Saturday, April 30, 2011

Belle of the Boulevard

hello nightingale. lisa is cool. :)
i found the royal wedding quite interesting.
sigh. school. sick of it already.

good evening everybody, how are we all feeling? Good?

I'm currently very sick, Lynn said it sounds like i'm going through puberty again. my voice is absolutely dead. I woke up at 2pm today as well. Being on the phone for 5 hours doesn't exactly help as well D: I hope i get well soon before the athletics carnival ! I really like the song i'm listening to right now, it's quite nice. I need to study immensely tomorrow in order to make up for my laziness today. immune system, you can do it, make me better :D I will go eat dinner soon, my mum made congee for me. It tastes, surprisingly nice ! it's overrated. Sickness, please go away!
Listen to the title of this blogpost.
Have a wonderful weekend ! :)

Day 5 - A letter to a celebrity I like:
Dear Neil Patrick Harris, you're freaking awesome.
Sincerely, Jason


I'm happy, because I've got you.

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