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Need to start writing up more often, because I am too forgetful! Have actually been starting draft blog posts with reminders on what I did on those days!

So I started off the week, 16th, with a haircut in Blacktown. I like my hair short, and it was getting too long for my liking. Could really feel the breeze once I got it cut, and it felt great!

In the evening, I knew a couple of mates would be at The Climbing Centre; so I figured since I had a break on Sunday, I would train. Anna was working that day, and the crew included Kate, Seann, Damo, Dave, Paul and Youngie. Jenga and Mitch came in to visit as well, good fun. Did some new routes but spent most of my time on the woodie, that thing gets you bloody tired quick! Convinced Anna that she wanted some pizza, and we went around finding out who wanted Pizza that evening. By the end of the night, we were done climbing, just sharing stories and enjoying our pizza!

Organised when I was meeting Fletcher for the day after at Wet'n'Wild, fuck yeah!!!

Extremely detailed section coming up

Woke around 9am on the 17th, got ready and headed off to the station to grab Fletcher! Got dropped off at Wet'n'Wild just a bit before 10am with Fletcher. We lined up in order to get our season pass bands, we spent the time in the line just catching up, it had been a long time since I'd last seen him! By the time we got our bands, it was now 11:10am, spent over an hour just trying to get our bands!

Next step was to go hire some lockers to put our bags. The bands are pretty cool, you can do everything with them! I put $30 on the band so that I could buy lunch in the future without needing my wallet. The locker that you pick is attached to the RFID chip in your wrist band, and I wave over the locker in order to open or lock it! Cool stuff! Covered myself in ludicrous amounts of sunscreen before leaving the lockers, then jumped into the Wave Pool to cool down before going to our first ride.

Waited in line for around an hour, for the 360Rush. Probably the ride that gives you the biggest adrenaline ride. Made me take my necklace off; got a body board strapped to my back and then you step into a capsule. 3, 2, 1; then the platform below you drops out and you fly straight down! Lasted about 8 seconds and you also do a loop inside the tube! Good fun.

Afterwards, we headed over to another tower with more rides; and we were in line for about 5 minutes; when I heard, "Oh, hello!"; I turned my head and saw Chris! What were the chances? Matthew, his brother was the one who saw Fletcher and said that. Chris was there with his younger brother and sister; Matt and Sarah; along with more of Matt's friends, for his birthday celebrations!

It was awesome having ten of us now, made waiting for rides much more bearable, and they were all great people. The group kind of split into two, with Fletcher, Chris, Sarah, Matt and I being together. Chris and Sarah, Fletcher and I did the Aqua Tube ride, we had about 5 rides to choose from there, but I don't remember all of them. Pitch black and lots of twist and turns! Really fun.

Not enough pictures, so yes, this is one of my snapchats.

The others went for another lap on the tower, while us four went to get lunch. They would meet us later! Jess told me she was working at the Frozen Coke area so I dropped in and said hi before getting lunch! Had burger and fries for lunch. $15, ouch! Paid with my band so that was convenient. Also figured that it would be a good time to apply more sunscreen, I had already seen so many sunburnt people.

We went to another tower of rides, the Riptide (green), Double Bowlseye (red/yellow) and The Curler (blue). The lines seem to be shorter on these and we quickly pumped out blue, green then red and yellow. We stuck as a group of five for these rides, and we actually managed to flip our raft upside down on the the red/yellow ride. The lifeguards were saying they hadn't seen that trick yet, definitely made the ride more fun! Blue was definitely the best and green was over a little too quickly.

We headed over to another tower to line up for the Tantrum. This was by far the longest line and we spent over an hour in this line waiting for this ride. The wait is definitely much more bearable with nine others though! Afterwards, we headed back to the lockers, a little tired after waiting so long in the line. Chris also called Alex to find out where he was, Alex was probably 5 metres away facing in the opposite direction. Once we managed to fit Alex's valuables our lockers, we put on more sunscreen and headed to the lazy river to float around.

Went around Boomerang Bay three times and the whole time, we were really just fighting each other trying to flip the donut floats; very relaxing though! I also found out that the towel I left by the wave pool was blown away by the wind, damn it !!!

