Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Two posts in one day? Oh well.
Hello. I don't like this.

Go ahead, see what happens. It really makes this job much much easier. It's not unique, it's just fucked.
Oh, that is also a lie, just saying. The contrast. Why am I even in this position then?
I find it hilarious when it's like that, try using something else. Really, five centimeters up is all me. When targets & co think that as well, it's just... funny, the lack of logic, the lack of understanding, the lack of relation, the lack of normalisation. Hypocritical if you ask me, especially that. Like, abusiveness.
F matters. It is not one without.
Abilities/Interests > Problems.
It changes everything. At this rate, I don't mind.
A lack of P & T means an inevitable failure.
Always. Every time. Just hurry up already.
Go for it, so it's up for you.
I will not be the cause.
I, title.
P does show, just 1R.

Broken Hearts & Promises.

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