Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted, sorry!
I highly doubt I can remember everything that's been happening, but I think I can give you a rough idea...

Non-climbing news:
I haven't been to uni due to my break, and I have applied or a course transfer to Exercise Science / Sports Medicine. Hopefully, I'll get it. :) Finished my physiotherapy sessions, wooh! Went out with my parents to Cabramatta a few times to feast, yum yum. Yum Cha, Fried Noodles, all good stuff! :D Been talking to Sid more, since he has moved to Singleton and now has internet!
I finally had work last Friday, stocktake. Good seeing everyone again! I need to think about quitting Kathmandu, because I would be able to work at Mountain Designs if I left. Hm. Two weeks ago, I replaced the curtains and blinds in my room, to make it more... adult-like and less cartoony, haha.

Climbing news:
Last last Saturday, Sid came back to visit for a day! We went to The Climbing Centre to have some fun. Didn't do that much, apart from climb and catch up!
Still going climbing every Tuesday night, always fun times! :D
Last Thursday, went to Villawood with Damion to get some extra leading in, it's been a while.
On Saturday, me, Thanjon, Baden and Louise went to Porter's Pass to climb. Did a few routes in the low 20s, before Baden and Louise left because they found it too hard! They lost their motivation. :( So they went to Slackline in Katoomba instead. Thanjon and I headed to the other crags in the area, the Glen and Shipley to do some more routes. I'm happy with how I did on the day! 3 climbers hitch-hiked with us on the way back from Blackheath to Katoomba.

We met everyone in Katoomba (including Sid, who came back this Saturday also) and had Subway for Dinner. We all watched Reel Rock 7 at The Edge, which was bloody awesome! Huge turnout. Back to Thanjon's place afterwards and stayed over the night.

Feeling pretty sore from all the climbing, but it's awesome. :D

Not such a detailed post, since it's been a while, I can't really remember everything.

Awesome quote:

Water parks are fun. Disobeying your parents is fun. Sex, drugs and loud music are fun. But do these vapidly blissful states of mind automatically bestow superlative greatness in one of the most technically challenging enterprises to ever grace human existence? Fuck no!
Toffee :D
Bun Rieu
Lou and Baden
Megalong Valley in the BG

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