The sun was less intense now and we headed over the tower where we have met Chris and all. This time Fletcher and I went down the Tropical Cyclone, similar to the Aqua Loop, it's hard not to be smiling during these rides! So cold. To finish off the day, most of us went over to the H2GO Racers! I didn't do too well, I blame my start! Lost to Fletcher and Sarah, damn! :(

The only photo I took, before the day started.

I headed home with Alex (my house is on the way) and everybody went to Chris's place. I changed into dry clothes, had a quick meal and rode over to Chris's place in Cecil Hills. Had dinner at his house (some sort of yummy tacos) and watched Airplane! It was absolutely hilarious and is so much more enjoyable watching it with everyone. His mum made dessert, which included a Paleo cake and Jelly, oh my god, so yum, so good, so delicious!

After the movie, I just had to go play Chris's piano, It's a Yamaha piano and they have always made my favourite pianos. I just love the noise. So both Chris and I played the piano, and then we eventually got around to singing with Fletcher. Everyone had left by this point, and Sarah looked like she was going to pass out, looked so tired! She did tell me off for not having a Harley though, hahaha. Chris drove Fletcher to Rooty Hill station, with Matt along for company. I left with them, I needed the directions out, he has the most confusing neighbourhood; seriously.

The day after, 18th, went to James Bond crag in Megalong Valley with Thanjon! I didn't really have anything in mind but I guess Thanjon wanted to crank on some 23s, it's been some time since we have tried things around our limit. Started off on what I thought was a 15 slab, it was ridiculously hard for a 15!! Thanjon went over and did the 18 next to it, which was meant to be 10 metres. It was not. (Warning, this is all climbing jargon)

Had to lower him down to get some extra equipment to finish the 25 metre route; turns out we read the guidebook wrong, I did the 18; and he had done a 19 even further around! Oops. Great way to start the day. By this time, it was starting to get hot! Better get on those 23s.

First up was Plenty O'Toole, my god; holds have broken off this because I couldn't do any moves over a 4 metre section. There were no holds. Ended up aiding to the top. Rested on the rope a bit that Thanjon decided to just swing around on the rope singing, "I came in like a wrecking ball!!!" Hahahaha.

After, I tried to do Oh James!, included a dyno at the start, and a few tough sequences. Mantled the ledge at the top, saw the anchors and woop, ticked it! Onsight 23, awesome! Thanjon isn't that great with dynos, and took a couple of goes to sort that move, and my beta at the top was apparently horrible too.

Then lastly, we went up a route called 'The Living Daylights'; I wish it was longer, such an amazing technical climb. Crux is at the top, and it's a powerful, technical son of a bitch. Thanjon had two shots but couldn't get it clean.

Called it a day, and the great thing about this crag is, you walk uphill in the morning; so it's a downhill stroll at the end of the day! (Unlike most other crags in the Blue Mountains). Stopped in Hazelbrook to get a kebab and a coke, met the same guy again; love him! This time, as he handed my kebab, my phone was on the table; he sneakily put it in his pocket and walked off. Sneaky, sneaky. My right hand was absolutely killing me from Plenty O'Toole, the beta we came up with involved using two nothing holds with our right hand.

A grade 24 trad crack near by.

Spent the 19th, at home, had Red Rooster again; oh yeah. Wrapped some Christmas gifts as well!

Had work on the 20th, holy shit, it was such a hot day. Rode to work in my mesh jacket, no way was I riding in my leathers today. Spent most of the day out in the dock, was so hungry early on; had lunch first and went to the cafe to get a chicken schnitzel, salad, chips and gravy; delicious. Everyone except Mo came into work for our staff Christmas party! All staff members got a backpack from the company as a present, and also covered $35 each for whatever we did! We went to Dooley's in Lidcombe for dinner and afterwards; played snooker to finish off the night. Good night with good people! Best team ever!

Picture on Sarmila's Instagram, ft. Ethan and I

Benn, Ethan, Candace, Kim, Sarmila, Petra, Me, Tony

Petra, Me, Tony, Vishal, Benn, Ethan, Candace, Kim

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