Saturday, September 29, 2012

Engage the Core

Greetings! Late blog post, about to go to bed, but I decided to blog because I think it will be troublesome remembering one whole weeks worth to blog! Eventful week indeed.

On Tuesday, I headed to Parramatta around 1:30 to meet up with another student so we could exchange hospital placement shifts as mine conflicts with some climbing plans. Not the best swap, but Nowra climbing season will be over soon, so yeah... Afterwards, I headed to Blacktown to visit Halil and Chew at ClimbOz, mainly to chat, catch up and all. We'll be heading to Shipley Upper / Centennial Glen on Monday and that should be good! Perhaps go for a mountain bike ride some time also. Headed to The Climbing Centre for the usual indoor climbing night with everyone! New wall, did the routes really quickly just to try them out. Didn't go too hard with the circuits as I was going to Dam Cliffs again on Wednesday with Benn and Sam. I also invited Thanjon and Coomer to come along, because the more, the merrier!

Wednesday, Benn got to my place at 8am and we headed up the Mountain, stopping at Blaxland for breakfast, in which he shouted, for no reason too! Great guy. Passed through Springwood for Coomer and Hazelbrook to fetch Thanjon, and a stop at Katoomba for lunch supplies. Got to Dam Cliffs and throughout the day, I did 6 routes, 4 of which were serious (2 were routes for Sam, as she's not a climber). I got Lay La Kay, the 22 I was working on Sunday on my first attempt, so I was stoked about that! Benn, Sam and Coomer also did the big ass cliff jump into the freezing water, respect. Benn onsighted a 23, and worked another 23 before we left, but didn't quite get it. I love the rock formations at Dam Cliffs! We left around sunset and it took a while for the Honda Jazz to get out without getting too damaged! Drove back down the mountain dropping everyone off, and that was the day! Good day. Great people! Dinner was great, much needed nutrition! Got plenty of sleep to recover also. You can see the videos of the jumps on my Facebook.

Thursday, I stayed at home all day, sitting in bed, stretching, trying to relax my sore muscles! Forearms were pretty gone, and I used lots of ClimbOn creme again, my skin needs it so bad. Ate a decent amount during the day to keep energy levels and nutrition up.

Friday, lots more sleep again, it was so bloody hot. Had a big lunch, rested a bit more then decided to cycle to the swimming pool in the evening around 5 to do some laps. Good excuse for a swim as it was hot. Stayed there for about an hour and headed home, did some antagonist muscle exercises to balance out the climbing, had a shower and had some duck / noodles for dinner, yum! Planned to go to Centennial Glen with Baden and all, should be good. Anyway, it's midnight, so I'm probably going to head to sleep now.
The Jump
Working Siesta (23)
Ben onsighting School's Out (23), while I flash A Tale of Two Cities (18), haha.

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