Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Is A Verb

Good afternoon.
I am currently at Blacktown Library with Sid writing this post up because I said I'd post every day of the holidays.
My blazer arrived and I'll be wearing that today, for Harry Potter, wooh!
I woke at around 10:30am today, and then went to blacktown to chill with Sid. We walked, talked, ate and that's basically it.
I shall now attempt to predict the rest of the day. Hello stalkers! Jokes, I don't have any.
I think we're gonna go to play-time soon or something, and go to Max Brenner?
Gonna go to Parramatta to see Bri, have dinner, head back to Blacktown with Sid, chill again then head to the city to meet Jimmy, Lisa and Devina. I should probably have some coffee or something to keep me awake later.
We'll watch Harry Potter at midnight :D

No pictures, so here's a video.


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