Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Exams are OVER!


River Flows In You

Love Story - Taylor Swift

My exams are finally over! Engineering today, that was pretty hard =/
Oh, look first post this month... Happy Winter everyone?

I'm not really in the mood to blog right now... I feel like a nap or something, I just finished watched A Litre of Tears (movie) and i _____ three times during that movie... The part where the principal or something is talking to her parents and she overhears the whole thing and when he walks out, she talks to him about how much she loves school and... yeah. Also when she leaves the school and everyone is waving goodbye, and she tries to wave back and she barely can :(

Also when she asks if she can ever get married and the doctor explains everything to her, then right afterwards her mum is reading her diary.. :( :(

Maybe you're wondering why I watched that... if you weren't you probably are now lol. I hope.
Well, I uploaded River Flows In You (above) onto youtube and i was looking at Yiruma playing it, the i saw a version where he sings... then i youtubed the version where "Yuvin" sings it for him and the clip was A litre of tears (drama), but I didn't know that at the time so I decided to download the movie and i watched it... and yeah, i'm gonna download the drama when i get my rapidshare account. :D :D

So, I just finished watching the dorama and I think that you should watch it, it's a good series, I can't really pick which one is better though, movie/dorama. The dorama seems more drama-ish, but the movie is a bit more true... I also like the girl in the movie more! (even though she's not as pretty). Just watch both :)

Spent more time with mr Brennan this week instead of going to wellzy's house... It is his last week so yeah, I want to chat with him as much as possible :( Lucky he's got a facebook though! I can't really recall much...

Hmm... Thai came over and took Bubs back and i miss her a lot :( Such a cute doggy, i cared for it soooooo much. What else happened..? Bumming at westfield... meh.

 Well! I still remember today at least, went to blacktown movies for jasmines birthday and also got Doshi a late birthday present! (Ipod Dock) and his card was freaken funny!

On the outside "Did you know that bald men are sexier......"


on the inside
"than bald women" LOL!

Ah, he used to be bald so yeah, that's why we got him that card.. We watched Prince of Persia which half of us thought were crap and during the trailers we went to go to the cinema playing Robin Hood. It was already 15 minutes in, so we decided to go back and watch it anyway... The movie turned out WAY better than most of us expected and the girl in it was HOT :D After that, we just bummed in the food court for a bit.

Oh whatever, just watch those videos and enjoy them.

I miss HIMYM so much so... tribute! Barney woohoo <_>
Barney Stinson <_>

Happy Retirement Mr. Edward Brennan. 04/06/2010

If you want, more love, why don't you say so?

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