Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking the Whipper

Hello again!

The past week been quite an eventful for me, I feel like I have a life, which is good! Better than just sitting at home playing video games... 10th-15th

So! On the 10th, I dropped in to ClimbOz to chat with Chew, been a while since I'd seen him! Was just catching up real quick with a few stories here and there. Afterwards, I caught the train to Parramatta, but I missed my train, so I decided to go get some Red Rooster (mmm) In Blacktown for lunch rather than waiting for the next train.

Anyway, I finally got to Parramatta to meet up with Esmeralda and her friend Rachel to watch the new Hunger Games movie! (Catching Fire). She hadn't finished work yet so I just strolled around, there were a lot of cops all over the top level food court; ended up finding out that some crazed guy started attacking an old man. People... So we got our tickets when Es finished work, watched the movie, which was really freaking good actually. I was really surprised, and got really into it! Very different to what I thought it was going to be like. It ended on a cliff hanger, which severely annoyed me; why would the film-makers do that to me? D:

When it finished, we just walked about Parramatta for an hour or so, went to the park to attempt to scare Rachel with the whole bat area; didn't work, and we all headed home after that!

I downloaded the first Hunger Games movie while I showered and it finished ridiculously quickly. Watched the whole movie while I ate dinner. Also good. Should I read the books?

Saw this beauty of a bike in Parramatta

The next day, 11th, caught the train up with Esmeralda to Woodford to meet Thanjon to go climbing! Yay, CLERMBENG! The destination today would be Celebrity Crag in Blackheath. Climbed three nice moderate routes on the Jimmy Cliff. Gave Es my harness and tied her in on top rope to try Johnny's Jalopies, the 18. We were bloody surprised on how well she did! It's a very technical vertical wall, don't need too much strength if you have good technique. With some advice from the ground, she made it to the top!

Johnny's Jalopies
Round 2!

Thanjon set his eyes on a 23, called Blah Blah Woof Woof. It was absolute shit. Involved destroying a large amount of flora and probably pissing off a lot of snakes in order to get to the start. Two stick clips were needed and the amount of rock he kicked off in my face was not cool. We left an old biner on the route and ended up bailing.

Was ridiculously hungry going down the mountain, and got a kebab in Hazelbrook. I love the guy that works there. This was part of our conversation:

Me: Is the mixed kebab chicken and beef?
Him: Nope, camel and ostrich today.
Me: Delicious, I'll have that! Just lettuce and onion, no tomato.
Him: You're getting tomato.
Me: What if I'm allergic and die?
Him: Great!! That's thirty dollars. (It's $10 on the menu)
Me: Here's a fake card, charge it on this.

Got my kebab, Thanjon walked us to the station; then Es and I headed down the mountain! On the train, she asked if I wanted to go watch a movie with her in Parramatta; of course! Why not? Ended up watching the new Jackass movie 'Bad Grandpa'. Holy shit, funniest film I've seen in such a long time! Was in pain from laughter a couple of scenes. It was so great and relaxing just sitting down in those large seats watching a funny film, after a day climbing up the mountains, and a very good way to end the day!

My boulder problem at the playground, sit start and not allowed to use the metal on top! 

The next day! 12th. Woke up early to take my Ninja to BikeBiz in Granville so that I could get the safety recall on the brake caliper repaired/fixed. I also received my Yoshimura chassis protectors so I also got them to fit those to my bike; installing them is quite involving and I didn't want to mess anything up if I installed them myself. involves removing all the fairings, the engine bolts, and cutting holes in the fairing. I didn't have the necessary tools either.

Mum picked me up from there and we went to Kathmandu in Parramatta so I could get some Christmas gifts for people! Royal and Amy were working, and then Janelle came in afterwards; always good seeing them.

Mum had been pestering me for a long time about going to the dentist for a clean. So went to Merrylands afterwards, where she had booked me in for a clean. Waited some time outside, when I got in and told him mum booked me for a clean, he said it's been too recent for a clean; so I left and nothing even happened. Silly mum... He's a great guy though, been our family dentist for years!

Went to Canley Heights to have lunch, had Tan Viet; delicious. So good, so full. After lunch, straight back to Bikebiz to pick up my bike, and rode home!

Caught the train to Blacktown, hoping that I could get my haircut. Nope, the place closed early!! They always close early. But that didn't matter, I had my climbing gear and went climbing at ClimbOz. Ended up going home with Tom.

With new frame sliders!

Day after, 13th, went to work in Auburn, the usual Friday shift with Vish and Kim! Was supposed to have dinner with Es that night; but her parents wanted to celebrate her first pay check by going to dinner with her instead. Funny thing, they ended up changing their mind and nothing happened! Super lame. She did visit me at work for a solid 15 minutes, though. So I'll return the favour some time!

After work, my fuel light was flashing, so I wasn't willing to get on the M4 and run out of fuel! Instead, I went down Parramatta road, filled up and proceeded to take the longest detour in the world to get to Blacktown. Got caught up in a car crash and I got Red Rooster at St Martin's. Went to ClimbOz for a quick visit, but found out that Benn was setting routes there! Spent the night there talking with Benn and all the other regulars, hopefully go for a climb with him soon!

The next day, 14th, had organised to meet up with Youngy and Paul at Medlow Bath for some climbing. Met up with Thanjon at Woodford, got some food at the servo at Medlow Bath, and picked up Armand from the cafe! He is from Holland (I think), and Thanjon met him a few days earlier; we was looking for climbing partners in the blueys!

Did a fair amount of routes on that day actually, ticked a 20/22/19/14/19; and worked on a 25 for some time, but couldn't get the crux moves. Ridiculously hard! Didn't actually see Paul and Youngy yet, as they were climbing in the much lower area. As I was climbing up Mañana near the end of the day, I heard a voice yell out my name "Jason!!"; I looked around, kind of puzzled, but I knew it was Paul's voice; then I heard another yell, I yelled back Paul and then I saw him emerging from some bushes at the top and to the side of the climb I was doing with Youngy. Had a casual conversation on the side of a cliff about their day; organised to meet up at the pub in Leura afterwards! Youngy snapped a couple of photos while he was there.

Asked Paul about The Sandpit area, and he said it was good, so we did one last climb in that area to finish the day. Met them at the Alex in Leura, sat around for a bit and then when it was time to go, I headed down the mountain with Paul and Youngy. We stopped by Jenga's place in Mount Riverview, Paul needed a couple of tools for the day after; where he was going to fix up his project out in Pierces Pass.

Had a little bit of dinner so I didn't die of starvation, Lara had cooked some Hokkein noodles and it was really good! Also scored myself Jenga's World Climbing Calender (Simon Carter). Many thanks! :) We headed down the mountain quickly so I could make my train at Penrith. I don't think I have ever sprinted so quickly with a big rucksack on my back to make the train. Up the stairs 3-4 at a time and made it in just as the doors were closing; score. Another good way to end the day, destroying my body!

Thanjon and I on Mañana, close up view and zoomed out view. Both taken by Ben Young.

Next post coming soon :)

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