Monday, September 17, 2012


Hello!! Rested all day on Monday because the weekend was bloody tiring! Stayed home and worked on my assessment due on the Thursday. On Tuesday, I went to the climbing centre early so I could learn the system Adam uses on his computer (as I will be starting work there sometime soon, wooh!) It was pretty simple, but with a few glitches that he had to tell me about. Did the green roof climb for some shiggles, tried to down climb, but I was pumped, dang! Finally got the blue/medium circuit on the main wall, and pretty close to the yellow/advanced. I think it'll go tomorrow when I do it fresh.

Wednesday involved me frantically trying to finish my assignment, which was really easy anyway. Handed it in on time on the Thursday. I've decided I need to get my diet sorted again and it's going well, no caving in for anything, and it's good for saving money too! Worked out an exercise plan oriented around climbing so I can really start pushing my grades.

On Friday, I had work at Kathmandu (Parramatta), worked with Jen and Royal and it was a relatively quiet day. A representative from Salomon came in to talk about staff training about their shoes. He was German and seemed pretty athletic, me and him just ended up talking about the outdoors, slack-lining and such. He said it's good there are actually educated people working at Kathmandu because he said so many employees are clueless about outdoor gear, which I agree with, to a certain extent. Everyone at Redyard knows their shit, and I like that! :D

After work, I ran to Sun Ming real quick and got some takeaway (Rice, BBQ Pork, Roast Pork, Vegetables) YUM! Made the early train so I could get to Thanjon's place quickly! 72 minute train trip, so I spent the first 1/3 or so eating, devastated I didn't get an mX on a seat. Quite a large amount of people got off at Penrith, so I pounced and got myself one! Finished my food and read about half. I stood up around Faulconbridge, and met Rowan! Talked for a bit, checked what stop it was at Linden by popping my head out, when the train left the guard went into my carriage (I was next to the carriage he was in) asking if I missed my stop, I told him I was just checking. Got off at Woodford, felt my pockets and realised I left my wallet on the train, I yelled out and he told me to jump into his little area, just when the train started moving, lucky me! Found it, called Thanjon to tell him to go to Hazelbrook. Very helpful guard, genuinely nice guy! Got back to his place after Thanjon had a quick chat with Rowan, and we headed back to his place!

We went to The Edge to watch The Expendables 2! My masculinity feels challenged from the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Bruce Willis and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Typical run-and-gun 80's action hero type film, with a few hilarious one-liners! Doesn't match how good the Dark Knight Rises was, but still good! Went back and prepared the climbing gear for Saturday and headed to bed.

Woke up a bit before 9, had a quick brekky then left for Zap Crag in Mount Victoria/York. Access wasn't that great, had to do a two rope climbs to get to the lower area. Onsighted the 18, it was a little funky. The 20 was really fun, different to normal face climbing. The crux was INCREDIBLY difficult, the hardest one all day. It seemed that most people on TheCrag agreed that the crux screwed. The weather was absolutely great and we decided to head to Bardens Lookout to climb. We did 4 climbs there, I got my first 21, and it was also a flash! Difficult crux, but I just managed to stick the deadpoint. Headed over to a 20, didn't quite get it. The crux was difficult, a huge deadpoint from two HORRIBLE crimps to a crappy sloper. I stuck it after working it for a bit, and realised it was bloody awesome! Haha. Did a 19 next to it, and finished the day on a 16. It felt harder than a 16 though! Got to the anchors just as the sun went under the horizon. Beautiful. Would have taken a picture but my phone was out of batteries unfortunately... Hurt my back a little when I was being lowered. All good though!
Headed back to Thanjon's place, had a shower with their awesome shower head, and his mum made dinner and it was delicious! Great hospitality from is parents every single time. :) Caught the train home and finished reading my mX, and went through the Blue Mountains Climbing guidebook to look for future climbs!

Sunday and today, stayed home, worked on my assignment due this Wednesday, trying to stay healthy and all. My lead climbing confidence has increased so much, and I really wanna get those grades up! Got my Reel Rock 7 tickets today! Can't wait! Oh yeah!! I'm not sick anymore! :D :D
Lots of text in this, and not many pictures, due to my phone being out of batteries most of the weekend, dang. I'll leave a video of the Reel Rock 7 trailer, so there's not an overload of text!

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