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Yeah, I've been slacking off from posting recently... I've just been really busy!
Probably going to have to break up the posts again; seeing as it's been well over two weeks since I've last posted!

So on Australia Day, 26th, I caught up the train to Leura. I've been enjoying these long train trips because  it gives me plenty of time to read The Book Thief! It's such a good book. So I met Thanjon as he finished work, but it was raining! Bloody blueys. So we cancelled our plans to do Whymper, a multipitch out in Sublime Point; and had a really nice breakfast at a cafe instead. I had some smoked salmon, poached eggs, rocket and sourdough toast. Thanjon got waffles, hah!

V1 problem or so. Horrible holds, a touch steep but good footers!
V3/V4 problem? Steep on small and not very positive edges.
Same problem
Same again

We dropped by to Thanjon's house, before deciding on going to a new bouldering area that was discovered recently (still a secret). We repeated the two existing problems and then started going around trying to find some new problems. Ended up doing a lot of bush bashing and getting a rash from the plants, and we kept referencing one of our first hikes that went ugly with the term 'hashtag sassafras'. Do click on this link HERE (it goes to Thanjon's blog) where he has written up a post about the day!

Project V5/V6? Big move to a small sharp edge, painful heel hook and squeeze a nothing hold with your right, before bumping up again to a good crimp.
A gem V2 that Thanjon found. Rad pockets, awesome rock and a committing mid-high ball finish.

Afterwards, we went back to Thanjon's place for dinner; before deciding to make a trip down the mountain to Baden's house, where he had a little party going! Awesome fun!

Another project, V5/V6 at least?

Had lunch in Cabramatta with the parents on the 27th!

On the 28th, we started a bit later because I had to do my tutorial selection in the morning. That failed anyway, stupid UWS. Caught the train to Wentworth falls where I would meet up with Thanjon and Hannan over some coffee at Il Postinos! Grabbed some food at the supermarket (Doritos and dip) , then headed to Medlow Bath for some light climbing. This would be Thanjon's last time climbing for a while; as he would have surgery soon. So I felt nervous all day, I didn't know why; but I still had a great time at the crag with some great people! Also bumped into Kate (I always seem to bump into her) as well!

Our classy photographer
Hannan! Old Salt

Hard dyno...

Warmed up on Strange Karma, tried Gas, Food and Lodging twice; the dyno was harder than last time for some reason! But I think I remember the beta for next time... Had a fun lap on Old Salt before heading back (and getting kebabs from Hazo, as always) HERE is Thanjon's post about our day at Medlow Bath!

I was down to the last 150 pages by the time I got home, and finished it that evening. Such an amazing book, I really wanted to go see the movie now!
Hannan and I!

The very next day, 29th, I had organised (already) to watch The Book Thief with Es in Parra! I was that keen to see it, yes! So we watched the movie around lunch time or so, and it was great! Not as good as the book, but I still enjoyed it very much.

Presenting, The Book Thief

Afterwards, I was craving some sushi; so I decided to get some from Hero Sushi, and then I managed to convince Es just to get a pack of Smoked Salmon from Woolies; just like how I normally eat it! Anyway, I ended up getting the Five Stars box from KFC; so, what does that contain you ask? I modified the box a little, but in the end, there was still a ridiculous amount of food. 2 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 4 Wicked Wings, Popcorn Chicken, chips, gravy and a bottle of water. Apparently has about 7000kJ of energy in that meal (and remember, the average intake for an adult daily is 8700kJ). So, Es kept going on about how I should stop complaining and just finish the whole thing, because she said she could. I challenged her, and... she accepted it; bought her own box and we pretty much raced.

I won. Theoretically, the race wasn't part of the challenge, but she DID finish the box; and I was actually amazed. I don't know where all the food goes (on either of us, to be honest). But when we were done, laughing hurt, a lot... We sat there for another half hour or so before actually moving. Met up with her friend Rachel, and got some ice-cream from New Zealand Natural! Hooray for me, because I brought some of my lactose pills; and I could enjoy my favourite ice-cream! Delicious, it was delicious! Es tried smearing ice-cream on me, but I got her back; all was well...

We had to finish our drinks too.

The next day, 30th, still not climbing; met up with Chris on the train to go to the city! I had to run to the station, as I had no other way to making the train, and it was such a bloody hot day. Good work out, but I was extremely sore and now hungry.

They wore the same thing!! Pretty much...

Met up with John at Central Station and we walked to Market City, where I got a bowl of Roast Duck noodle soup; then we headed to a Sushi Train place where John and Chris ate (and I also continued to eat). We met up with Michelle and Fiona, where we pointlessly walked into an arcade, and really did nothing. Headed over to the Darling Harbour playground where we spent a decent amount of time there, it's seriously a good time waster! I have too much fun on the swings. Walked over to the McDonalds just right next to the playground, where we all got soft serves, just to make the day a bit cooler.

Mmmm sushi.

Caught the train back home with Fiona and Michelle, and I bumped into an old mate! Tony Tan! We talked for some time, and it was good seeing him after such a long time! Found it funny that all the asians had to go home first for new year celebrations!

Our decoration table for Tet

Had work on the 31st with Benn and Tony! Maccas for lunch ;)
Did nothing on the 1st!

However, finally got around to climbing on the 2nd with Seann, Damo and Chris. Met up at Penrith in the morning, before heading back to Seann's so that he could prepare some food for the day. Drove up to Faulco to meet up with Chris (and his friend Glenys). She really took her time, so we sat down to watch some old climbing movies while she got ready... We all squashed into one car, including Arnold; which made for a lot of fun! We filled up at a servo in Leura, before stopping in at Blackheath so she could get coffee... and food... at two different bakeries, because of her preferences. Women...

Chicken Skin

Bumped into Lee Cossey and Andrea Hah, Chris had known Lee from a long time ago and they hadn't seen each other in a long time! Andrea, well, she has no idea who I am, but she is one beautiful (and strong) climber!

Cutting loose on Goosebumps

Seann and Damo

Finally got to Barden's, where we did a few climbs on the main wall to warm up before heading to the cave to do some harder routes. Had a good day of scending! It was a bloody hot day. Had some drinks at the Blackheath pub, and grabbed food at maccas at Blaxland before I headed home.

At the car park

Had a half day at work on the 3rd. Had Oportos just off the M4 before work, and grabbed some maccas for Benn and Tony on the way. I was getting more shifts at work over the next fortnight, because Kim was on leave!

On the 4th, after I finished work (also a half day); I headed to Evolution Climbing and Training; where I have been hearing good things about their routes! Got there around 5pm or so, and stayed for 3-4 hours; training with Chris, Seann and Damo.

Bloody hell, the routes there can be tough; I managed to do an 11 and a handful of 8-10s. I rested for some time and got a second wind later on, when Amy and Neil arrived. There was also a ridiculously cute kitten, with one eye. Got a bit lost getting to ECAT though, as they had recently moved locations. Headed to Red Rooster with Damo afterwards for dinner, it's good to eat immediately after training; and then straight home after that. Had a great laugh riding home next to him.

I'm losing the motivation to write now, so I will end this post here; and hopefully the next post will be soon!
Have a good one!

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