Saturday, May 8, 2010


Gah, I was sick the first day but I managed to get the energy to get up and go today. I can't freaken miss athletics :( It's too fun. I need a break too, a break from school, break from home, just spend some time with the group.

You know what's crazy? Leon is 175cm tall... and for high jump, he jumped 175cm. HOLY crap, i'm like 167cm... He can jump over me EASILY. What a crazy biatch.

This isn't 175cm, it's like 165 or something.

But... seriously, the whole school was waiting for the 16s 100m finals. It's like the event EVERYONE watches.. Has all the fast runners: Sachin, Leon, Daniel, Vijhai, Tamzid, Micah, David, Random, Jake. (left to right)

Hmm.. In year 7-9, daniel won it. year 10, tamzid won, leon second. The others are usually close, but still, they never win. 

Photo Montage

I believe it was...
  1. Micah
  2. Tamzid
  3. Daniel
  4. Leon
  5. Vijhai (but he hurt his leg)
the others aren't so important :P It's always been between daniel, leon and tamzid. Nobody really expected Micah to win. NOBODY. It was like a "holy shite" moment. I believe he ran around 11.5 seconds?

Ordered pizza with the table group (H)
Yummy yummy.

Hmm, after the carnival finished, we (OPG and some others) just stayed at the playground playing GROUNDERS. WOOOOH!
:D fucking funniest shit LOL.

We then went to hungry jacks, SAW A FIGHT WITH TWO ST DOM KIDS ON THE WAY. It was a pussy fight anyway hahaha. I swear they were bitch-slapping each other. Tried recording it, but there were too many cars in between, all you hear is daniel screaming "LEFT HOOK, QUICK, SPINNING BACK HEEL KICK" etc. bhahaha.

Bummed at hungry jacccccccks. Talking about random crap hahahaha.

walked to kingswood, micah, tamzid and leon all had cups of ice and straws, and kept blowing them at us. some hurt like HELL. Fah.

Trained home. the end. kthxbai.



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