Thursday, February 27, 2014


Last post before university starts this semester, no!!!

Had work on the 14th. Tony picked me up in the morning, and I grabbed some food from Cafe Gateway for us before work started. We were both very frustrated with Vish all day, but I won't go to deep into the details. He was just expecting too much, and not being helpful at all.

Tony bought some flowers for Mick on the way home for Valentines Day, and also their 15 year anniversary! I had dinner with my parents at the Peronis Restaurant in Parramatta, where I had garlic bread, garlic prawns, slow cooked beef and a lovely creme brulee. My dad is friends with the owner, Bill, and he was a great guy to have a chat with.

Some flowers that Tony bought.

Decided against climbing on the 15th, to recover my shoulder and because the weather was pretty shit. The original plan was to climb at Sublime Point with Paul, Taib, Chris and Damo; but I just wasn't feeling it. Got some Tan Viet in Canley Heights with my parents, gotta love that Crispy Chicken Noodle Soup.

Had work on the 16th, a morning shift with Kim and Benn. The rain was miserable and I rode my motorcycle in heavy downpour. Thank god I have a good waterproof jacket and overpants; that can go over my kevlar jeans and leather jacket! I finished work around 2:30pm and just rode home without lunch, I just wanted to get home! Had Red Rooster for lunch, which my parents got me! Yay!

Clockwise; Sarah, Sarmila, Benn, Me

On the 18th, I did nothing during the day, but in the evening; met up with Benn, Sarah and Sarmila in the city to have dinner together! Sarmila recently left her job at Kathmandu, and Sarah has for some time now; and they were both in Sydney, so naturally, it was right to organise something to catch up! We had some Korean BBQ at Sydney Madang, just off Pitt Street.

Laughing because Benn was getting yelled at, to stop pulling that face.
Being goofy

No line, quick service and great food! So, Sarmila was a touch late; so Benn, Sarah and I just caught up while waiting for her; plenty of stories to share around. After dinner, we headed to Holy Basil for dessert! I had a Mango smoothie, while the others had fried ice-cream. Oh, I was so jealous. Had a great night, with some great people and I ended up getting home just before midnight!

Oh Benn...

On the 19th, Chris grabbed me from my house in the morning; before heading up the mountain. We passed on the Maccas this time, stopped at his house briefly and got our food from the bakery in Lawson! There's also a very beautiful Asian girl that works there, and can't figure out for the life of me, how old she might be... We also met up with Nathan there, and we passed on the thought of going to Boronia in the pouring rain.

Trust me, pouring rain.

We drove to The Glen, where we got a call from Nathan behind us; asking if we could go to a cafe instead, and wait out the rain. You could barely see ahead of you by the time we were at Medlow Bath, it was raining that heavily. Lots of photos for this section! Please feel free to go look at some more HERE.

Really not digging that first hold...

Gene looking fierce, eyeing down his next route.
Chris belaying Jenga on Apraxia, while I look on.

 Met up with Thanjon early on, during the walk-in; which had deep puddles everywhere. Thank god for my Mountain Hardwear rain jacket. Gene shortly arrived later, followed by Jenga. We met quite a few people down at The Glen, but most were in a hurry to leave. The mist was coming in, and the sound of the rain was thundering. It wasn't the most productive day climbing, and I spent most of the time belaying. Conditions were extremely bad, and I just wasn't motivated to climb hard.

Jenga on The Disintegrator. 
Horrible conditions to climb
Chalk barely helped.
We all left before it got dark, and I headed down the mountain with Thanjon. I was worried I would have to catch a late train, and get back after 11pm. No matter what, the interchange at Penrith was 24 minutes, and I was bloody hungry. I decided I would get home at 11pm, and eat a nice pizza at the usual place in Hazelbrook. However, we had a miracle run down the the mountain, almost no reds and no traffic. Managed to snag a kebab, catch the earlier train (to get me home at 10pm); and there was a massive delay at Penrith, which meant I only waited 5 minutes instead of 24 minutes. Win.

Chris casually lapping Madge.

Had work on the 21st, a shift with Kim and Tony. It was ridiculously quiet, and time seemed to go on forever!

Had been playing lots of video games, namely, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with Anmol, Pali, Pat and Sean. Decided I should probably go do something else... On the 25th, I went to Evolution Climbing and Training again, really enjoying the routes there, and there are some great people that attend as well. Bumped into the usual familiar faces, along with Damo, Seann, Amanda and Rick; and met some new people as well!

Just 6 steep walls, and a lot of holds.
On the 26th, I rode over to Daniel's place around noon, to meet up with him, Sean and Caroline. We were going to build his new computer! This has been in the making for months, many many months. About time he committed and bought all the parts!

Anyway, most of the construction was done by Sean; and Caroline had to leave early. We drove her to the station, and got some KFC for lunch. Daniel's idea, of course. Had a little break when we got back to play some table tennis, before finishing his computer! Everything was put together perfectly, turned on smoothly and installing everything was easy.

Played some Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike once we were done; and just conversed about... everything. Oh, and played on his piano too. I want one!!!

Old v New

Can only hope that I still do interesting stuff during the semester for some blog posts, catch you guys soon!!

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