Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Junkyard Cave

Hello! So it was Johnny's birthday on the 16th, so we all went to a club in the city called Hot Damn. Apparently it was a big night, and it was gonna GO OFF with lots of people, awesome music, awesome and, cheap drinks and cheap entry if you say "Ruthless".

The night was shit, the floors were sticky, it was incredibly loud and dark. There are sweaty (horny) strangers grinding on each other and I hear people talking about illicit drugs, thinking they are so bad ass. The drinks were expensive and entry wasn't so great either. Me and Thanjon decided to stay a bit to see if it'll get better, but it didn't, so we caught the last train back up the Mountains. We got to Hazelbrook at 2am, and drove back to his place, where we packed food, water, pillows, blankets and climbing gear (rope, draws, biners and such). Then we left, and drove up to Mount York (around Mount Victoria) to the camping ground above the crags, so we could climb when we woke up. Got there at 3:30am after a stop at a servo for a late late night snack, because we were hungry as hell. Slept in the car, and woke up at 10:30am, and headed out to climb.

We climbed at Bardens Lookout and Thanjon flashed the route (called Little Triggers) and then it was my turn to go up! He didn't undo the knot so the rope wouldn't come back down, so I had to tie into the middle of the rope, and it was so annoying, unclipping, having all this excess slack by my side, then clipping it with my end of the rope. This took some time, and it decided to start hailing halfway up the route.
Wet rock is not easy to climb...

Anyway, I finished the climb, and we got out of there quickly, dropped by BJRs to chat with Ben, then headed back down to Wentworth Falls for some Mountain High Pies, HELL YEAH! (Best Pie in NSW, srs.)

Today, I went to The Junkyard Cave with about 10 other climbers, some of which were strong as HELL. They've been bolting the new place since the start of July, and they're doing a great job. (Ben, Matt, Neil, Bundy) I haven't been this tired in ages, fuuuuuuuuark. Anyway, I'll just drop some photos in now, enough talky.

Being Lowered

Knowing he fucked it.

The rain is coming!


Mountain High Pie

About to belay with the Gri Gri!

Matt going for his project.



Part of the crag.

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