Monday, September 10, 2012


Well, I had the absolute best weekend ever. Hands down, the best weekend EVER. It basically involved a road trip down to Nowra for the best sport climbing crag in NSW! I was originally meant to sleep over at Thanjons on Friday night then go up to Blackheath on Saturday, but Baden and Louise decided to make something extra awesome out of the weekend, and thus, Nowra! Ended up going with Baden, Louise and Damion.

Woke up around 6:30am to meet at up at Penrith with them all, went to grab second breakfast at McDonalds and Damo had to vote for the local election, then we headed off towards Nowra! Three or so hours later, we reached our campsite for the night (Shoalhaven ski park) Me and Damo canoe'd (free rental) across, we were hopeless the first time! Baden and Lou kayak'd across with their own kayaks! We forgot the guide book so Baden went back to get it. Our climbing area is called Thompson's Point and there are so many climbs there. Over 200.

Walked around and about, and pretty much just did as many classics as we could and also ones in the sun, since it was windy as hell! Onsighted 4 climbs, and dogged one, Baden took a ground fall on this 6 metre 18, but he was okay. Was truly a holy shit moment! Lou was the one that happened to get hurt more, burnt her hand because she squeezed the wrong end of the rope unfortunately! She was okay too though, thankfully. I did a climb called Orca, probably my favourite climb, ever. It started off with awesome pockets and traversed around an arete, then ended with a balancey slabby finish. Awesome fun! You can see all the climbs I did/do here. Didn't see a single person, which was odd.

We headed back and we were much better at controlling the canoe this time, haha. Wind was still kicking ass, Baden was pretty cold, forgot his jacket! We snacked around on stuff all day, but were still hungry as hell. We set up our tents while there was still light and then headed off into the town for some dinner. Settled for Subway, then went to Coles/Liquorland to get more supplies for the night and the next day! I also got a Roast Chicken from Coles because well, I was still hungry, and it was cold, wah! Actually, it wasn't THAT cold, but the wind was just horrendous. Got back, made a camp fire, talked, drank, ate, all that stuff. Went to bed sort of early, around 10pm or so.

Woke up a bit before 8am, returned our canoe, so we could maximise climbing time (so we don't have to go back early to return it before close) Put the kayaks back on top of the car, packed the tents, had breakfast. (Stuff we bought from Coles) and we drove to the crag. Baden was tired as hell, and we went to Coles for ENERGY DRINKS! 3 more onsights (including one top-rope), one pink point and one dogged climb (so upset about that, gah!) They were all great climbs though, truly awesome. Bumped into plenty of people today, and the wind had stopped, perfect weather for climbing! Was completely knackered and sleepy by the end of the day, left a bit before sunset and headed home. One hour later, stopped by KFC for a feed, yummmmmm. Damo drove the rest of the way, dropped me off and it was official, best. weekend. ever!


Wollongong ahead!
Just after Wollongong.
Our canoe, and the crag in the background.
Damo, car, kayaks!
Ready to head off!
Kookaburra that was just watching us climb.
Rest position on Orca, so I decided to take a photo of the very enthusiastic belayer Damo!
Baden just under the crux of Orca, truly an awesome climb.
Got it!
Heading back to the campsite.
Using his piercing to hold the light to eat, "Wait... I gotta lift it so I can eat"
Campfire + wind = Flying embers!
Great day, sleepy time!
View while eating breakfast!
Packing up.
Taking a picture of the crag, from the campsite!
Taking a picture of the campsite, from the crag!

Lou top-roping Vanderholics, I onsighted these two routes. Both were awesome!
Couldn't do this, was an awesome one though!
Lou top-roping Santa's Little Helper. It was my EOD climb, I also top-roped, too tired!
Long tiring (but awesome) weekend!
As we were leaving.
At the top of Thompson's point.

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