Sunday, June 27, 2010


 Grand Piano, yo

Oh man, I am in love with The Script !
I've always liked them and heard on them on the radio, but I downloaded their songs recently and I really like them. Fairly emo lyrics, but I don't care, it's good. I relate quite well to the music :)

Speaking of, being in love with something, I am in like with Hermione. Har har. It's a codename for you slow people, although I do like Emma Watson a lot, she's awesome. (Y)

I've been thinking of my future a lot more, I need to start studying harder, need to get into university and then do a good degree to make some money, get a stable job. I might try and get a cadetship. My dream to be an airline pilot can wait, it needs funding, and I can always go to Basair once I have enough money.
FIFA World Cup, man I've lost so much sleep because of you, screw you. Lol jokes, I love it, it's like the whole world united in a sport, it's great. :D Too bad Australia got knocked out though, I'm going for Argentina for the win now. I was so freaken happy that Italy didn't make it into the round of 16, SO FREAKEN HAPPY. They deserve it. I laughed at them while they cried, it was GREAT.

Wimbledon, Isner v Mahut. First round match that was better than a Grand Final. 11 Hour match, several records broken. Isner eventually won 70-68 in the last set. That is CRAZY. Even the Queen went to watch and the scoreboards screwed up and needed to be reprogrammed because they weren't designed to go that high.

Politics, a mixture of Poli (Poly) meaning several, and Tics (Ticks) meaning blood sucking leeches. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. I don't really care, that's pretty cool though. A female Prime Minister, and a Black President. It is time for change, and soon I'll be making my own change.

Fight the Temptation.

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