Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Howdy, reviving this old blog! Who knows for how long though... Since I am lazy, just photos of what I've been doing the past few months or so!

Heading to Cenntenial Glen!

Thanjon leading Hot Flyer

View at the top of Girly Germs

At the bottom of pitch 5 on Sweet Dreams

Snow at Blackheath

Prepping for a big day out!

Thanjon after Jaws
One cold night at the Euroka Clearing!

Fletcher's first lead on Pompadour

Coomer on Sleeping Beauty 

Baden on Unethical

First Sunday of the Kathmandu Winter Sale

On the Cruiser Chairlift at Thredbo
Highest Point at Thredbo!

Rocking out on the chairlift

Mount Portal, preparing for some abseils and top-rope climbing.

The Climbing Centre, and the best dog ever Toffee!

Thanjon on Girly Germs with a few climbers in the background!

Shipley Upper
Jacket collection ;)

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