Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Quick update!

Things have been rather uneventful the past week! Due to the fact that I have injured my ring finger on my right hand from climbing, so I haven't been out climbing, rather just taking it easy.

Happened last Tuesday, trying to campus the green roof climb at The Climbing Centre, missed the jug and hit the edge with my middle/ring finger, and got half a pad or so deep, and then came off! So pretty much, I've been resting it since. Just at home, seeing the physio and heading in to start work at TCC also.

Hmm, I went to the dentist last Wednesday for a clean and ate Tan Viet after, mmm, best crispy skin chicken ever.

Most of my days involve sleeping in, sleeping late and watching Wong Fu Productions, JustKiddingFilms or climbing videos, haha. Sad life. I've gone into TCC twice to train, and I'm picking everything up well, I should be working there properly in a week or two, max!

I sent my old Anasazi's in to Big John Retreads for a resole, there's a tiny hole in the right shoe, at the big toe, better get that fixed! Putting beefy rubber on it, and retiring it to be my gym shoe. I have since ordered a new pair of the latest model (my old ones were clearance from a while back) and my finger is getting much better, looking forward to climbing soon!

Exams coming up in roughly a month, can't wait to kick ass afterwards!

Blast from the past, this was taken last year in November!


  1. Where and what is this Tan Viet you speak of? And post more often! Reading your blog gives me a good reason not to study :P

  2. This place!
    Absolutely and utterly delicious.

    Uhhhh, I'll try, I haven't been doing much lately though! And when I do I'm usually away from home for a few days and/or way too tired to be bothered writing on up.