Wednesday, August 29, 2012



I haven't climbed since last Sunday and this makes me sad. I am sick! Well, I am mostly better now, and will be climbing tomorrow. Since I have been sick, this week has been rather boring... 

Skipped a few classes at uni, and went to Fletcher's birthday dinner on Wednesday night! Happy birthday to the fucker. :D Good night! They still made me take a shot of Tequila despite my sore throat, that totally didn't help. Fletcher also got amazing presents! haha. Procrastinated an assignment and I had and did it in three hours on the morning (midnight) it was due. Wooh! During my procrastination, i decided to clean my room. Like hardcore clean, it feels like I'm living in a new house, legit. It's so awesome! :D

Went to work on Thursday and felt like absolute crap, the weather was crazy! Thanks to my manager Tony for driving me home, best manager I could ask for!

Yesterday, finally went climbing at The Climbing Centre after a long break, went to uni then went there to climb. Great, like always. New wall, definitely lots of fun! Missed everyone!

Pictures now! Also one video! :O

Oh he loves John's present!

"But I haven't read the first book!"

Halfway through opening Chris's present, which started off huge, but ended off like so: (see next)

"You had no idea how awkward buying that was." - Chris

Oh that smile isn't forced at all... Goes hand in hand with John's!

"How does he afford this?" "CENTRELINK!"

Took this on the way to work!
Where I work!

Coomer doing an impressive dyno at the gym last night!

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