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A Summary: 2013 Pt 3

For the final instalment of this series, I'll be blogging about July to November! Before going through photos or anything to remember, I'm going to tell you now, it was pretty bland and boring. Just being honest!
It's kind of going to be like Pt 1.


Because of Daniel, Himmat and Sean (but definitely 95% Daniel), I started playing Team Fortress 2. Damn it's a fun game, and always great fun playing at night, while chatting on Mumble with all the boys.

No pictures really, so a screenshot of the game. The little icon next to the names on the left means they're a friend of mine. In order of those icons, it's Daniel, Sean and Himmat.

That definitely took up a lot of my time!! Semester two at uni also started again, and my timetable meant I had to go all day long on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On July 24th, there was a little mini climbing party at The Climbing Centre, there wasn't really a special occasion; but lots of climber friends turned up and it was an awesome night!

A little blurry because Dave was hanging upside down to take it!


By this point in time, I was working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and going to uni every Tuesday and Thursday. Two days off a week, and they were the worst days! Nobody else was free and I didn't really get to do anything fun.

On August the 2nd, my friend Adeline from Melbourne was down in Sydney for a few days; so we decided to go get dinner (Korean BBQ) at Sydney Madang just off Pitt Street in the CBD. Oh man, it was tasty. I had work during the day and headed to the city to meet up with her. I was working with Sarmila during the day, and she had actually left work early and the funny thing was, Sarmila and her group of friends bumped into me and Adeline when we were in the line! The line was massively long and we waited for such a long time outside; but it was so worth it.

Afterwards, we went to The Star and had some ice-cream from a very famous Gelato place. Being lactose intolerant, I had to take some pills in order to have some. I haven't had ice-cream in such a long time, and my taste buds were in heaven that night!!

Ermagerd, fooooood.

A few days later (15th), this beauty was in my garage. But more on that later!

Kawasaki Ninja 300; horrible photo, but it was the first one I took!

On the 17th (I think), Kathmandu Auburn/Parramatta and Rousehill got together for a little staff party! We went to the M9 Laser Skirmish and AMF Bowling at Villawood. It was a good night, every staff member really is great. Kim won the wooden spoon for being the worst at Bowling, hah!

End of night photo

On the 19th,  Benn, Sarah and I went to Villawood to go indoor climbing! We had arrived before opening time, but Carlie was happy to let Benn in, because... it's Benn! Hah. Afterwards, we went to Olympic Park so Benn could get some Cold Rock ice-cream, yes, ice-cream. I believe he got a thick shake though? We had our lunch at a Sushi Train place in Newington, it was a good day!

On the 21st, Briseida had just finished her yearly exams and was free to go out! She was craving KBBQ, so we went to the Sydney Madang! Same restaurant that Adeline and I went to just recently! It was such a cold night, we went to a cafe afterwards to have some hot chocolate. :)

I am seriously a sucker for Bulgogi.

Climbing, yay!

On the 25th, I stayed the night at Chew's place in Mount Riverview as we were going climbing the day after! Ordered late night pizza and watched some TV shows on their massive projector! We went to The Junkyard Cave the next day and met up with Halil and had a nice half day on rock. I finally ticked Negative Funk at 21, and tried (and failed) The Junkyard Dog 25. I think with a few attempts, I could definitely tick it.

Afterwards, Chew and I got Red Rooster and stopped by Halil's place to all have lunch. On the way back, we stopped at the Villawood gym as Chew had some kids to train! I coincidentally bumped into Sarah there, and spent most of my time there with her and her friend!

Halil gracefully climbing Negative Funk
A sea of sandstone, Chew on The Junkyard Dog
Me falling off The Junkyard Dog
29th, went out for a quick ride around the suburbs with Himmat!

On the 31st, Chew, Kim, Lilian and I went to Burwood to have some mini hot pot and dessert. :) Kim said she'd shout me dinner because of the full time position I got her at Kathmandu a few weeks ago! We had dessert at an Italian place nearby afterwards.


Met the man.
Met the rock god.
Met one of my biggest idols in climbing.
Chris Sharma!

Chris Sharma

He had a presentation in Parramatta on the 6th, a slideshow of his old projects and what he's currently up to. I got a free VIP ticket off Halil, I don't think it was worth it if I had to pay to be honest. Got to shake his hand, get an autograph, watch full footage of his (and Adam's) tick of La Dura Dura and just ask him some questions!

My parents went overseas to Beijing and Hong Kong for 2-3 weeks so I wasn't doing much really.

On the 25th, The Climbing Centre had it's anniversary party, for being open for 20 years! Good night involving a few competitions and food!

Fell in love with riding the motorcycle, and on the night of the 26th, I went with Sydney Riders to ride Old Pac. Met some great people on the night.

Well over 50 riders, easily.


I feel like nothing happened during these two months. Was a pretty quiet time in my life and all I recall doing was playing Team Fortress 2, riding my motorcycle, working and university study. I did spend a lot of time modifying my bike and trying to personalise it. :)

I went bouldering on November 2nd to Lindfield. It was mainly just me and Damo climbing, the others just watched... Pansies!

My birthday was just before exam week, so I didn't get to do anything really. I went on another group ride up the mountains for someone's formal on the 13th, after one of my exams. Daniel and I shared some exams so I went to his place on those days and we went to uni together, just made the trip more fun. Being able to chat with someone (about TF2, HAH). We had KFC after our exam on Monday. On the last day of our exams, we went to Canley Heights to have some Bau Truong, Daniel's favourite restaurant. We found out... that it was closed for renovations, and so after little while, we went to Tan Viet, probably one of my favourite restaurants; BUT, one that Daniel likes to hate on.

I also received my new phone from Kogan that day, a Samsung Galaxy S4! A phone that works, yeah!

Meeting up at Faulconbridge
So this ends my trio of posts about 2013, I'll be blogging more regularly because I totally have a life again now that I've finished university for the year! It was a quiet, rainy week following exams and I didn't do so much. I started playing piano again, cleaned my bike (thoroughly), installed more mods, worked and chilled at home.

Interesting things to follow :)

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