Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stay Close, Don't Go.

Good evening.
Today, I went to Engage at St John's Parramatta for these people:
Thomas Chan, Steven Huang, Hong Liang, Sophia Poon, Benjamin Shao, Tony Tan and Jessica Zeng.
Congratulations! It was good to see all of you again :)
Engage was just as I had remembered it, with the extra baptisms of course; followed by a luncheon afterwards for celebration.

After the service, I walked around with Briseida for a bit, then her friend joined us; and we went to a music store and all had coffee afterwards.

Ever since I've gotten home, I have been re-arranging my room. I got a new wardrobe, and I have just finished sorting everything into their sections. I also ordered my blazer from ASOS, and I plan to look at more things to order later. I rarely shop.

Anyway, after this post, I'm going to re-organise the rest of my room and then my study table.
Au revoir, I hope you've all had a lovely day.
lisa is sexy :D

Blood to Bleed

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