Friday, September 7, 2012


Still sick, much better though!
In the mean time, my week has been pretty ... stressful, (but also fun) i procrastinated an assignment and started it the day before. I did finish it however!

So... what else did I do this week?

On Sunday, I went to 'The Surgery' with Dave, Mary, Damion, Baden and his dad! Father's day! I took a video of me climbing, but it turned out shit because of the lighting, so I'll leave a photo instead! (Not on the day unfortunately, but of the place!) Unfortunately, didn't send the climbs I was working on, but did a V1 and repeated a few V2s.

EDIT: I will put a screenshot of the video!

Well, like always! went climbing on Tuesday night at the climbing centre :D
Finally sent all my mini-projects upstairs in the bouldering room, very happy with that. nearly finished the blue circuit on the main wall, so close! We had a group of 30 UWS Penrith res peeps come climb, a lot of them were clueless so I had to help them out with their harness, good guy jason! learnt a bit more about the job at TCC, i'm definitely going to take up that job soon, probably when i finish my assessments.

Wednesday, i went to get a haircut, it's short again! i like feeling the breeze, it's so nice! Afterwards, I went to my orthodontist appointment, just a simple check up, then I had plenty of time to spare, so I decided to go to ClimbOz. To visit Halil, who recently bought it off the old owners to restore it, it is absolutely great and I intend to head back soon! Tried out two routes, one with an awesome dyno, and a roof climb, great fun! :D

Thursday, I went out with Briseida to Cabramatta to eat and hang out! I took her to a place called "Vinh Phat" which is amazing, it is the best Yum Cha ever, period. PERIOD. She did some grocery shopping like a housewife, got some Yummi to drink, some pandan waffle and then I got a new theme on my phone, thanks to her :O Then I decided to mess around with some of her friends that texted, har har har. Was very nice seeing her again! :D
I then went to work, my manager is back! Mo bought some El Jannah chicken, and I had that during my short break, DIVINE. LOVED IT. Tony gave me a lift home again, legend, best boss ever. (He's the other manager) I really like my job, haha! Although, I found out I have zero shifts next week, I guess I better hurry up and get working at The Climbing Centre!

Today, I voted early because I will be spending the weekend driving down to Nowra with some mates, to camp, canoe, and climb! Went to work in Parramatta, worked with Samantha for a bit, been ages since I've seen her!

Another blog coming soon, because I expect my weekend to be epic! Good night, I need to go pack for the weekend, need to wake up at like 6am, yikes! It's almost midnight, blargh.

Teflon V2 - The Surgery
Me and Sam felt that this was a great addition to their white board!

Bri! (Also my haircut)

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