Sunday, April 24, 2011


Good afternoon fellas.
I have changed my blogger template, it looks hawt :D
Today is going to be quite boring; why? Eat, study, procrastinate.
Which reminds me... i'm home alone, time to plug my ipod into the sound system and play loud as music :D
Okay, done, shweeeeet. :D

So, yesterday, yesterday was lovely :)
I went with lisa to the city. I bumped into daniel, i didn't expect him to be there, he hates the city!
We did so many things yesterday, I think it was planned well :D
Once again, yesterday was wonderful :)

Oh, you should all see Sucker Punch by the way, it's a really good film. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Texting was fun, wasn't it? :P Harhar.

Day 3: A letter to your best friend(s),
To all of you, you make me happy, you help me get through things, you offer advice, i thank you all a lot. :)
From Jason :)
Go listen to Mindset by Every Avenue; AND; If You Stay - Joseph Vincent

look familiar? (Lisa's photo) [You can see it if you go on her blog and don't mouse over the blog post]
lisa trimmed my fringe yesterday

You don't think you are strong enough? You are.

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