Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've been planning to blog all week but I really don't feel like typing that much =/

So... I'll spam you with pictures and write a little caption about them.

Failing in Chemistry

Cutest Kitten EVER.
Found it on mother's day on my grandma's fence.

It's a dog! Lol nah, It's actually the chemical formula for Ethanol.
2 Carbon, 1 Oxygen, 6 Hydrogen
I personally think the picture looks pretty cool so that's why I uploaded it lol.

It's nothing, but Daniel drew blood with a playing card. LOL

I've been going through some plane photos because I haven't in such a long time and found so many pro ones.
This is my favourite one.

Click the link for a higher quality picture :)
A Boeing 777 waiting behind a 737. Look at the engines of the 777 then the fuselage of the 737.

Mood swings.

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