Monday, September 24, 2012


Howdy, time for another weekly blog. Super annoyed, I finished writing this post up then Chrome decided to crash. It was so long too... I will make it super brief instead.

Tuesday: University and TCC. Made a new circuit on the main wall with Dave and Coomer, didn't send the yellow. I hope it goes tomorrow.
Wednesday: Assignment and Whose Line is it Anyway? marathon on Youtube.
Thursday: Same as Wednesday. Did an hour long workout with the Rock Rings.
Friday: Finished assignment, handed in, had lots of dead animals for dinner. Visited Chew and Kim at ClimbOz in Blacktown. Tried a few routes, including a 26 which destroyed me! Stayed at Thanjon's place overnight. Didn't sleep too well, bad sleeping pattern, will fix this.

Saturday: Hit up Zap Crag after meeting up with Baden, Lou and Bestie at Katoomba. Did one route there and left because it was cold. Headed to Bardens Lookout instead. Crazy militant-Christian type guy who has possession issues was patrolling the crag, telling us about the history and stuff. He acts like it's his own private gym... Me and Thanjon did a tough as hell 20, I couldn't get the last move. Kept falling. Headed back to the others and destroyed an 18 for our EOD climb as Lou had to go to work. Sun felt good. Had Subway for lunch and played around with Baden's slack line in Katoomba. Had BBQ and vegetables for dinner, watched Doctor Who, and slept better.

Sunday: Hit up Dam Cliffs with everyone, except Louise, she was working all day. Awesome crag, loved it! Spent all day there, lots of climbing! Did 7 routes, and ticked my first 22, wooh! Huge turnout as well, popular crag. Headed back to Katoomba for more Subway. Chilled at the hostel then caught the train back. Had another awesome weekend !

Been resting all day, I'm not in a bad mood, but I just cannot be bothered to type everything I typed before...

View from Zap Crag

 Okay, I was just trying to get photos of people falling :P
Lay La Kay

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