Monday, July 4, 2011


A prose.
The things you do, they make me rattle.
I'm like a soldier going into battle.
One must prepare themselves for pain, in order to avoid it.
Just don't cry.
One must, build defences in order to save themselves.
I'd probably go crazy if I didn't try.
Well, I will if it does anyway, but to a certain lesser extent I suppose.
Anything to stop the pain; walls, people, brick or cement.
It's pessimistic, but it's better than the disappointment.
You know what...? If you can, so can I.
I don't want to be hurt.
Maybe i'll just turn a blind eye.
I suppose that's impossible, but I want to minimise it.
It won't phase me.
I don't want to go crazy.
I don't want to get angry.
I don't want to be stubborn.
I don't want to destroy everything.
I don't want to lose it all.
I fear I will once I fall.

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