Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Howdy. I'm catching up on these posts, slowly... Going back to uni soon, so that shouldn't be so hard!

So, spent the 5th in civilisation with Catherine (from uni). Met at Parra in the morning for some brekky! Bacon, eggs and toast at some cafe on Church Street, I'm not too sure of the name; but they had weird pictures all over the place... It was delicious, and we took our time heading to Macquarie (Ice-skating was the plan).

Eventually caught the train there after spending some time in Parramatta; and ended up just watching two movies at the Event Cinemas; American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street. Actually snuck into another cinema to watch Wolf of Wall Street; it's a really good film! I love Leo... So they were long films, and never got around to ice-skating. Got some sushi and KFC before heading home! So much for no fast food this year Catherine!

The next two days, I was at work. On the 6th, I only had a half day.

My boss, hahahaha.

A full day of work on the 7th, bloody tough day, with just me and Vish all day. After work, headed to Daniel's house to hang out with him, Himmat and Sean! The gaming crew, hah. Thought I was going to be late, but ended up getting there at the exact same time with Himmat. Gave him back The Book Thief, which neatly fit under his seat, just.

As always, Daniel's house meant playing his piano, table tennis, games; before going for a food run. (Pizza Hut and Coles). Had most of a supreme pizza to myself, and discovered a new game, Flappy Bird, I hate it. I have a horrible high score of 97, I am not proud of it. Played a little bit of GO after dinner, before heading home. Great ride home. Didn't want to stay too late because I was going to climb the next day.

Climbing with Damo and Chris!

Morning of the 8th, I met up with Damo at Werrington, before heading to Chris's house to grab him and Arnold. The plan for the day, was Centennial Glen. Stopped at the Lawson bakery on the way up, and I kind of fell in love with a girl that worked there. Beautiful!

Damo trying White Linen 27
Got to the car park, where we bumped in Zac Vertrees, he was having an easy day out with a friend of his. Warmed up on Dr Foopsickle, conditions were fairly average; it was already hot as hell and we decided that we would try some hard climbs; not go for sendage. Tried White Linen 27, and got all the moves thanks to Chris's beta! We're the same height, so that's bloody convenient! Afterwards, tried Trix Roughly 26 on the Main Wall, and it was very enjoyable, I got all the moves fairly easily; and I think linking the route is very possible for me! Psyched!!

Chris with the always reliable catch.

Went over to Blackheath pub after climbing, for a few drinks; and I also grabbed a bunch of wedges. Some of them, were bloody massive. We all shared stories, especially Chris; who has a plethora of old school climbing stories. Stopped at a servo on the way down to refill, and for some ice-cream; dropped Chris off and stopped by Damo's house before heading home!

Chris's ancient book.

Met up with Damo on the morning of the 9th, our plans were to go to Barden's Lookout in the morning and early afternoon; before heading to Dams Cliff to meet up with the rest of the posse. We drove up with Craig and Leigh, before grabbing Chris and Arnold and heading up to Mount York! Got a few nice ticks in the cave, adding another 24 to my list, and another 23 flash.

Paul on War and Peace

It was probably one of the hottest days in quite some time, and we left before the sun could destroy us. Stopped by the pub in Mount Victoria to grab a few drinks to go, before driving to Dams Cliff. I had never seen the car park there so full! It was really the perfect day to be there. It wasn't just climbers, but lots of people who just wanted to swim in the dam as well. I walked down into the main climbing area, to find so many people I knew, I expected to meet up with a few friends; but not that many people. So, there was Jenga, Kate, Rob & his partner, Taib, Leanne, Brooksy, Paul, Guns, Jess, Cam and a few more of their friends as well!

Craig, Chris, Damo, Arnold & Kate 
They climbed for a bit longer, before we all went swimming; and the majority of the non-climbing swimmers had left. Spent a lot of time in the water with everyone, had a great time catching up and the water temperature was just beautiful. Ridiculously cold, but perfect for a hot day like today.

Had to help some guys jump start their car, and then we headed to the Mount Victoria pub for some dinner! Got me a great T-bone steak; before heading home with Damo.

Everyone climbing! Ducks! Ermagerd!

On the 10th, I had a massive and well deserved sleep in, till about noon. Left to Blacktown to get a haircut as well.

Had a full day of work on the 11th, a shift I normally don't do. Headed to Evolution climbing and training afterwards where I trained with Damo, Guns, Paul, Seann and Ross. Tried going to Red Rooster with Damo afterwards, but they were closed, damn!

Met up with Paul at Penrith on the 12th, where the plan was to climb at Boronia with Jenga and Gene. Bloody humid day, with a chance of rain as well. Found out that Jenga couldn't end up making it, and that we would have odd numbers. I gave Chris a call, and he was free to come; so we got him on the way up!

Grape Hour

Did the usual warm-up, and Gene free-solo'd Cowboy Clip, a fun and short 21 on the easy wall. I got to work on the Lyptus, but mucked up some sequences. I really hope I can get that route next time. I ended up doing a great link in the dark, while raining; so I can only hope for the best when I'm at Boronia next. It had actually ended up quite cold and windy at Boronia, but once we were down the mountain, the heat and humidity hit; and the change was quite... intense?


Was fortunate to get a decent amount of sleep on the 13th, the plan was to go climbing and Chris dropped by my house after work (in Prospect) around noon or so; and we headed up back to his place in Faulconbridge. We stopped by Maccas on the way up, so I could get some drive-thru; and that went down very well. Perfect for climbing energy! Met up with Gene at the glen, got started with the warmups before doing some burns on Trix Roughly and Iona. Didn't get them successfully this time, but the conditions were horrid and I'm sure it'll go eventually. Did hurt my left shoulder doing the traverse on Trix, so I was done after that! Caught the train back from Springwood; and had some garlic bread from the pizza place. Pizza would take too long, and I would miss the train, boo!

Gene about to have a lap on Iona

Next post, probably will be up tomorrow! Uni starts for me on Thursday!

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