Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exam Week

I haven't blogged in a while ! The last few blogs have been mostly picture spamming too.
I'll warn you now. This will be LONG. (I think)


Meh, nothing much. lolol

This actually balanced


Well, I finally finished playing River Flows in You hahahha. That only took like... forever? I've been looking for a new acoustic piano to play with too. I''m really liking the Yamaha U-series (that's what Iwillbot uses) x) There's a yamaha U1 at school and I go the music rooms every week just to play on it, i love the sound! Currently learning Love Story by Taylor Swift. (Y)
 Yamaha U1 and U3


Heh, and like last week-ish. Someone's Formspring was spammed with insults and whatnot, a common occurrence I believe. Obviously, it wasn't common with this person. Well anyway, someone was spamming this person's formspring and the way they answered it was really fucking egotistic and a general dick, and obviously directed towards me. If you're wondering "why are you on that formspring anyway, a little sus?" then I can safely say that a friend of mine linked me to the page to view the comments. They really lacked logic in their argument, and was 100% sure it was me. One of her points was that, if I stopped posting then it's me; and if I didn't stop then it's also me. How the heck do you get around that..?

They claimed that "why do I care so much if I don't care about her anymore"
Simple... if someone you don't even know, never met before, let alone "care about" started insulting you, saying hurtful things, would you care? Yes. Yes you would. I'm not the type of person that sits here and lets people say shit about me. I do something about it.

Oh yeah, you know what else is funny. I actually posted using my user info afterwards and they didn't answer it. Why not? Eh? If they were so sure it was me before, then why did they answer those questions, yet delete the ones I actually posted.

What a bitch.


So, I listened to my ANGRY music, rawrawrawr. Metal. Specially, death metal. I used to LOVE metal, it's my favourite genre, but I've been listening to John Mayer, acoustic-y songs and alternative rock. I don't know why I stopped listening to metal, it's the greatest thing in the world.


De Paoli

Our beloved Principal at Penrith High is leaving and moving on to a different position in our educational system. She's a great principal! We're all gonna miss her, we had a surprise assembly with years 10, 11 and 12. It was great, the music was really good and the speeches were funny and well-written.
Video by Sean Wilson:!/video/video.php?v=1378013224684
Farewell Mrs De Paoli

Well, I'm back to my massive spamming of pictures of aircraft on and Great websites, love them. The best photos of aircraft across the net, and started youtubing more videos about the new Boeing/Airbus aircraft and engines.

Boeing 787


So... Himmat gave me his external hard-drive so that I may copy Big Bang Theory onto my computer, and wow, it is the best TV show ever, excluding How I Met Your Mother of course :) I love Sheldon! He's like at Barney's level of awesomeness I think... HIMYM Season finale was yesterday and that was such a good episode, but I wanted to know more about the mother! I can't last 6 months or whatever of no HIMYM :(


I finished my physics exam today, everyone was complaining that it was "VERY EXTREMELY ASSRAPE HARD". I don't agree, it was hard... but not THAT hard, gosh. Complaining won't do you much. I've had tob for the past 2-3 weeks and the only part of the exam that he helped me with was the last question. That's it... the rest was learnt from Nemeth and my trusty tome of a textbook. I had English on Monday and well, you can't really call an english exam hard... It's english... =/

English, Physics, PDHPe, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering

Wellzy's house

So we walked to Wellzy's house after the exams and just chilled there, talking, eating, gaming and such. His pet budgie... it's... insane... it's crazy, it's hyperactive! Took 4 of us 15 minutes to try and get it back into it's cage. One of the best quotes, we were trying to corner the bird and then it just flew up and away then John goes... "Oh, I forgot it had wings."

It's EVIL!


My dad's niece came over and dropped off her new beagle for us to keep for a week! Our whole family are dog people so it's gonna be awesome! It's so cute :)

 Bubs :)


So, I've been thinking about my friendship with a certain girl, and that I may be developing feelings for her. There are signs that point to it, but I'm not sure myself. We'll see.

Yeah... No picture here.

Denied (Sonic Syndicate)

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