Sunday, March 16, 2014


Really just a filler post! Did a few things here and there, but nothing amazing! Had a great day yesterday (on the 15th, but I will just start the next post on that topic!)

28th, of February; another day at work!

On the 1st, it was not planned well at all. I woke up really late after some late night gaming with the boys, as usual. Sean came over to get me from my house, and we headed to Daniel's house for some games, and a little bit of table tennis. The usual, you know? We then went together to Himmat's place to... play more table tennis, and build his new computer; very similar components to Daniel's computer.

Table tennis at Himmats

Himmat's mum, kindly made some Garlic bread for us; we finished installing everything and took two cars to Daniel's house, where we took one car to Canley Heights for some food. It was between Bau Truong and Tan Viet; battle of Daniel's favourite and mine. We flipped a coin, and I won; so we went and had some awesome crispy chicken there! We went to Yoghurberry afterwards, where I just watched everyone have Yoghurt, because I'm lactose intolerant... Oh well.

Daniel's favourite.

On the 2nd, just had a half day of work. It is turning into a regular shift for me, the half day shifts on Sunday. Had an amazing ride to work, no traffic and no red lights; beautiful run. Finished a little bit later than I intended, got caught up with some customers and a huge sale! Headed to Cabramatta afterwards
to meet up with Catherine! Had some lunch with her at... yeah, Tan Viet again. I like it okay?! We originally tried having Yum Cha, but the place closed at 3pm. I just went through a few restaurants in my head, and she was cool with Tan Viet!


She TRIED catching her train home, but was lazy, and didn't run for it. Just strolled over, realised she could make it; tried to hug me goodbye but dropped her glasses (and I failed catching them), and they fell in between the gap... Had some Sydney Trains workers come over to help, it was a very formal procedure they have to undertake, but I guess it's an OH&S thing. Had a great ride home as well.

Who is this gumby???

Worked on the 3rd with Ethan and Kim, had Oportos before I got to work; and just did a short shift at work. Got both of them some maccas as well. A cute asian girl came in wanting a job, me and Ethan, did not mind at all. She got an interview for Wednesday, but so did my friend Hannan!

Had a boring day on the 5th, didn't really do much; so I decided to wash my bike. It badly needed one after all the rain we'd been having. The chain was also filthy, I'm so sorry Natasha!! (Nickname for my bike) Had dinner out with my parents at Rashay's that night. Had the Rashay chicken, really good sauce!

Hosing her down

Woke up on the 6th, because my brother was home, and ridiculously loud and obnoxious. Calling me stupid, yelling at my mum, he is absolutely ridiculous. Just don't come home if you're gonna be like that. Rode to uni, I always end up riding with so many trucks because of the time I start. The parking was practically full, and I was trying to plan where I would slot in, but I was lucky that one guy in a perfect spot was leaving. Great!

Had my classes as usual, did some sprints on the basketball courts for our practical class. I stole $2 off a girl I didn't know, I needed to borrow a locker, and I waited for her at the end (she was in a different class), but I think she was already gone! Sorry! Rode home, and then decided to go to ClimbOz to do some easy training, and some socialising.

Chew was working, saw the usual kids (who are still cocky, and do need some humbling). Met two girls, Ola and Antonia; they are relatively new to climbing, but it seems like they are enjoying themselves! Great to see! Mitchell said I should do this 'yellow route, you probably won't get past the 4th panel though'. I gave it a go, and flashed it; kids these days. Kim turned up just before close, she had just finished at Kathmandu for the night. Riding home, there was a ridiculous amount of traffic on Richmond Road, but thank god for filtering.

Had my usual Friday shift on the 7th, with Kim and Vish. Got to leave early as well, score! Our new POS system was finally active today, so I spent the day trying to learn it. I don't like it.

Had to cover for Ethan's shift on the 8th, worked with Benn and Tony. Great people! Was quiet for most of the day, and Benn left early so he could climb for the ClimbOz at the Tour De Corde in Castle Hill (The Edge). I've never been a competition person, not for climbing at least. It got busy right at the end of the day, but lucky it was me and Tony, and we managed to do everything efficiently; despite the new POS system, which is still a piece of shit. It made closing up extremely annoying, took us about an hour or so to sort everything out.

Rode to Outback Steakhouse in Wentworth, and had dinner with Xu, Sean, Jasmine S, Daniel, Jess and Himmat. I was so bloody full; headed back to Daniel's house and played some table tennis, before heading home.

Jess, Jasmine, Himmat, Sean, Xu, Me. Daniel took the picture!
Because Daniel was left out of the last one.

Had work on the 9th, my new Sunday shift! Worked with Benn, Tony and later on, Petra. I ended up leaving late, after a very busy period; and there were so many viet customers! Went to the cafe for lunch, before heading to Olympic Park, to an abandoned stretch of road, where I could practice some slow speed manoeuvres for the MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test). Met some pretty cool riders there, the only two names I remember are Jess and Amanda.


On the 10th, planned to climb at ECAT with Evan and Chris! However, Chris messed things up and had actually meant Villawood. Too late, I was already at ECAT and started training, with Jenga and Mitch. Met some new people as well, getting along with everyone well at this gym, I like it! Names I remember... Angela, Connie, Neil, Andy, Ethan, Pip and Pete! Already knew Anderw and Mark, and his adorable cat! People are bloody strong at this gym, but they do specialise in just bouldering; so I don't feel too bad. My solid state drive for my computer arrived, but by the time I got home, it was too late to set everything up.


Next day, 11th, had nothing so I installed my new SSD, formatted my old HDDs and installed Windows 8.1! Everything is lightning fast now, the difference is bloody ridiculous. Thanks Himmat for the key! :D Feels like a brand new computer.

Had to wake up early on the 13th, we had the pest control guy come over to our house and do his thing. Usually have it done once a year or so, just so all the spiders, ants, bugs are under control! Had Red Rooster for lunch, before I headed off to uni. Motorcycle parking was... quite dreadful, managed to squeeze in; and was a bit worried about leaving, but thankfully, the people I squeezed between had left first.

Class was the same, some more running for the practical, some data entry and analysis. Been bringing my scientific calculator, I've forgotten how to use that thing; but we are actually using trigonometry and such! Rode to Canley Heights afterwards, to get some groceries for my mum.

Leaving, less bikes than before!

I got home, had a little bit of food; then left for some training at ECAT. Sent a few texts out, but nobody could make it. Just did some training on my own, met a few new people; but by night time, all the familiar people were back to train!


Cutest kitten in the world! It's missing an eye :(

On the next day, 14th, I was feeling... ridiculously tired; and not from the climbing. Just wasn't feeling well, so I had my shift cancelled; and Hannan worked instead! Oh yes, didn't mention, but after all the interviews; they hired my friend Hannan, wooh! I had some Paradise Charcoal Chicken for lunch, extremely tasty; definitely gives El Jannah a run for their money. I double checked to see if Tony needed me in the afternoon, but he said all was well. I ordered a few more things from Amazon, including another SSD, a new HDD, 8GB stick of RAM and a phone mount for my motorcycle. Also sorted out my battery issue with Kogan, and they are sending me a new one!

Catch y'all!

Songs I've been going crazy over recently:

Say Something - A Great Big World
Spring - Two Door Cinema Club

Yes, listen to them.

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