Friday, June 18, 2010

Before The Worst

Let's recap;

Things that I remember, Playing shit-head every recess and lunch. It's the best card game ever, seriously.
We were kicked out of the chemistry lab today because of Mr Tob... we were gonna do a prac with Sodium Hydroxide. Instead, we went to Room 8 (normal room) and just discussed it, and haha, Mr Burns was drawing diagrams and he paused halfway, forgetting the name of the "washing device" (i don't know it either). He paused for like 5 seconds, then just he went /faceboard, just hit his head against the blackboard and stayed there for a good 30 seconds while we laughed on ahahhaha.
I've been relatively free from slaps recently, but Wellzy and Adam decided to use like 4 of their slaps on me today (unexpected)

Nathan, a weird long-haired person that always wears the same clothes and smells and likes to touch people. Sometimes even teachers. Well, he asked Mr Clarke today, "If you could kill me sir, how would you choose to do so?" Mr Clarke goes "...Strangulation, So I could see the look on your face before you left the Earth."

Win. LOL


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