Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Don't worry about the title, you won't get it, haha. Don't worry, I'm not angry or anything :)
Good evening minions loyal blog readers :D
How's it going? Do you like my new layout? You can comment if you click the umbrella !

Anyway, guess what? I'm sick. I hope I don't infect you guys ): Also, I've had 100% attendance in Year 12, i cannot get insanely sick D: I want to keep this perfect attendance, seriously, you like miss out on a day, and it always falls on a day where you learn loads of shit and then the next lesson you come back it's like WTF IS THIS?

Today, me and lisa went to Centennial Park, it was wonderfully lovely. Good day, good day. :) I probably won't blog tomorrow as I will be focusing on preparing for school and finishing my Engineering assignment. Not exactly fun, haha. I hope everybody has had a wonderful holidays !

Day 4: A letter to the person that has influenced you most: (I'm not sure who the most is, but this person has influenced me somewhat)
Dear Person, it was you that originally got me interested in martial arts with all your philosophies, your innovation and such. It's a shame you were unfortunate to fall victim to death at a young age. All your teachings and beliefs are still revolutionary in today's world of martial arts.
Sincerely, Jason.

9/10 (10 if there was no school coming up)

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