Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More... Emotional? Maybe..

I loved today's episode of How I Met Your Mother. "Twin Beds"
Awesome episode, laughed so much! It was a pretty deep and meaningful episode too, which is good every now and then. Loads of things happened that I never would have expected.

Rainbow today :)
I also enjoyed today at school! Laughed so much! Watched HIMYM with Thanjon in math! It's his 17th birthday, he's so freaken old. Well, his arm is dead now. HEHEHE. 8D

Chemistry with Wellzy and Ranga, fah, they annoyed the living shit out of me T_T

Feezikz, had a prac, that was boring :(

Engineering, HALO'D the whole entire period :D. Owned EVERYONE. HHHEHEHEHEHE. >D

Fah, i love murray! Today... he bought a chicken burger.. and a muffin. I bought chocolate milk, and a chocolate from porky. Murray stuffed his muffin into the burger, and then ben poured his orange juice and i poured my chocolate milk and broke off some chocolate into it and he ATE THE WHOLE BURGER. OH MY. D:

Meh, it's getting late and I haven't really done much work, so screw the emotionally stuff. Bye bye.
Maybe in the next one or something. During the weekend? *Shrug*

Ben getting stuffed down a drain (Y) 


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