken tiring.. So i ended up goal-keeping for the second half and I'm a lot better at goal keeping then i thought hahah :D

Thursday, boring.

TODAY, since I actually remember things. ffs, had the most boring assembly in the morning, it's our schools 60th anniversary and we had alumni come back. So me and thanjon watched how i met your mother bhahah :D
Then we had some speeches in the hall.. far out, BORING.

Recess! Went around telling kids to vote Ben for captain... we saw geeth with a bunch of year 7s trying to convince them to vote for him, so i pointed it out and the table group got up and we all went over there and get them to vote for Ben. HAHAH.

Health, discussions, writing. lol.

Engineering, MOAR SPEECHEZ. but at least they were from engineers so they were helpful at least..

Lunch, MOAR Ben promoting, oh and keanelly promoting too. You see, Keanelly loves the movie three hundred. He's white. Geeth's black. Well, lankan.
So we decided to make him a slogan and poster.

Picture him with leonidas' body kicking the persian guy (with geeths head) into the pit while screaming
"THIS. IS. SEXY!!!!!!!"

The sexy thing is an in-joke :P

Last period, music and work.
Caught the late bus to the station.. because Faz doesn't have a bus pass and the second driver doesn't check for them lol. OH YEAH, I JUST REMMEBERED. We met Adam at the station! Zomg :D (he left at the end of year 10) and i haven't seen him since.. They decided to go bum at westfield but my brother was aggro and wanted me to go home early. Went to shake his hand and he like pushed me out of the way, deathstared at me.... :'(

... then smiled and was like "gimme a hug bitch" LOL

Caught train with mary and the other year 10sssss.

Went home, brother and mum keep yelling. like always. ffs.

5/10 (due to boredom)
If it's a broken part, replace it; If it's a broken arm, then brace it; If it's a broken heart, then face it.

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