Friday, May 2, 2014

Somewhere Like This

I suppose a quick update, it has been a month; just a quick post with photos?
Nothing too grand or exciting; but before you start reading, click this and just listen while you read; how does that sound?


Still quite sick; Daniel came over to get some computer parts; then we went to Sean's house together to chill and chat.


It absolutely poured, and flooded my whole street.


Slept in, had some OzChicken for lunch. Received my new power supply unit in the mail, and spent all day working on my computer; fixing up the cable management. Decided to go and try to sort out mum's computer as well, while I was at it.


Watched the How I Met Your Mother finale; ranted to a lot of people about the ending.


Dad's birthday, we went to Barluck for dinner with the whole family and Fiona.


Had work, bloody hell, I was still so sick. Colin and Rachel were in. Wanted to leave early, asked around 11, but nope. Took my break early, asked if I could go after they finished their breaks, nope. Ended up staying an hour after close.


Work with Benn and Vish; felt a bit better, Hannan came in afterwards; and I left at 3; and went to PCDIY to get a CPU Cooler for my computer. It rained, a lot; I was not prepared.

Had a warm shower when I got home; and then Sean came around my place to pick me up. Met Ashwin, and then headed to Daniel's house, then Bunnings, then Red Rooster; and then finally Himmat's house. Assembled his brother's computer, would not turn on. Too hungry, drove to Canley Heights and had Pho at Bau Truong. Got back, and after an hour or so of troubleshooting; isolated the problem to a faulty motherboard.

Please excuse quality


Rebuilt my whole PC.


Had Red Rooster before uni. Had my usual class, and asked a guy wearing an E9 shirt whether he climbed; he did. His name was Chris, and he is very strong; climbs with Ben and Lee Cossey, Andrea Hah; and such. More dumb people on the road, always. Ola came over to my place, and we headed to Anaconda so she could buy a backpack; before going to The Climbing Centre to climb. I have missed that place, got to see Adam, Toffee, Anna, Mike and Damo! Had roast duck, bbq pork egg noodle soup; delicious.


Had work, with Hannan, Tony and Kim.


Party at ECAT


Work with Benn, Kim; and later on Petra. Stayed all day.


Work at Parra; for a change up. A half day with Royal and Estia; had some pretty cute customers. Girl came in looking for a jacket, told her to go to the Auburn store instead (on Saturday); because we're better, yeah yeah.


Ola came over to get me with Antonia in the morning. Grabbed some coffee and food in Blaxland; before heading to Chris's (Simpson) house. Took two cars, I went with Chris and Arnold; made the usual stop at the Lawson bakery; before heading to Bardens. Met their friend, also named Chris (Diemont); and warmed up on the easy wall. Had a few attempts at Turkey Slap 26, before finally scending it with Simpson. I haven't been so happy, in such a long time; it was such a good feeling.

Had a few top ropes for the girls, with Diemont doing the majority of the belaying; he was a ridiculously nice guy. Ola tried her first lead, and also did some lead belaying. I helped her out when Diemont took a lead fall; because she had let go of the brake hand; but I was there in case, luckily... They left a bit earlier, so we threw Diemont onto Cave Route, so he could get some more fun climbing in; before heading back down the mountain! Grabbed some kebabs at Hazo, good to see the guys there.



Good Friday, met up with Chris, Evan and Amy at the Penrith Golf Club (a safe spot to park my bike); before heading down to Mittagong for some climbing. Traffic was horrendous, due to an accident and some randoms in the breakdown lane (not to mention the general holiday traffic). A very easy walk-in; awesome formations of rock; leading to funky climbing, I liked it! Pulled on a 20, 21, 17, 26 and 22. Left fairly early; because we needed to drive down to Kiama to pick up Chris's little boy, Locy. Awesome drive down Macquarie Pass. Waited at a pub, and grabbed some Maccas; before heading home.


Worked Easter Saturday, hello public holiday rates. Got some Oportos in the morning, before getting to work with Ethan, Tony and Vish. It was absolute chaos, and busy as shit. That cute girl I helped at Parramatta came in! Went to Chris's house (Rusnak) for a little party. I know a lot of people named Chris...  Used my new RAM mount so I could mount my phone on my motorcycle to use as a GPS, always annoying getting to his place. There was, John, Ishtiaq, Fletcher, Chris, Vincent and some others who I didn't know. Sarah had to leave for work, unfortunately; and Matt just stayed in his room.

Had Dominoes pizza for dinner; and watched The Amazing Spiderman, before heading outside to chat for an hour or so, before playing Cards Against Humanity; hilarious game, loved it. Got home around midnight or so, cops galore.


Rode up to Chris's (Simpson) place, where we went up together to Shipley Upper to climb. Of course, also with Arnold and Locy as well. Not in slab mode, broke in the new shoes and fought hard to get Loop the Loop, but no tick. Set up a rope swing for Locy on Pallet of Pies.


Got a haircut at Blacktown, where I bumped into Zan. At night, met up with Chew, Kim, Vishal and Ethan to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2; good film. I love Emma Stone.


Went to Thanjon's place, had some pasta for lunch and then planned our entire New Zealand holiday. 1st of July to 11th of July; 11 days and 10 nights in Queenstown, skiing at The Remarkables and Coronet Peak; staying at Novotel, and flying with Air New Zealand; it's going to be sick. SICK! After we booked the essentials (flights and accommodation); we headed to Wentworth Falls Lake to chill; before going to Hotel Alexandra for dinner; great food. Got back and booked the lift tickets, shuttles and such.

Wentworth Falls Lake
The plan


Work with Hannan, Kim and Benn on Anzac Day, did I hear MORE PUBLIC HOLIDAY RATES? Oh yeah. Went home for dinner, before going to Baden's for the evening and night. Had a little chill party going on, with Baden, Lou, Damo, Thanjon, Dean and Gary; stayed until a bit after midnight, had some Maccas and KFC; talked about everything and played some Halo; a really really good night.

Chelsea cat and Thanjon

Baden and Chelsea cat


Work with Vish, Benn and Petra; busy busy.


Work with Tony and Ethan. Maccas!


Went to Ola's house to hang out for the day; until she had to go to work. Just chilled, showed me some stuff on her laptop and shared stories; it was really quite nice. Her dog is terrifying though, tiny but terrifying. I had some Red Rooster for lunch, and went to ClimbOz to visit for a bit; where I chatted with Chew, Tom, the twins and Justin.


Hibernated, grabbed some OzChicken for lunch; and like every other day, I played a lot of CSGO.


A very urgent call in for work; so did the afternoon-evening shift, closing up with Kim. Started around 3; when Tony, Vish and Petra were still there; they are doing renovations on our store and half of it isn't accessible.


Had work, with Tony and Vish. Still trying to sort things after the sale; and coping with the construction.

I suppose, I'll make my next post a little different; maybe a little throwback to New Zealand, to celebrate my upcoming trip!!

A little gem of a chalkboard at Baden and Lou's

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