Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waltz Into the Moonlight

Today, was a wonderful day, I miss bludge days like this. Year 12, grrr.
I vegetated on my couch, computer seat and bed for the majority of the day.

  • Like 12am to 12pm = Bed. That was nice.
  • 12pm - 5pm = Fucking huge lunch. Whole pizza to myself, oh my god that was heaven. :D :D :D :D then i had like 3 cans of coke. This was on the couch and on the computer ! I ALSO WATCHED THE NEW EPISODE OF HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, FUCK YEAH. GOOD DAY. GOOD DAY. I get full into it.
  • 5pm -6:30pm = Work out, something, productive!

So, I managed to put some EPIC ASS MUSIC, on my phone earlier.
Then i went to exercise, something I haven't done in a while haha. It's like preparation for my hike and training on friday :) Nature's Wildest will be going to glenbrook gorge, have a swim, go for hikes, climb, train etc.
Will be awesome.

Anyway, after exercising today, I decided to just sit outside for a while, and think, listen to some music.
I've been listening to this one song for a while, it's so serene. It's beautiful. It's calming. I love it. The weather is wonderful today, I really like it. Sitting out there, in the dark, with a light breeze, with not a care in the world. It's, amazing. That's why, going hiking, is just a wonderful escape. You're alone in the wilderness, with your bros. That's, pretty neat. The only worry is slipping, and grazing your leg, or some shit like that, everything else, is forgotten, amongst the sounds of the birds chirping and the water flowing along the valley.

I really hope I get to go hiking a lot these holidays, I want to go to the valley of the waters, we didn't get to go there last time, such a shame..

So, I just went outside for a bit. The sky is very clear, I like it like this. I like being able to see all the stars, without clouds interfering. It's also a bit cold, I'm not wearing much :$

For some reason, last holidays, I wasn't as keen on hiking, but suddenly these holidays, I really, really, REALLY, want to go. I really look forward to my time out there. Have some intense music like Unstoppable - E.S Posthumus playing during the training, and when we decide to have some quiet time, play something like Primavera - Ludovico Einaudi. Thanjon and Rowan will be playing that song during open night, I am definitely coming, simply for that. It will be an orgasm of the ears.

Oh yeah, we are making shirts for our hiking group "Nature's Wildest", but we have encountered a problem ! I hope we work it out soon. We will prevail though ! Hell yeah. Also, I hope we can go on an over-night hiking trip as well. I would really like that. It will make the "escape" element even nicer (: Hopefully, nothing like the one Thanjon dragged me on! That was hell. Also, I haven't watched Star Wars or Back to the Future, so Thanjon suggests I should come over for a marathon sometime, i think I'd like that.

Will have a proper group photo this Friday...

Have a wonderful night.


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